My aunt…She’s done it

Well guys, it has happened. My aunt got herself a bottle vodka. She did it, despite us not getting it for her. Despite us not bringing it, she still managed to get some.
She went out to the local store. In the pouring rain. Thats how desperate she was. She had to have it. She walked there in the lashings of rain.
Her husband doesnt know. He’s out at the moment. He’s gone to pick up his car. He has no idea she did it. She has warned me not to say anything to him. My mom had to go with her, well she didnt have to, but she did. She felt obligated.
Now this is where things might be rough. If she drinks all of it, the whole bottle, which she will, she’s going to be drunk and things could get ugly.
I just hope that they wont. I feel bad for my mom and me that we’re stuck in the middle. If her husband finds out she did this he might be really mad.
Oh well. We cant do anything about it now. She has it and she’s going to drink it no matter what we say or do. She is an alcoholic after all. Old habits die hard.



We are leaving in 10 mins to go to the airport! I hope the flights go off on time.
I am so nervous. Mom is too.
She is nervous she’ll have a breathing attack. I hope she doesnt! I wouldnt know what to do if she does!
Our sisters dropping us to the airport. We have 2 hours to wait once we are there.
I just hope the flight is a smooth one.
Wish us luck!


Got a little sleep

So It ended up that I got a little sleep last night. A few hours. Its 7 AM now. I’m just waking up.

Still feel nervous. But I’m going to suck it up and just deal.

If I stay busy for the morning I wont have much time to think about traveling.

My sister is picking mom and me up later and dropping us off at the airport.

Mom just got up, I just heard her get up. So I think I’ll go talk to her for a while. Have some breakfast. A funny thing happened during the night.

I was hungry so went out to the kitchen to get an apple. I brought it back into bed with me. Then I forgot to eat it! I fell back to sleep instead! Lol!

Anyway, catch yall later!


Fun with my hair

This morning my mom is going to put a color in my hair! I have a lot of greys showing through! I hate that! I’m only 38 for gods sake! The reason I have greys is that I am so dark, my natural hair color is black!

I’m putting brown in though. Dark brown.

It will bring my hair up nicely! Its just a box color, but I generally only use box colors as the salon is so expensive! Its about 80 to 100 euro for a color these days!


Slept well

So I slept well last night. I decided to go t be at a decent hour. So at 10:30, which is early for me, I turned off everything and I went to bed.
I didn’t wake again until 6 AM this morning.
I had a fabulous sleep. And man am I feeling good now!
I’ve been drinking lots of water this morning. I’m determined to get as much water into me as I can. I did the same thing last week and found myself down 2 pounds at weigh in so it must be helping.
Moms gone grocery shopping this morning. Its her day to go grocery shopping.
I don’t have any plans today myself. I am just going to have a quiet one I think.

We’ve decided…and we had a change of heart about going to my cousins funeral

Well mom and I had a long talk this morning, and we made a final decision about going to the funeral this weekend. And we are going to go. We thought it would be the best thing to do, we just arent going to bring my aunt any alcohol. We are going to call her tomorrow and tell her that we are unable to bring it on bord the aeroplane, which isnt a lie, as we cant and arent allowed to carry alcohol on the plane.
I feel better now that I know we are definitely going. I also feel like I’ll get to say a proper goodbye to my cousin which is what I wanted to do all along.
My mom said she’s happy too with our decision. And she said she’s not going to change her mind again, I told her if we’re going she needs to be definite about it, as I have to sort out with my college lecturers about doing my presentation when I return.
So thats where things are at right now. I thought last night we’d be better off not going at all, but now I am glad we slept on it and I am glad we are going to go.


Got my hair done as a treat

I got my hair done while I was out with mom.

We decided on a whim to both get our hair done, so we went into a salon and we both got a wash, cut and blow dry.

It was so nice to treat ourselves. I treated my mom too as I payed for hers.

Now my hair looks really nice. Its so healthy now. It badly needed a trim. I got about an inch and a half off of it.

Now I just have to put my colour in, mom will do that for me later in the week. So yeah I’m really happy that I decided to do this today.