Update on mom

so turns out mom is gonna be ok, thank goodness.
they ran tests in the ER, she had a chest x ray and some bloods taken to see if there was a clot in her lungs. there wasnt. and the doctor said the x ray showed no signs of infection in the lungs either.
he told her she shouldnt have tried to go out this afternoon to get groceries, that she should have stayed home and rested after seeing the gp.
anyway, he said he’d send her an apt to go to the COPD outreach clinic, that will take about a week to organise.
So in the meantime he told her to contine to religiously take her inhalers, and also she is to finish her course of steroids.
I’m so glad she’s ok. Thank you for all of the prayers and kind thoughts you sent earlier today. They were very appreciated.
carol anne


Buy me a coffee

hi guys
so this morning I set up a page on ko-fi.com. I’d love it if some of you could support me by donating and buying me some cups of coffee!
It would really help with my anxiety if I was able to get out with friends for coffee more often.
If you can support me by donating my link is

I’d be really grateful!
carol anne

Goals update

well I’ve achieved a few of my goals today so far.
they are
I ate a healthy breakfast and lunch
took meds
went volunteering
set up a new computer
supported two friends who were struggling

I have a couple more things on my list that I want to complete before the day is out.
carol anne

OT update

Mark our OT called me today.
I had emailed him last week asking if we could schedule an apt for the week of easter, for a long overdue catch up.
when I didnt hear back from him I thought he might not be working that week, but then he phoned me today.
he knows I see dr. barry every two weeks now, when I see her I will usually see him on the same day because it just works out easiest to do it that way.
So he told me today to give him a ring the week leading up to easter, and we can arrange to have an appointment over the break.
I was thinking today about how lucky I am with the team I have.
Not only do I have dr. barry and eileen, I also have Mark, a social worker if I need her, granted I havent met the new social worker on the team yet, but I know she’s there should I need to talk to her.
Mark has given me his email address and mobile phone number, he has said I can always call him if ever I need anything.
I know I can always email Eileen, or text her in between sessions.
So I am well held and contained. For that I feel so appreciative. I know not everyone has such a good team and such good supports around them.
I havent seen Mark since before christmas, so it will be good to touch base with him again. I know the last time we met we were going to talk about sensory stuff to help with grounding, like weighted blankets, and other sensory items I could use.

hanging out with my friend

so our friend just left. we had fun hanging out. we got take out food and just sat chatting. we got pizza, mexican kind, it was yummy. the kids didnt like it but i let them get fries, with garlic mayo and cheese on top. they were thrilled to get a treat. and i was like, all my hard work went out the window! but they deserve a treat. we have the rest of the week to be healthy. and you only live once, right? anyway. it was a nice way to spend a saturday evening. now that she’s gone i plan on vegging out in my bedroom. reading for a while, am going to snuggle under my duvet to do that. its been a good day.
carol anne

personal assistant

so tonight my new pa came. it went well. she’s so nice. so friendly. very very down to earth and chatty. i liked her from the start. we sat chatting for a while, drinking coffee and just getting to know one another. she’s 47, and she had a 3 year old little girl. me and her had so much in common. we both have youth and community work diplomas. we both went to the same college and we had some of the same lecturers. we both knew a particular girl and her two kids. its such a small world. i couldnt believe the amount of things we had in common. i got her to change my bedsheets, wash them, vacume, and do dishes, help me prepare a meal, and go to the store for me. i had four hours in total but she had everything done after 3 and a half so i let her go half an hour early. i think we’ll get along really well though. i’m pleased with how things went.
carol anne