Do true crime shows trigger you?

I was just wondering something. I watch a lot of true crime shows. I was watching one last night before bed, I know, not a good idea to do that, but I was ok, it was a little triggery but I wasnt too triggered and I was able to sleep after watching it. It was britains darkest taboos, I was catching up on some episodes that I missed.
What I am wondering is, do you watch true crime shows, and, if you do, do they trigger you or make you think that it might happen to you? If you live alone does it bother you?
I do love those type of shows. I am not sure why. I am thinking because I experienced a lot of times in my life when I thought I might not survive, that it seems more real to me. And so thats why I watch them. they are true to life and that resonates more with me.
So what about you? How do you feel about true crime shows?


The daily four 9-25-2019

Rory has a great challenge going, called the daily four!

I thought I’d do it for a little bit of distraction!

How often do you read magazines as in daily, weekly and what magazines do you enjoy and why do you read them as opposed to simply reading articles online?

I dont read a lot of magazines! I used to read more of them, when I’d get them from the talking newspapers association in the UK, I had a subscription to that service for a while, but right now I dont. I was going to download an app to my phone that allows you to subscribe to online magazines but I havent looked into it yet!

What will you never answer about yourself if asked?
I’ll answer most things! But asking me about my sex life, thats a huge no no. I wont answer any questions about when I’ve had sex or with whom!

If you had to pin point with a certain amount of commitment your top five environmental concerns what would they be?

I dont have a top five, but climate change is very important to me! I think Also the stuff going on in the rainforrests is huge right now and something thats been on my mind, and all the forrest fires as well.

What are your views on robots at work and the impact they could have on the human workforce in our future?

Well I think that it wont be long and robots will be taking over our workplace and will make humans non existent! I dont think thats the answer though. There is a place for robots, but there is also a place for humans, and robots should never be used in place of a human, that human interaction is always needed!


New contributor to my blog, Laura from lavent69!

I have some great news! I have a new contributor to my blog. Her name is Laura, and she blogs over at

She is going to be a regular contributor here on therapy bits! Alongside moi, and my other contributor Bee Halton!

So lets all give her a warm welcome! We’re so glad to have her here on our blog!

She has written an intro which I will post below!

Again welcome to you Laura! Looking forward to many new blog posts from you!

Lauras intro…

Hello!! Im not really sure what an intro should exists of so Im just gonna be me. My name is Laura Venturini from I am a mom, a cancer survivor, an accident survivor and I could go on but damn thats enough! I started my blog over a year ago but stopped posting after the death of my Mom. Ive had a lot of major life changes the last several years and some of my posts on my blog reflect that. My blog is very eclectic. From music to movies. From folklore to serial killers. From things that should be common sense to the whimsical. I welcome you into my crazy little world.


Rory’s daily 4!

I am participating in Rorys daily four! I love answering random questions, so here goes!

Todays Questions to the Readers are.

What are you truly passionate about?
Animal welfare, writing, reading, childrens rights, raising awareness of mental illness
Have you ever experienced or suffered from writers block?
Yes. Not too often but occasionally I do. I hate when it happens.
Are you happy?
Mostly I am. I try to be happy but sometimes life gets me down, I am a happy person though, by nature.
Do you ever experience stress?

I do. A fair bit. I think most of us do though dont we? You cant get away from it. Its always around the corner. Its what we do with the stress that counts.