so i made it through my first day at the preschool. I just got home about 20 mins ago. I’ll write about the day later tonight. I need to decompress first. Its taken a lot out of me to be there and I worked very hard with the kids. I’m exhausted now but my PA is going to be here any minute so I need to get ready for her. Just a heads up the next post is going to be passworded because I talk about the kids I worked with in detail. If you want the password email me at
if you are using the wordpress reader, passworded posts dont show up so you will either need to go to my blog website to read it or if you get email notifications it will tell you the post is passworded and to go to the site to read it.


My new PA

so i met my pa this morning. it went wonderfully. she is lovely. very friendly and down to earth. she adored nitro which is the first awesome thing about her. she said him and her were going to be buddies. she was all over him patting him and all it was sooo cute. she starts working with me tomorrow. she’ll work every friday from 5:30 to 9:30 pm. that suits me as i dont get home from my work experience until 5 anyway so i’ll be home on time to let her in. she is going to do housework for me, and take me grocery shopping, help me with food prep etc. we’re not going to do a lot this week though, just get to know one another. it will take time to get a routine established with her. i was so used to my old pa kristen coming in and knowing what to do, but i guess i had to start somewhere with her too, she didnt always know. in time this new pa whose name is nuala will know as well. i’m glad i got to meet her before we started working together. it really makes all the difference when you can meet someone before you start working with them. it helps to be introduced and make introductions. she said if i want to she can also take me for a walk when the weather is good. she doesnt drive so i’ll have to take a taxi to get groceries or meds or other things i need to do that requires transport. buti dont mind. i’ll just budget for it. so overall i am happy and content. i feel i will click with her. i think we’ll get along just fine.
carol anne

Meeting my new PA

This morning I will be meeting my new PA. I’m nervous. I’m always nervous when I have to meet a new provider. I hope she will be nice. My last PA, Christian was wonderful. She did her job really well and I never had to tell her what to do, we had our own routine going. No I’ll have to start all over again with this PA, telling her what to do, went to do it. That part I don’t like. Hopefully we will click and I will get along well with her. I’m easy going and I do get along well with most people so I’m hoping it would be a good match. I meet her at 10 AM. Wish me luck

I’m on a roll guys

guys i seem to be on a roll. good sleep has all of a sudden come to me! yay i’m so happy!
two nights in a row now, i’ve went to bed really early, and i’ve slept, and i havent woken up at all throughout the night.
and when i did eventually wake, at around 5:30 AM I felt so energised and ready to face the day.
it feels so good and I am so grateful!
this morning I go to visit the preschool where I will be doing my work experience. I’m looking forward to visiting. It will be nice to meet the staff, not sure I’ll meet any of the kids, but I know I will enjoy looking around the classroom.
Just so you know, when I write about my work experience, I will be passwording the entries, because there will be sensitive information in them.
those of you who have my password it will stay the same so you will be able to get in and read them.
if anyone else wants it then you can contact me.
ok must run now and feed my pup whose nudging me with his wet nose!
carol anne

Blue Monday

today is blue monday! what crap! i dont even feel blue!
but its all over the radio, they say its blue monday, because everyones back at work after christmas, and everyone is feeling blue.
well i’m here to say i’m not blue! in fact i feel very upbeat!
i’m having a good day! as you know i went to therapy, and after that i went to abode to my Independent living skills course…its nice to be back again for another week of fun!
i say fun, because i find it fun being here!
i was working on my work experience module this afternoon. i filled out my student placement form and garda vetting form for my placement at the preschool which i am starting on friday. i also arranged to go on wednesday to have a look around the classroom, meet the staff etc.
i cant wait to go! clodagh who is my supervisor at the ILS course is going with me.
we will go spend the morning at the preschool on wednesday and i will get to have some orientation and mobility around the building as well.
i also got some good news today regarding a new personal assistant. i was supposed to get a new pa after christmas, and i was beginning to think the organisation where she works would never contact me! but today they did and my new pa starts with me on friday!
i will be meeting her on thursday morning. she will come here and i will be able to discuss what i will need her to do for me at home and where we need to go on the friday evenings since she’ll be doing my grocery shopping with me, picking up my meds, etc.
also i’ll be able to discuss any issues arising!
so yeah thats some positive news I’m so delighted!

carol anne

doggy love…

so my dog nitro, he makes me so happy. for my new readers, and followers, nitro is my guide dog, he’s seven years old. he’s a lab retriever mix. he’s gorgeous, so cute, but then i am bias, because dont all dog owners think their pooch is the cutest in the world? well mine is.

he’s spoiled. very very spoiled. at the ils course ILS stands for independent living skills, and I am doing the ILS course staying in a residential setting from mon fri of each week, well, nitro comes with me, and in my little mini apartment, he has a quilt, all to himself, a big fluffy quilt to lie on.

at the weekends, when he goes to my parents house, like we are here now…and my dad spoils him, he has lots of treats, that he’s not meant to have, I keep telling my dad not to feed him but he doesnt listen.

he loves him, i know he has a soft spot for him, he cant help himself.

so yeah, my pooch is fast asleep right now by my feet, snoring softly, dreaming every so often and making whimpering sounds, wonder what he dreams about?

just thought i’d share about my boy, because I love him so much and he fills my life with endless joy, not to mention he is my eyes as well…