we are having a bit of an unsettled night tonight.

i think it is due to having therapy tomorrow morning and knowing there is a lot to talk about.

we are having the did experts from the pottergate centre in the UK come over this friday and do a reassessment. Its a big deal for all of us.

its been 7 years since they saw us and a lot has happened in that time. mostly positive stuff.

lots has changed for us.

I guess we are afraid in part that they’ll say we are now too stable for ongoing support on a regular basis. we do not want to lose our support system.

if anything in order for us to remain stable we need to keep it within reach.

i am however ok if they say we can go a little longer than a week without seeing dr. barry. I think I’m ready to space out those apts a little bit, even to fortnightly apts.

I guess we’ll see what happens.


good and productive day at the independent living skills course

busy day today at the ILS course!

in the morning we did a module called personal care and presentation. to be honest i found it a bit simplistic, i could have taught it myself. it was about hygiene, health care, dental care, how to present yourself etc. i should fly through the work and complete it in no time.

After break we cooked. There were only 3 of us in today so the kitchen was fairly empty. We made vegetable soup, or I should say, I made vegetable soup, because the other two did not do much of anything except watch me.

I didnt mind though, I enjoyed cooking, and I liked that I could do almost everything, I liked that I had the confidence to do all the chopping of vegetables, sauteing the vegetables, and stirring the soup and blending it once it was done cooking.

We put carrot, onion, leak, cellery, parsnip, and lentils into our soup. We also put spices in there, cumin and curry powder, salt and pepper.

It was so yummy. And there’s left overs for tomorrow too, yay.

After lunch I walked the 10 mins to the bus stop with Nitro. I did not want to at first, but my tutor pushed me, saying we wouldnt have time to go tomorrow and it would be good if I did go today so I went and I am so glad I did!

When I came back we had our weekly reviews, that is where you write up a sheet about what went well and what did not go so well this week. You also say a little about each class and you can add suggestions for new modules or things you’d like to see added to the programme. There is a space to for tutor comments.

My review went great. The comments I got were awesome. Enthuastic, willingness to learn, good contributor in class, energetic etc. I was really pleased.

There was one negative. My tutor kinda lectured me because she said I used the emergency buzzer in my room inappropriately. You see everyone has an emergency buzzer in their room. last week I pulled mine to ask someone to bring milk to me. The thing is staff thought I’d fallen, or something. And a bunch of them came running thinking I was in trouble.

So I was reppromanded for that today, which was fair enough I suppose.

After class ended I came upstairs, fed nitro, and sat down on the couch, thinking to myself, i’ll sit here for five mins before I go make some tea. Five mins turned into me falling asleep for an hour and a half! lol what can I say I must have needed it!

I’ve been just chilling out for the evening. I’ve started showering by night instead of in the mornings so that I can have a little extra time in bed in the mornings, plus, its getting colder outside now, and I dont want to go outside with wet hair.

so yeah good day overall.
carol anne

Having a risk assessment

so this coming thursday i have to do a risk assessment. its to see that i am able to use a kettle and make tea and coffee without burning myself. then i’ll be able to have tea and coffee making facilities in my apartment. right now i dont have a kettle in here. which is annoying as i love my coffee lol. they have to do this hear to cover their own asses. i know i can use a kettle. i know i can make tea and coffee. i know i’m capable. but they dont know. and its all formality. so on thursday a mobility and orientation officer who also works in the guide dogs on their independent living skills course will come out and do a risk assessment with me. i’m not at all nervous about it. why? because i know i’ll pass it. i’ll just relax and then i’ll fly through it.
carol anne

Weekly rap up

its been a busy week. as you all know my aunt passed away last weekend. her funeral was this week, it was actually yesterday. we went, but we only went to the actual funeral mass and burial afterwords. we didnt go to the removal the night before. we didnt take any time off. our sister and aunts and cousins all took 3 days off work, we didnt take time off college or the ILS course at all. we wanted to keep our week as normal as possible. do everything we’d normally do. we didnt see dr. barry because our apt clashed with the funeral times. but thats ok, we’ll hopefully see her next week. but we hadnt seen eileen either this week so we had very little support. that led to a few hard nights with anxiety, low mood, etc. but we got through it with the help of staff here at the facility. we also did a lot of self care. we went to bed early the past few nights, and we slept wwell. we did wake last night at 5 AM but we were able to go back to sleep again and once we did we did not wake until 8 AM. i usually get up at 7. we are having a good week on the course. we did a lot this week. we made brownies, and rice crispy cakes, we did some team work, personal effectiveness, we went to the gym today, we did some health and nutrition, etc. tomorrow nitro’s trainer nathalie is coming and we are going to have a chat about doing some routes on public transport like the bus. she is going to work with me and with staff here to train nitro in and then the staff here will continue to work with me after she’s done. i’m looking forward to seeing her. she’s really nice. i bet nitro will be super excited to see her. i’m still going to my addiction studies course each tuesday evening. i love it. i have two books to read before december 9th, beautiful boy, and tweak, both about a drug addict, one written by the addict himself, and the other is written by his father. i am going to compare and contrast the two books for my book review. tuesdays is my busy day, what with volunteering and then college that evening. i plan on doing nothing this weekend, chilling out and just taking things easy. I hope everyones had a fantastic week.

mid afternoon musings

so my saturdays going well. my niece and nephew are gone home so peace at last lol. mom and i had a small argument earlier where she yelled at me because she said I annoyed her and was being unappreciative of what she’s doing for me. i stormed off feeling hurt and stormed in to my room and was determined that I’d stay in here all weekend. lol the logic of it now it seems so childlike. or teenagery. a few mins later mom walked in with a caramel latte for me, a peace offering. her way of apologising without actually saying sorry. i was grateful though that it was over. i did say to her after a while that I’d appreciate it if she didnt shout at me, that I am an adult and she cant treat me as if I’m not. she seemed receptive to what I said so thats good at least. other than that saturday is going well. i’m chilling out. i didnt even get dressed today, i refused to get dressed haha. my friend Maeve just rang me asking if I want to go see a band tomorrow night as its the jazz weekend here in cork but I said no. I dont fancy being out in a pub in crowds of people unable to hear anyone because the music is so loud. I would prefer to stay home and watch x factor. which is what i am going to do tonight also. mom is going to see her brothers wife the lady i mentioned some time back whose dying of bone cancer. i havent gone but i did speak to her on the phone this past week. she’s still hanging in there with us 2 weeks after recieving the news that she’s terminal and only had a week to a month left to live. Tomorrow mom said she’d take me grocery shopping. I need to get a few bits to tide me over this week while I’m on midterm. I made a list and I wont be straying from it. Mondays a bank holiday so I plan on having another chill out day.

PA stuff

so i’ve emailed the people who provide my PA service this morning. I was clear in the email about what I need in a PA going forward.
The person in the office said they’d try their best to get me someone that will suit my needs. Kristen finishes with me on Thursday. I dont want to be without a PA but I fear I may be without someone for a couple of weeks.
I told the office I need someone who can provide a driving service if that is possible. Otherwise it will get expensive paying for taxi’s to and from the grocery store. Yes we pay the PA for gas but what we pay the PA is minimal compared to the expense of getting a taxi.
So we shall see. Only time will tell if I get someone who drives or not.
I really am hoping for a good match. Who I get is important to me. Its important I can relate to them and I am able to get along with them. Their personality traits are important to me.

My life updates email notification group

hi everyone
I have made an email notification group, where I will be posting some more detailed updates about therapy, and other things to do with my life.
I’d love it if you’d join it.
Feel free to subscribe by sending a blank email to the following address

Looking forward to all of my readers joining me! 🙂