Tuesday plans

My PA is coming today at 9 AM. I plan on doing some house work while she is here. After she leaves I plan on going to the basement club. I have some toys that I need to bring down there because we are doing a toy appeal for the children at the local leukaemia ward in the local hospital. I also have some things to bring in for the Christmas party that were having in the centre on 21 December. I’m looking forward to going to the basement club spending some time with the members chatting and hanging out after spending all day today sleeping, I’m planning on making tomorrow a good day. No matter what I have to do, I’m planning on trying to be upbeat and positive. I only have to wait on till Wednesday morning to see Dr Barry. Then I’m hoping that she can help me figure things out. I’m feeling a little bit anxious at the moment but I am drinking a cup of tea and about to FaceTime my friend to help me distract.