She’s home!

Eileen just emailed me. She’s home. She’s home and she’s ok and safe!
What a huge relief that is!
She forgot her phone though! She left it behind her left it in england, so she said she was waiting for it to arrive in the post!
I was like OMG! If I forgot my phone I’d die!
My phone is literally tied to me hahaha! I cant leave it out of my hand!
She’s home though! And she said she’s so proud of us for being able to manage our huge feelings. And we will see her on Monday, yay!
Strange how I emailed instead of texting, normally I’d have texted her. And then she wouldnt have got it as her phone is in england still! Strange how I thought to email instead! A coincidence or someone watching over me making sure I got in touch with her somehow!
Who knows, but I sure am glad I decided to email her!



I have an interview for college next Wednesday. I’m nervous. I didn’t realize we’d have to be interviewed. The college said if more than 25 people applied we’d have to have an interview. I hope I’ll do well. I wonder what questions I’ll be asked


If you can please pray. I’m so scared


I hate having to do this.


Support and hugs appreciated


Damn it anyway!

My PA has been here all morning. Normally she doesnt have a car with her but today she had her dads car. Outside my house there’s a parking space, its mine, anyone whose visiting me can park there. I left my PA go a little early, and she just facebooked me to say that she’d recieved a parking fine of 150 euro! For parking in the space outside my house, that is my space, I might add. Damn it! I told her not to pay it. I told her to ring them up and see what they will say. She did and she just needs to get a picture of my disabled parking permit. But my god! Who would have reported her for parking there? Someone in my estate must have! Someone had to have done it! I live in a housing estate so its not like the people who clamp cars would even be in there! I am so angry! So so angry! Thank god its easily sorted though! Otherwise her dad would have had to pay 150 euro! No way I said there’s no way she’s paying it!
God what a nightmare! some people, they are malicious!


An Inconvenient Truth

This blogger, msbipolarmom, she said what I wish I had the guts to say tonight. She said it, and she said it so well. Bravo to her!

The Bipolar Writer Mental Health Blog

So I am well aware that someone else penned (and owns) the Title:  An Inconvenient Truth, and their’s was shocking and thought provoking.  Earth shaking, land sliding, terrible tidal waves. Ground breaking.  Thought provoking.  And I think yes, me too.  Me too a lot.  I have earthquakes,   I have landslides, and tidal waves every single day.  And as I’ve said before, some people think this is invisible.  That my internal storms don’t exist.  Don’t matter.  Aren’t serious enough.  Are invisible. Can be shaken out of stuff, made worse by the we pretend mental illness doesn’t exist environment I and other people with mental illness live in.  And I’m here to say it’s time for a very serious climate change.

Perhaps important to start by dispelling a few myths about mental illness that are held:

We aren’t criminals and don’t like jail:  Anyone who has been inside a jail –…

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Nov. 15th weird holidays

The holidays for November 15th, 2018 are:
America Recycles Day
American Enterprise Day
Day of the Imprisoned Writer
George Spelvin Day
Great American Smokeout
I Love to Write Day
International Guinness World Records Day
Little Red Wagon Day
National Bundt Day
National Clean Out Your Refrigerator Day
National Philanthropy Day
National Raisin Bran Cereal Day
National Spicy Hermit Cookie Day
Nouveau Beaujolais Day
Pack Your Mom’s Lunch Day
Steve Irwin Day
Use Less Stuff Day
World Pancreatic Cancer Day
World Philosophy Day