Friday update

I slept well last night, went to bed around nine. Slept really good thankfully.

Leaving to go volunteering in about 10 minutes, my friendly call shift the usual that I do on Friday afternoons.

I’m looking forward to doing my shift today. Looking forward to talking to all the lovely people that Are on my list to call.

I’m still at my parents house, will be staying here for the weekend. No plans for this coming weekend. Will probably go to my friend Norma’s house tomorrow, well I might, it depends on if she’s busy or not.

Anyway better go now, I’m being picked up in about five minutes. Catch you all later.

Question of the day

What is one thing you wish people knew about mental illness?

I wish people knew that we are normal people, just struggling to get by, we just happened to have a mental illness but we are Normal we are not psychopaths and we are not evil.

frum darina

we jus had a yummy diner of spaghetti bolognes
it was realy nice
it one my favorits
i love spaghetti
and i think the peple wat live in america
they call it meat sauce
or do they?
is bolognes the same thing as meat sauce?
anyway i lik it and i glad we got to hav that today
ther were som left over to so our mom save it for us
and we going to have it tomoro
but not until we get home from ar weigh in
now i hav to go
carol anne wants to read
byby for a while
darina ballerna
i six


allie im feeling sad

I just emailed eileen. I am feeling sad today. I miss her. Here is what I said in the email to her.

we have less than a week to go until your home. Yay. I cant wait until your home! I miss you so bad!
we’re trying to have fun and do fun things. its hard though and we’re sad a lot cuz your gone!

I really cant wait until the 20th. That is when we will see her again. I am so looking forward to it.


Sending emails to my therapist

i just emailed eileen to tell her of my good weight loss news. she’s had a number of emails from us today, from distressed kids, from a stressed out jade, and now from me, to tell her of our weight loss result. I hope she doesnt mind all the emails. It helps us feel close to her. She did say we could write, I am hoping now that she isnt feeling sorry that she said that to us. We kinda took her up on that offer lol.
carol anne


From Jade

So I emailed eileen! I told her I am dealing with some very distressed kids! They’ve been crying all day! They are missing her lots! I told them she’s thinking of them and she will be back very soon! I dont think it helped! I told them I’d email her so that she’d know they were missing her. So I hope she’ll check her email tonight. She said she’d be checking it daily but that she wont respond while she’s away which is fair enough. Its hard for the kids. She’s their safe person, or one of them, Dr. barry being their other safe person, and now she’s away too so its doubly hard for them. I think maybe I need to sit down with the kids and read them a book maybe one of the books we have about feelings and let them know its ok to feel how they feel. Maybe that will help them.