Not asleep ug!

well I am having no luck sleeping. I went to bed around 11 PM. Slept on and off for a few hours. Around 3 AM I woke, my phone woke me, I forgot to silence it. I couldnt get back to sleep. So I got up. No point in lying there awake and unable to sleep is there? So now I am up. And its so quiet around here! Even my dog is sleeping lol.

I wonder what I should do to pass the time! I don’t feel like watching tv. I don’t even feel like reading my book! Maybe I’ll catch up on peoples blogs! I am so far behind, that that may be a good idea!

I am planning on going to the basement club later this morning. I haven’t been in there all week. I don’t want to actually go today, but I kinda have too. I am hosting lunch time there today. I promised I would do it.

Other than that, no plans for today. At least the weather got better though!

Time to go get weighed

Okay well it’s time to get weighed time to step on the scale and see what my result is this week. Hoping the result will be good. I’m very hopeful so we shall see. Wish me luck everyone. Nervous wreck tonight for some reason.


Oh well here I go


Smorgasbord Laughter Lines – Please drink responsibly!!!!!

Lol at this one! My kinda humour! 🙂

Smorgasbord - Variety is the spice of life

I might be enjoying the odd glass of something whilst I am away….. but I do want to warn you about the dangers of drinking too much… can thank me later!

A man wanted Valentine’s Day to be special, so he bought a bottle of absinthe and stopped by the florist’s to order a bouquet of his wife’s favorite flower: white anemones. Unfortunately, the florist was sold out of flowers and had only a few stems of feathery ferns. The man asked the florist to make a bouquet out of the ferns and the flask of liquor. He added a card and proceeded home. After a romantic candlelight dinner, he presented his wife with the gift. She opened the card to read, “Absinthe makes the heart grow fonder.” With a tear in her eye, she whispered to him lovingly, “Yes, and with fronds like these, who needs anemones.”

Stumbling onto…

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#whatif prompt 15th september, squirrelly

Today’s prompt:

We are feeling so squirelly this morning. We are a little bit agitated. Not sure why.

Just feel a little anci…like, we have ants in our pants.

Have to be doing something, cant sit still at all. Don’t want to sit still.

We feel like our mind is racing, but its not in a bad sorta way. Just feeling edgy, and very restless.

Wonder what I can do to kerb it?

I think maybe I’ll go out to the kitchen and chat with mom. That may help some.


We can safely say that after an hour of walking, I am totally and absolutely exhausted.

I am not at all fit. I do need to change that so I plan on walking as much as I can, when I can.

I walked this morning with my PA to the local supermarket, I had to go to the ATM to get money. We went to the cafe there to have a drink too while we were there, we needed to rest our feet.

It took 30 mins to walk there from my house, and 30 to walk back again. I took nitro so he got a walk too. He’s wrecked now too.

We met another guide dog in the cafe. He looked exactly like nitro.

Walking is good for me though, that’s what I keep telling myself.