Productive morning with my PA

so my pa came this morning. she normally does from 9 AM until 1 PM. I let her go a little early today though. She had to collect one of her kids from school. Normally her mom does it but her mom was away on holidays this week. We had a good productive few hours. We did housework, lots of it. She did vacuming, mopping, dishes, etc. She didnt change my bed this week, I didnt want it done. We had to go to a local shopping mall. I needed to go to the ATM. She took me in her car. Saved us walking there. She really isnt supposed to take me in her car, but she said it would be ok. While we were there we bought some lunch, we bought bread rolls and turkey and cheese and we came back to my house and made them up. Lunch was good. After eating we just chatted. I did have her go back to the store though for coffee as I forgot to buy it while we were there. I cant be without my coffee, and neither can Liz. Liz would kill me if there was no coffee in the house. I have an hour now before I have to leave to go volunteering. I plan on just going on the computer for a while until I have to leave. I’m feeling really good about my new PA. I really like her. I feel like we’re getting on really good. Our relationship is coming along nicely. We are clicking and geling which is nice.

carol anne

Time to go get weighed

Okay well it’s time to get weighed time to step on the scale and see what my result is this week. Hoping the result will be good. I’m very hopeful so we shall see. Wish me luck everyone. Nervous wreck tonight for some reason.


Oh well here I go


Making good use of my time when I am not asleep

well sleep wouldn’t come. so what did I go and do? I started messing around with a new gadget I got today. a techy gadget its called a plex talk its a player for playing audio files and recording audio files. its one especially for the blind. I downloaded the manual and started reading through it when I couldn’t sleep. and what do you know, I figured out how to work it! so now i’m good to go! I can work it and it works fine and I like it from the little bit I played with it. and I made good use of my time too! so yay! so happy! 😀

now im just reading blogs and listening to the radio. no sign of my friend sleep yet. doubt it is coming any time soon. I feel kinda agitated. edgy. activated. so I cant settle down. I might go read now. I didn’t do it earlier.

carol anne

Someone just shoot me!

Take me away from all this anxiety, please!

Someone rescue me! I hate this! It feels so crappy!

I feel like shit!

I am not. Ok! Not not not!

I am trying things, believe me I am. I just emailed my therapist and am hopeful she’ll respond.

Normally she doesn’t but occasionally she will if she feels its warranted.

Hoping today she does. I need to go to the store soon with my mom for a few things and my anxiety is through th eroof about it.

I don’t feel like I can deal with the crowds of people at the store!

I will go because I have to but I wish I didn’t!

Ug sigh!

Friendly call

Well I managed to get here finally. About to start my shift soon. In like five mins.

My ride was late. My supervisor was picking me up. She got lost though and couldn’t remember where I lived.

Anyway we’re here now. We did finally make it.

We’re going to have a busy afternoon. There is hardly any staff here today. So we’re under a little pressure. But the two of us, my supervisor and myself we’ll manage.

So here I go…the next few hours will be very very busy.


We can safely say that after an hour of walking, I am totally and absolutely exhausted.

I am not at all fit. I do need to change that so I plan on walking as much as I can, when I can.

I walked this morning with my PA to the local supermarket, I had to go to the ATM to get money. We went to the cafe there to have a drink too while we were there, we needed to rest our feet.

It took 30 mins to walk there from my house, and 30 to walk back again. I took nitro so he got a walk too. He’s wrecked now too.

We met another guide dog in the cafe. He looked exactly like nitro.

Walking is good for me though, that’s what I keep telling myself.


Had a good outing today!

We had a great day out with the clients from the friendly call service. I really enjoyed it. I met wonderful people and got to chat to them. It was fun.

We had very yummy sandwiches and cakes, I tried to be good, but I did sneak a cake or two, and I ate lovely sandwiches with ham and mustard on them, and I had some nice plain chicken sandwiches also.

We spent about four hours at the heritage centre, and we had a guided tour of it too. We toured the centre in groups of 15, as there were too many of us to do it all at the same time.

I am so glad I went. I thoroughly enjoyed myself. I am tired now so I think I’ll try to have an early night, well all going well, although I still feel wired so who knows, I may not actually be able to sleep that well.

We’ll just have to see what happens I guess.
carol anne