PA stuff

so i’ve emailed the people who provide my PA service this morning. I was clear in the email about what I need in a PA going forward.
The person in the office said they’d try their best to get me someone that will suit my needs. Kristen finishes with me on Thursday. I dont want to be without a PA but I fear I may be without someone for a couple of weeks.
I told the office I need someone who can provide a driving service if that is possible. Otherwise it will get expensive paying for taxi’s to and from the grocery store. Yes we pay the PA for gas but what we pay the PA is minimal compared to the expense of getting a taxi.
So we shall see. Only time will tell if I get someone who drives or not.
I really am hoping for a good match. Who I get is important to me. Its important I can relate to them and I am able to get along with them. Their personality traits are important to me.


My life updates email notification group

hi everyone
I have made an email notification group, where I will be posting some more detailed updates about therapy, and other things to do with my life.
I’d love it if you’d join it.
Feel free to subscribe by sending a blank email to the following address

Looking forward to all of my readers joining me! 🙂


Good news. I am starting an independent living skills course

so this morning i got some good news. i had applied to do an independent living skills course at abode, the place I go to for respite. I was on a waiting list to get on the course. There was issues with me commuting, they had said that a room would not be available for me to stay there for the week from monday to friday, and that I’d have to commute in and out on public transport. but then this morning clodagh emailed me and she said a room became available and did I want to take up the place. I was shocked. i really wanted to do this. But I had to think long and hard about it. Because it basically means me going to abode on Monday morning after therapy, and staying until Friday of each week, then going home on Friday evening until Monday morning. The course is for 18 months but she said its pretty much up to me, i can go at my own pace and so i might take less time to do it or I might take the whole 18 months, but that part is up to me. well i thought about it long and hard. And I decided to take up the place. I will pay 70 euro per week, but for that i get accomodation, food, support of staff, nursing staff etc, so thats really good. things we will learn on the course, how to cook, household chores, personal effectiveness and personal development, health and fitness, self care, advocacy, budgeting and money management, etc. I am so excited to start. I totally was not expecting this today. I can still do my addictions studies course because that course is in the evening. So I am very happy. We have some paperwork to sort out but I should be starting within a few days.
carol anne

Time spent with staff at respite

so one of the staff, elaine, came in and asked me if i wanted her to take nitro out. at first i said yes i did, but then i asked her if i can go down to the kitchen and have some tea and some fruit.

she said of course i could and so we both went down together and i actually let nitro out myself. i stayed outside with him for a couple minutes. the weather isnt too bad here this morning, its dry, there is no rain.

when i came in i sat at the table and ate a banana, and drank two cups of tea. it was nice, and so peaceful. i love early mornings. everything seems so peaceful then. you are able to think clearly, well at least thats how it is for me.

the nurse mary was there with elaine, and they both started talking to me. we talked about guide dogs, and then we talked about respite and i asked them if my being on the phone late last night had disturbed anyone. they told me no, that i am far away from the next bedroom and the sound doesnt really carry. that is good as i dont want to disturb anyones sleep.

i just came back to the room and fed nitro. its 7:40 now. I’ll go down for breakfast at 8:15. After breakfast I need to pack the rest of my stuff. I havent booked a taxi yet to take me home. I’m debating whether I should prebook it or just wait and book it when I am ready. I think I’ll wait.

last night of respite

its my last night here. another week of respite is over. i’ll be heading home in the morning.

i had a good week. i was busy. i like that i was busy. it meant i didnt have to much time to think.

i do feel a little bit anxious tonight. not sure why. on a scale of 1-10 its about a 5. so right bang in the middle.

one of the staff helped me to pack up my things tonight. i like her, her name is elaine. she is so supportive, and she said she’d keep me in mind for the xmas respite weekend if there is any cancelations. right now that weekend is fully booked though.

i’m all packed up now well except for my pjamas and shower stuff. i can put those in in the morning. i doubt i get much sleep tonight. my mind is kind of racy.

carol anne

A little morning ramble

Miracle of miracles, I slept! For five whole hours! Yay so thrilled!

I woke with a bloody nightmare which wasnt cool though.

I hate nightmares, they leave me so vulnerable.

I got up though, drank some water, and got online. I also went over and patted nitro, because, he soothes me.

I am feeling better now. I am looking forward to spending time with Rose later on today. I will have to try to get back on track with my healthy eating, because last night I really splurged!

Oh well the kids deserved a treat, they’ve had a tough time of it this week.

Thanks for all the support guys, you are all amazing. Dont know what I’d do without my crew!

Doggy distraction

So Nigel has been artist traction. He’s just so cuddly, he really makes us feel safe, we have been loving on him for the last couple of minutes, now we feel much better, cancel leap but we’re going to make hot chocolate. Here is a video and a picture