Busy, busy

I’ve had a very busy afternoon. I went home from my parents house around 2 PM.

Mom came with me to my house because she wanted to help me sort out some of my summer clothes.

We also did a lot of vacuuming, we vacuumed my shelves where I keep my shoes.

That was sort of a big job as there are 3 shelves which are all full of different pairs of shoes.

We sorted through them all, and I threw some out that I no longer ware.

Mom also took a few pairs to her house and she said she’d wash them for me.

We had put on towels to wash in my machine so that is why I couldn’t wash them here.

I also gave mom my two sharps buckets to hand in to the doctors surgery as she’ll be going down there this week.

I told her to ask them for two more sharps buckets.

Mom has just left about 5 minutes ago and I am exhausted.

It is time to chill now for the rest of the evening.

I am so glad to have my moms help. She’s been feeling really good this weekend. I’m so relieved. She’s a whole week now off steroids and antibiotics, and I hope she can stay off of them for a bit longer.