Nitro and buddy

So today Nitro is feeling a little better. At least he’s taking his meds without any problem. I’ve been wrapping them up in some lunch meat. He’s wolfing it down then lol. Mom looked at his bum this morning. She said it looks really raw and sore. I’m hoping his pain meds are keeping the pain at bay. And that the antibiotics are helping too. He seems happy enough. He’s still wagging his tail and licking me.
Then Frances’s dog Buddy had an operation on his leg. The cartilage in his knee was gone, so they had to do an operation to fix it or replace it or something. Anyway he had it today. He’s still at the vets now and is spending the night there. But his operation was a success, Frances texted me this evening at 6:30 to tell me it was successful. It cost 1500 euro to do it, and Frances and her daughter are going halves to pay for it.
As I said to Frances, you’d do anything for your dog, well, I would. And she would, too. We love our pets.