8 AM ramble

Good morning to all of my blog friends!
I finally got some sleep! I am so thrilled to finally have gotten good rest. I needed it badly! My sleep pattern was so off, but I took myself off to bed last night at 9 PM and I didnt wake up again until 7 this morning when Nitro woke me up because he wanted out and to be fed.
I have my weigh in in an hour. And our support group meetings are back today after months of having no group meetings. I am so happy they are back!
Its lovely to have the support of the other members. I get so much good advice and feedback from both my consultant and the other group members.
My PA Frances is going with me to slimming world. It means all of my hours will get used up today with going to slimming world, but thats ok, it just means I won’t get any house work done today.
Once I get home I’ll have something to eat, frances will be leaving at 11:30, and then I am working for a couple hours on friendly call. I didn’t work yesterday, I took the day off. So today is the first day that I will be back working, I hope all of my clients are ok, in the mental space I am in right now, I can’t really deal with much so I hope there arent any emergencies or anything.
I didn’t have any nightmares last night, so I am so glad about that. I really hate them.
I will let you all know the result of my weigh in later on this morning. My fingers are crossed for a good result!