Helping a friend

I helped my friend Norma out today. She rang me this morning. She was very down and felt very low. She asked me if I could come over for a little while. I wasn’t doing much so I said I could. I went over to her place for 3 hours. We just hung out and talked. I think it helped her. She seemed much better when I was leaving. I texted her a little bit ago and she texted back to say she was ok and she might ring me later tonight. I am glad I was able to be there for her. Its good to be there for friends when you can be and if they need it. I know she’d do the same for me and she has done in the past. I felt useful today, I felt like I was making a difference. Its sad that she’s alone so often. She has PAS coming in but she doesn’t have too many other people coming over. She doesn’t have a lot of friends. She has mental health difficulties and she’s blind and has dyspraxia. I enjoy her company we have a lot in common. I’m just glad that today I was able to do some good for my friend. I’m grateful to have family who cares about me and helps me when I need it and never allows me to be alone when I feel bad. Its a blessing to have them.