Mom came over today

I spent the morning with my awesome mom!

she cooked for me, she made a big pot of vegetable soup. I will have it for a few days, so I will definitely get in my speed for this week with all that veg! She also made me a stir fry for dinner today. Vegetable stir fry with chicken in it too.We also cooked some chicken breasts and marinated them in hot sauce, yum! I definitely wont go hungry, thats for sure!

We also did a little decluttering. We cleaned out a few drawers in my bedroom! I found some lip glosses and foot cream that were there for god knows how long! So I threw them out! I also had some unused coloring books that our kids didnt want which I will give to my cousins, and there were a few toys that our kids will give away because we are trying to teach them about giving to others who are less fortunate than they are!

After all that cleaning and cooking I needed a drink so I made a cinamon tea! Yummy! I love cinamon tea! Its one of my favourites. I already took a shower this morning before mom got here, otherwise I’d take another one now since I feel sweaty and hot!

It has been a nice few hours though. I had a nice time. It was very relaxed. Mom is so tired now though. She said she’s going to go home and eat and then have a long hot bubble bath.

I am going to nap for a while I think. I need an hour or two to recover. Maybe I will also read. Thats if I dont fall asleep first!


Hair do

I got my hair done. Mom colored it for me. It looks good! I will take a pic later when my make up is on. As ya’ll know I am heading out tonight to a rod stuart tribute band and we’ll also have a meal. I got new clothes to wear, and now my hair is done too. I feel good. It feels nice to get spruced up. Makes me feel amazing. Looking forward to tonight now. The only part I don’t look forward to is getting home at the end of the night. We’ll probably find it hard to get a taxi. I hate waiting around for one. I will hope we can get home safely after our night out. It wont probably be until after 3 AM though!

I got some loot

Well I’ve been out shopping today, buying some electrical items, with the funding I got before christmas. We decided, mom and me, to go today. Get the items while there was a sale going on.

We got a cooker, an electric one. We also got a clothes drier, two vacume cleaners, both of them are bagless, which I have never actually seen before, and then I also got a tv. I got a 40 inch smart tv. I didnt need a smart tv, since I have an apple tv, and all I want the new tv for is so I can plug in my apple tv so I can stream net flicks. But well, the tv was on sale, so I snapped up a bargain. It said it comes with a free satelite tuner, not sure what that does, will have to go online to their website to find out more info on it.

I’m really happy with what we got today. The stuff wont be delivered until the 11th of january though, the cooker isnt in stock yet. Thats ok though, i’m not in a rush for the stuff. Mom is giving me a spare bed she doesnt need any longer, for my spare bedroom, and we need to take the bed up to my house, and I am getting rid of my treadmill, since it no longer works. However we need someone with a mini van to do it. Mom said she’d ask my sisters partner if he has a friend who has a van and if so if he’ll do it for us.

I am going to put in the bed into my spare bedroom, and the new tv too. Then when I want to watch netflicks I can just go in there. At least I can also sleep in there if I want to, I do have another tv in my main bedroom too, that one I am paying a subscription for, along with my internet and phone, but if this works out, i may be able to cancel that subscription.

I also have a tv in my living room. That one has freeview on it, thats a free to air set of channels, you have to buy a box to get them, which I got a few years back. I rarely watch the one in the living room though. I just never really sit in there to watch tv, its really rare that I would.

Anyway, I also got a few groceries today too while out. Not much, just a few items. Mom also got new clothes to wear with her voucher I gave her for christmas. and I did too. I got a nice dress top for going out next weekend, as we’re going to a rod stuart tribute band, and for a meal out as well. I also got myself two sweatshirts, they were on sale, so I grabbed them up, I will need them in the cold weather over the next few months.

So all in all we had a nice day out. I enjoyed it and I will also really enjoy all the new stuff. I even got 35 euros change from the cheque for the electrical items, so my clothes didnt cost me anything in the end, since I used the money I had left over from the cheque to buy them.

Win, win I say!


Really chill boxing day!

so I’ve had a really quiet boxing day. Not much going on here at all!

We all had dinner, my sis and her partner came withthe kids. We ate leftovers from yesterdays christmas dinner. It was nice. I ate way too much, asusual!

I sware, I’m back on my diet as of now! I am not eating any more junk food! Or if I do eat some it will be minamul. I need to try to lose what weight I’ve gained! And I am pretty sure I have gained some!

My niece Lauren was so funny today. She’s randomly texting us all every five minutes. Even though we’re in the next room! Now she is also saying she wants to be a youtuber. She wants to make her own youtube channel and do vlogs. I think she’d be good at it. And of course I’d subscribe to her if she did it. Just cuz I am nosey ha ha!

