I reached another Milestone on the blog

Today I reached 2500 followers on the blog. I am so proud. I love my blog. I am very proud of it. I love all of you my readers. Your all amazing.
Thank you so much for following me. It means the world to me.
I couldnt do this without you. You are the reason I continue to blog. You keep me going on my darkest days. Thank you each and every one of you.
I couldnt be happier today. 😀

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Bloody spammers

so I just had a shit ton of spam comments to deal with. Very annoying!
I must have deleted about 20 comments. All saying just one word, what. FFS!
Who gets their kicks out of doing this? Or is it really just a robot or something and not an actual human doing it?
Its so irritating though!
Anyone else had this happen lately?
carol anne

Question of the day

Do you have a good relationship with your gp?
I dont see my gp too often. But when I do see him, I have a pretty good relationship with him.
He’s very thorough. He will always thoroughly examine me and he leaves no stones unturned when it comes to diagnosing your illness.
The one down side is its very very hard to get in to see him. If your sick and need an appointment you might be waiting a while to get one. I often have to see his partner In the practice because my gp is totally booked out.
I am glad though that I have a doctor who is good. It really does make all the difference.
How about you? Do you like your gp?