Happy thanksgiving to my US readers!

Happy thanksgiving everyone who is in the USA!

I hope you all have a fun filled day today!

I’m thankful for all of your ongoing readership and support!

Thank you! Enjoy the day everyone!
And heres my thanksgiving quote…

Today’s Quote:
Dear Lord; we beg but one book more; peace in the hearts of all men living, peace in the whole world this Thanksgiving.
Joseph Auslander

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Question of the day

Whats your favourite holiday tradition?

Christmas is my fave holiday. My fave tradition is opening presents on christmas morning with my family. I usually spend christmas at mom and dads house. On christmas morning Mom and dad and me open gifts. Then later on my sister comes over with her partner and kids to exchange more gifts. She has dinner with her partners family, so its just mom, dad and me for dinner, this year my dads brother will join us. We have a few other traditions but this is the one I enjoy most.

You? How about yours?

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Question of the day

Do you go to church? If you do is your faith strong or do you struggle with it?

Well for me I didnt go to church regularly, and I havent gone in a very long time actually.

I go for things like confirmations, communions, funerals, etc. But other than that, I dont go at all.

I’m about to change that though. I asked mom tonight if she’d go with me each weekend, she said if she’s free she will. So I said I’d like to try that out for a while, I feel it is time. I’m ready to embrace god and church.

I think this will be interesting! It’ll be interesting to se how we do with it.

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Question of the day

What did you want to be when you grew up, like as a kid, what were you hoping to be?

Me I wanted to be a social worker! Or a psychologist!
I also wanted to be working with people with special needs or who had disabilities!
I also wanted to work with kids!


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