What day is it anyway? Monday April 6th

My day so far at 6 PM. Todays been pretty uneventful.
I had my therapy session this morning with Eileen, that was really good. And very productive. We processed a memory using EMDR.
I talked to my mom on the phone, ordered Nitro’s dog food, talked to friends on the phone, and texted with friends also. I was also on facebook and I also played some games on my I phone. I played trivia crack, and dice world.
I made dinner, and read for a while.
I was going to go to visit mom and dad and stay there for easter weekend, but I’ve changed my mind now and wont be going after all. I had a call today from the coordinator of the agency who employs my PA’S.
My hours are being cut down a little bit. From 7 to 5. I usually have a PA on Wednesday evenings, but now I’ll only have one on Tuesday and Friday mornings. That suits me as the one I had on Wednesdays didn’t do much and she was always leaving early. Its just while the pandemic is going on that the hours are decreased, once its over they’ll be back to normal again.
So how are you and how was your Monday?