I have fruit!

I forgot to say earlier in my weight loss post, I got my fruit for the week! Cant be without fruit! I snack on it all throughout the day every day.
Mom went to the store for me yesterday and got a load of fruit, thanks mom!
where would I be without you!
Im happy I got it. If I didnt have it I might be tempted to eat other more unhealthy things, and so I am glad I have fruit for the week!

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Bad news about my old pa but maybe a possible new one?

well i rang my coordinator at the irish wheelchair association where I get my pa hours from this morning. I asked her if there was a possibility of having my old pa kristen back to work with me. unfortunately its not possible as kristen has left the organisation so she no longer works for them at all.
however my coordinator did say she thought she’d found someone new for me to work with. I’m sad that kristen cant return to work with me. But I am also happy that the coordinator has possibly found a match for me and that it didnt take too much time.
She said she just needed to talk to the lady in question and then she’d call me back with the details. So fingers crossed. I am hopeful that this will work out.

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Changing my PA service

so this morning my coordinator of the PA service called me. She asked me how everything was going.
I told her I thought things were going ok, but that I’d like to change some of my hours, to the day time, because the evening hours didnt suit me.
She asked me to ring my current PA and ask her if she’d be willing to do day time hours. I said I didnt think she would, as she has a small child and she’d have nobody to babysit her. But I said I’d ring her and ask, give her a chance to do them if she wanted too.
So I rang her. Like I thought, she isnt able to do them.
I rang my coordinator back and she is going to start looking for a new PA for me for my four hour shift, so I’ll either have someone coming on tuesday, thursday or friday mornings.
My current PA will still do my wendesday evening shift, and take me to slimming world.
I feel good now that thats sorted. I was going to let it go and not bother changing pa at all, but then when the coordinator rang, it was the perfect opportunity to do it.
I’m glad I did. Now to worry about the new pa…lol its always something isnt it?
carol anne

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Rude taxi driver

as some of you are aware I have to get taxi’s a lot. Every week I get a taxi to slimming world, and usually it is a relatively straightforward process.
A few times lately though I’ve had a driver who was extremely rude. He was smoking an Ecig in the car, which is against the law. He was taking me out of my way, going all the long way around and then charging me extra for the fare. He was driving eratically and then blaming everyone else on the road for his bad driving.
Last week when he overcharged me again and drove eratically for not the first time, my pa said she didnt feel safe getting in the car with him any more.
she asked me if she could call the taxi firm. I said she could.
so she called them. apparently this guy has been in trouble with the firm in the past. people have complained him. he’s been brought into the office and had a talking too.
so I was like well if thats the case why didnt they fire him?
Anyway he will no longer be picking me up. and the boss in the company said I could have my next taxi fare free of charge. So tonight I dont have to pay on the way to slimming world.
I’m glad my PA did what I couldnt do. I was too scared to complain him. I didnt want to make trouble even though he was clearly in the wrong.
I’m just glad its sorted out now and there will be no further incidents.

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Respite Assessment

I got a phone call this morning from a place I applied for respite at. They want to assess me to see if I am suitable for their service.
so that will be happening next tuesday. At lunchtime.
I applied for this particular respite service two years ago!
they are a service that gives respite to disabled people! The place is near a beach and is a big house! Each person who goes there gets their own room, and during the week “you go for a week at a time” you get to go out with staff members and do shopping, go to the beach or other places etc.
Some people have high dependency needs, like they need help showering, with medical stuff, etc. Then others, like me have lower needs, do not need so much help etc.
I hope I’m suitable for their service.
The manager and a nurse will be coming to my home next week to chat to me. He seemed nice enough on the phone anyway.
I’m hopeful. You get four weeks of respite in a year if it all works out.

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Its all go here

so i didnt go volunteering. i decided to stay home.
i thought I’d have a chill out day at home. no such luck.
I had to ring housing maintenance about my shower, I’m still awaiting a call back from them.
Meanwhile a guy from the council came to service my gas boiler. He was here about half an hour. Something needs replacing in the boiler so someone will need to come back in the next couple of weeks to do that.
He was very friendly. He knew me from servicing the boiler last year.
I also rang the guy who fitted my house alarm. I cant use it right now because all of the batteries are low and so it doesnt work. I need him to come and look at it and fit new batteries. I’m waiting for a call back from him as well.
So all go here today, no chillax day for me.
I managed to get the ear drops into nitros ears. He actually let me put them in without protest. I think he liked having his ear massaged. I had to text my mom and ask her how many drops I needed to put in and how often. Now I know though so that is good.
Its still very hot here and I have my fan going. At least its keeping the house cool.

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One small gesture

I did something nice yesterday for someone else. my sister works with a lady who has ms. she recently lost her husband to a brain tumour. my sister was caring for both of these people. the lady is devastated having lost her husband.

my sister said at his funeral they played my old man, which is a song by the fureys. an irish group. its a poignant song and she said the lady was very upset as you would be burying your beloved husband.

after the funeral the lady had asked her son to copy a fureys cd for her. he never did it and so my sister said she’d ask me, since I have the same fureys cd. when I heard that the lady just wanted to have this song as a reminder of her husband, I had to do this for her.

So yesterday I copied the cds for my sister to take to her. she’s picking them up this morning. Doing this makes me feel good. I feel good knowing that my one small gesture will make someone whose grieving feel a littel better and help them to remember their husband.

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