Virtually being held by our therapist

Therapy today was awesome! We had a great session and Eileen was amazing.
During the session some of the kids had a hard time feeling eileens presence, they didnt understand that she could see them, some of them do, but some dont understand about it being online now. They were wondering why we werent in eileens office, and seeing her, sitting next to her, and being with her.
Then eileen had an idea. She said for us to put our hand our left hand on our right shoulder, just like she does when we’re upset or stressed out.
We did it, and it was instant, the connection! Eileen said she was reaching out to us, and connecting, doing it too, and she even said she felt heat under her own hand, as if our shoulder was right there under her hand.
Then, she had us do the butterfly hug, which is part of EMDR, and she also did it with us, even going at the same speed with the tapping that we were doing.
Being virtually held made us all feel so safe.
She kept saying to us, you are safe, I am here with you, listen to my voice, I am in your living room, we are connected.
It was such a validating experience! I never thought online therapy would work so well, but it actually does. Even Eileen agrees, she said she had misgivings too at first, but she’s glad we’re doing it now, and she still feels our connection as strongly as if we were in her office and sitting together.
I am so glad she does, because, I do too.


Gonna have a therapy session with Eileen tomorrow!

So Eileen just called us! She said we’ve been on her mind a lot, and she wanted to know if we were free tomorrow to have a session then.
We jumped at the chance to do that!
She spoke to Allie too, because Allie had sent her a text to ask her if she was mad at us. Of course the answer was no!
So we’re going to see her tomorrow at 12:30 and we’ll have a good chat then!
Everything seems to be going good for us with our team all being so supportive and first today dr. barry rang us, and then eileen called us to fit us in even after we couldnt do our monday session!
I am so thankful to have such an amazing, incredible supportive team around me!
Eileen is just the best! I love that she thinks of us even outside of our session time with her.
We are incredibly lucky to have such an attuned therapist!
And Allie is happy now too and she’s stopped worrying!


Im thinkin eileen might be mad at us?

Its allie. for ya’ll who dont know me im 9. im realy sad. and kinda freakin out. i think eileen might be mad at us. but im scared to ask her!
see we was meant to go to therapy on monday, but we had a migraine, and felt overwhelmed, so liz texted eileen to tell her we aint going. she asked eileen if we can reschedule, but eileen said she didnt have another time available, but if she gets a cancelation shed get in touch with us. but i am gessing nobody canceled cuz she never texted us.
but the text she sent us back after liz texted her was real short, and not how she normally writes. so what if shes mad at us?
do ya think i should ask her?
i want to but im so scared of the answer being yes!
allie 9


Taking my therapy updates off of the blog, for now at least

to all of my readers,
I’m thinking of taking some stuff off the blog, like therapy updates. for now at least.
I have an email list where I will be posting my therapy updates.
Are any of you interested in joining it? If you want to receive updates on my therapy I will need you to subscribe to it.
I just want to keep things more manageable for now. And putting it on the blog is a little less private, and I’d prefer to keep it to a group of people I know and trust.
If you want to join my updates list, please leave a comment below, with the email address that you’d like me to invite you with.
If I’ve already invited you and your already on it that’s ok, I don’t need you to leave a comment.
If you would prefer to email me directly with your email address instead of leaving it on here then my email address is

Look forward to your emails!

Eileens advice to us regarding parts anger

I spoke to Eileen yesterday evening, she rang me back after I texted her and asked her if she could call me. We talked about how angry parts are, and I told her it doesnt feel like anything I’ve experienced before. It feels very different. She said its because its authentic anger, and not the acting out kind. Thats why it feels different. Then she gave us some great advice.
When you feel that the anger is getting overwhelming, pretend you have a balloon, and blow all of the anger into it. Pretend your blowing up the balloon, and all of your angry feelings are going inside of the balloon. Then tie it up and allow the kids to let it go. Tell the kids they can let as many balloons go as they want, and have them count the balloons for me.
The kids loved that idea. Actually I did too. We are going to try it. Eileen reiterated how far I’ve come, since I dont act out my anger nowadays, I wanted to yesterday because I felt so overwhelmed. But I thought it through and I didnt do anything, I didnt even know what I felt like doing, I just felt so overwhelmed and the anger I was feeling was building and so I wanted to do something to get rid of it. I am glad I texted eileen instead though. She said she was glad I did that too. She praised me for reaching out to her.
We had a great chat and afterwords I was able to go watch some tv and then I went to bed early and I actually slept for about 5 hours straight, I feel good now and I am feeling a lot better about things.