My therapist is so validating

This week has been extremely hard for me.

I’ve been triggered most nights, and have been awake into the early hours.

I’ve been plagued with nightmares and had more than a few wobbles.

I’ve been writing poetry to try to let out some of my emotions.

Of course I had to send each poem to my therapist. I always send her what I write.

This afternoon around lunchtime, she texted me.

I’ll be seeing her tomorrow morning, so I did not expect a text from her.

She said she’d gotten all of my poems, and she’d read them all.

She said “I hear you”, and, I am really looking forward to our session tomorrow.

I felt as if she’d wrapped me up in a huge bear hug.

It was so nice to get a text from her validating my pain and trauma.

I instantly felt better after receiving her text.

I texted her right back, saying that today was a good day, and that I couldn’t wait to see her tomorrow.

She’s just…awesome!

A real gem, and she’s definitely a keeper!