I had to deal with nitro having another panick attack. But he’s fine now again. I think he got a little too hot. Thats what I am putting it down to anyway. I dont know if thats it or not though. All I know is he was panting and shaking and stuff and it was stressful for both me and for him too!

Now they’ve all gone home, and its just mom and dad and me. Tomorrow mom and me are going to go out to see if there are any good sales. We’re also going to go get the new clothes dryer, cooker, vacume cleaner, and a tv, I got a text today from the store to say their sale has begun!

I also need to go grocery shopping so we’ll also do that. And mom wants to spend the voucher I got her for christmas, she wants to see if she can buy something to wear with it. I’ve decided on Friday I will go home to my own house for a few days, just cuz I want to make sure the house is ok, there were warnings on the radio today about leaving your house vacant, that people might break in if they see an idle house, so I will go home and make sure I stay home for a few days. I will turn on the heat too to warm the place up a little bit and prevent dampness from setting in!

I’ll come back to my parents around the 31st and spend new years with them. I do that every year. We arent doing anything for new years though. We rarely ever do. I think we’ll just watch some new years tv, eat snacks, and stay up for the fireworks and the bells at midnight.

I hope your all having a good day today! I’m certainly enjoying mine. I even had a glass of wine, well a spritzer, I had wine with seven up in it.


Christmas day 2018

So my sis came to mom and dads earlier with the kiddos and her partner.
We all exchanged gifts! She got me some lovely things!
I got 3 audible credits. Am so happy! I love reading as you all know so I am going to love getting some new books with them!
She also got me a defuser, with some oils, that smell like lavender and lemon, they are from the yanky store. Just what I wanted!
She also got me some spa sanctuary shower gel, body wash, face wash, body lotion, healing foot cream, and perfume!
My sis and I gave mom a gift of a ticket to brendan grace, who is an irish commedian. We got tickets for us too. Well laura got mine as a christmas gift to me. We’re going in february.
I gave the kiddos their presents, they were very happy with what I got them. My niece lauren also got an I phone from santa, she’s 10! She loves it and her head was stuck in the phone the whole time so she barely spoke to us!
We had fun though and thats what matters! Once they all left we ate dinner. We had turkey, ham, vegetables, mashed potato, stuffing, and for dessert christmas pudding and custard!
Yum yum yum!
Its been an incredible day. Laura will be back later on this evening with more gifts, our secret santa gifts. We do a secret santa with her partners family each year. So there is more to open later on!
Mom got me some soap and glory shower gel, body butter, and body sprays! She also got me clothes, and a shaving thing for removing facial hair of which I have some much to my annoyance!
She also got me a ticket to a rod stuart tribute night which we’ll all be going to in january!
I’ve had a brilliant day! Now I am just chilling out! Trying to recovery from all the food I’ve eaten!


Christmas eve!

Well I couldn’t go back to sleep so I decided I’d stay up.

We had a nice afternoon yesterday. I went out with mom. We visited her brother and sister, and we passed out cards and gifts. It was nice.

We usually visit her brother on Christmas eve but this year we did things a little different. Mom wants to visit her mom and dads grave on Christmas eve, so that’s why we went to her brother and sister earlier than planned.

We had a good time though. We ate and drank way too much hahaha.

I had fun playing with my aunts grandkids. They’re adorable. All under 5. Wild as march hairs ha ha!

Today I plan on having a quiet day at my parents. My sister is coming over to wrap the last of the gifts for the kids. They’re all excited for santa!

I hope you all have a fantastic Christmas! Merry Christmas to all!

All set up!

I’m all set up on my new mac!

However I haven’t used it much yet. I am learning!

It is going to take me a while to get to grips with it I think. I don’t mind, I have time! I will go slow! Take my time! Get to know how VO, that’s voice over, works.

I am proud that I managed to set it up without too much help. Mom did help me a little to do it. She got me started and I finished it.

At first we kept going into dutch instead of English. We must have restarted the set up process 3 or 4 times! Finally though we got it going.

I found out too that there are no USB ports on this MacBook. The ones on it are US C ports. You know, the ones that use tiny plugs, like the apple charger, but apparently you can buy a wire that allows you to plug in a USB device into your phone. I will have to buy that, otherwise I wont be able to use my external hard drives.

I also need to figure out wifi at my parents. They don’t have regular wifi. Normally I use my phones data. I plug it in using my hotspot. I normally use a USB port on my PC to plug it in. I think though on the mac I’ll be able to use Bluetooth to do it. I haven’t really checked that out yet though to see if I can or not.

I’m going to do a little learning on the mac each day and hopefully in a few days I’ll be all set and will know a lot.

I love my MacBook though. Its really slim! It has a real nice feel to it.

I’m glad I was able to get one!