Tuesday plans

My PA is coming today at 9 AM. I plan on doing some house work while she is here. After she leaves I plan on going to the basement club. I have some toys that I need to bring down there because we are doing a toy appeal for the children at the local leukaemia ward in the local hospital. I also have some things to bring in for the Christmas party that were having in the centre on 21 December. I’m looking forward to going to the basement club spending some time with the members chatting and hanging out after spending all day today sleeping, I’m planning on making tomorrow a good day. No matter what I have to do, I’m planning on trying to be upbeat and positive. I only have to wait on till Wednesday morning to see Dr Barry. Then I’m hoping that she can help me figure things out. I’m feeling a little bit anxious at the moment but I am drinking a cup of tea and about to FaceTime my friend to help me distract.

Here are the Christmas cards that my niece and nephew designed

In school my niece and nephew designed  some Christmas cards, here are the pictures of their cards. They are selling the cards to raise funds for the school. My niece is eight and her card is the snow scene. My nephew is for and his is of the Santa Claus.

The results of my ultrasound scan

So I just got the results of my ultrasound scan. They were normal. The nurse said I had fatty liver though. She asked me if I was carrying some extra weight of course the answer is yes I am. She told me it would be wise to lose some weight. So I guess my goal over the next few weeks is to lose some weight. She said if I didn’t my blood test’s might not be normal the next time I have bloods taken. It’s such a relief to know that the results were normal though. I’m so happy. One less thing to worry about.

The weekend

I’ve had a pretty good weekend. Mum took me Christmas shopping on Saturday. It was crazy in the city centre. I got a lot of things and have bought a few presents for people, will probably finish my Christmas shopping next Saturday. I was happy with what I got though. Spent most of Sunday sleeping, which is why I am wide-awake now at almost 5 AM. Seeing Dr Barry this morning, looking forward to seeing her. Also I have therapy today. Haven’t had therapy in three weeks so I’m looking forward to having a session. We have a lot to talk about. My mood has been up and down over the weekend. The depression is still there, but I am trying to override it by distracting myself and using my distraction techniques. If I can avoid hospital at all I will. Would not want to go in there at this close to Christmas. I don’t think Dr Barry will admit me anyway, I think she’s leaning towards giving me extra support by increasing my appointments rather than putting me in patient which I am glad about. Should have the results of my ultrasound scan today. Nervous about getting them but also I want to get them just so that I can see if there is something else going on that is causing the abscess. Anyway that’s it for now, hope you’re all having a good weekend.

Thinking about publishing a book

So here’s the thing. I’m thinking about publishing a book of poetry. What do people think, would you be interested in buying a book of poetry? They would be poems relating to my past dealing with abuse and having D a G and trauma and suicide and depression and others related to mental illness. For now I wouldn’t be putting the book out in paperback I would just be publishing it as an E book on kindle. Maybe it’s a dumb idea though. Maybe nobody would buy my book. Who knows? I think it’s a cool idea if I do say so myself and even if no one buys my book I think I will still go ahead and publish it. I think it would be therapeutic for me to do it.