helo everybudy

Helo. It is darina here. How everbudy be?

I had fun at the beech yesterday

I didn’t get ta play in the sand tho

It was too cold

Well the sun did shine, but we didn’t hav towels so we culdnt get wet

But we did hav a picnic on the beech

Dat was fun

Yu lik picnics? Wats yur fave picnic food?

We had corned beef samwiches with hot sauce on them

And a bag of skips

And fruit and a drink

Mom brot a flask of tea

It was cool to drink tea I like tea

We saw a cave! That was cool!


We wen in ther


We weren’t even afraid!

I bet yu all wuld hav be proud of me!

I waned to collect shells

But nobody wuld help me do it

I did had a fun day tho it was jus so cool to go to the beech

I lik weekends wher we do things

I fink that’s so fun


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Festival fiasco

Today when we were at the street festival i decided to get some food.

We went to where they were selling food, there were a ton of stalls selling it.

I picked out a dish, a Thai noodle dish.

The guy asked me for a ticket, he said you had to have a ticket to buy food, and he told us where to pay for the ticket.

My sister took 10 euro and went to buy a ticket.

Meanwhile he prepared my food and handed it to me. As we were waiting to pay my sister rang and said the tickets for the food were 15 euro.

No way was i going to pay that amount. The food portion was the size of you know one of those Chinese rice containers that the rice comes in. It wasn’t worth it.

My mom told my sister not to buy it. And then she said she’d meet her up the street. So we started walking, food in hand up the street.

At this point i didnt know the price of the ticket yet, all she’d said on the phone was that she didnt have enough money to buy it.

So the long and short of it is we didnt pay for our food. The guy didnt seem to notice we’d walked away. Good thing too that we didnt pay, because i tasted it and it was disgusting.

The noodles were like leather. You just couldn’t eat it.

Not a chance i was paying 15 euro for that shit.

We dumped it so no one got the benefit of free food. But I’m sure the guy selling it was none too thrilled with me.

I’d never normally do that sort of thing. In fact i felt guilty afterwords for even doing it and i told my mom he’d probably think we were horrible people.

She said not to worry about it. That he’d probably made plenty of money all day selling food, he was selling for a fancy hotel.

So anyway. That’s my festival fiasco.

Disgusting, but free food.

Such a wonderful day

We had a terrific day today me, mom and my sister.

We went to two beaches, in west cork. They were just awesome. I love the sea and being by the ocean makes me feel so good.

We first stopped off and had lunch at Inchydoney beach, we sat at picnic tables and ate our food. Tons of birds came over and we fed them as well as feeding ourselves.

They were so friendly. You’d know they were used to people.

After our lunch we walked on the beach, the kids were collecting shells and rocks, they were trying to find rock pools. We found a little cave, i posted a few pics of it.

Then after our walk we decided to drive on to another beach, its a beach where I spent many a childhood holiday, i have very happy memories of being there when I was about 8 or 9 years old. So we wanted to see it again as it had been years since we’d been there and it had been refurbished.

We spent about an hour walking on the beach, enjoying the sea air and reminiscing about old days and old times.

My niece Lauren was dipping her feet in the waves but the lifeguard came up to us and told her not to do that because he said there were rip tides and it was dangerous.

I checked my ap on my phone to see how many steps i did in total today, it told me i did 8 thousand and 50 steps in total and walked 3.4 miles. I thought that was amazing.

Then after our little beach tour we drove on to the festival we were going to. We had fun there there were lots of street entertainers and food stalls. And music, etc. there was also a lot for the kids to do and everything was free of charge.

We spent about 2 hours there. We really enjoyed it. I’m shattered now. It took an hour each way to get there and back to my parents house.

I plan on relaxing for the rest of this evening.

Internal struggles

hi it is emily. im 12. im very scared. there is so much internal fighting going on. its hard for me. i know everything about our system. i dont like when the darks fight. it makes me so nervous. eileen says i need to let go and be 12. but how can i? i have to be responsible and make sure things are running smoothly. she said no i dont. that i need to let the adults do it, take care of things. she said its important for me to just be a kid. liz says she’ll take care of things. she said i have to trust her. so im trying hard to trust that she knows what she’s doing.

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taylor and lexi taste the coffee

hi everbudy me be at voluntering me alowed ote here nobudys wachin us so it saf to com ote i am siping carol annes cofee lexi did too we took a turn each to tast it it is strong i don think i lik it very much

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New book

We got a new book for eileen to read to us.
Its called wherever you are, my love will find you, by Nancy tillman. it looks very good. i cant wait for her to read it to me. im super excited. we have amazon prime, it is going to arrive tomorrow. so we can get her to read it to us next week. that will be so much fun. I just love it when she reads to us.

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