Disappointing result on the scales tonight

well I had a really bad result on the scales tonight. I was up 1.5 pounds. I sware, if I continue like this I’m going to scream, the same damn 2 pounds gaining and then losing it for the past 3 or 4 weeks. Ug. Sigh. Its annoying and thats putting it mildly. Anyway. My consultant gave me some tips. Basically she said I’ve reached a plateau, and I basically cant go any further unless I do something to drastically change things, basically in a nutshell I have to now work twice as hard in order to lose the weight. As if I wasnt already working hard enough! She told me that maybe I should try eating more speed, that means a ton more vegetables. So I am going to start having stir frys. I am going to eat stir fry at least 3 or 4 times a week from here on out. I am also going to completely cut out bread. I am going to stop buying breaded chicken and breaded fish and other high fat foods. I wasnt eating a lot of them but I was still eating some. I will have slimming world meals on days where I feel tired or dont want to cook because at least I know the slimming world meals are free from fat. She basically told me to bulk up my plate as well with extra vegetables, so that I get extra speed in, and eat more fruit as that is speed food too. So with that in mind I am hoping I can start losing again. I wont be going next week but the week after I am hoping for at least a 5 pound weight loss. I know if I work super hard I can lose 5 pounds in 2 weeks. I’ll also be exercising so that will also help. I was very disappointed tonight but what can you do, it happens, I cant lose all the time I guess even if I want to.

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Its weigh in night tonight

So its that time of the week again, weigh in time.
Another week, another try at being down a few pounds, even a pound will do me or half a pound. Any little bit helps. I’d be happy at this point to go in and come out with just some sort of weight loss.
I’ve had a pretty good week all things considered. So I am very hopeful.
We’ll see though. Only time will tell. Wish me luck as I step on the scales tonight!

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Good workout!

I had a great workout today! I really got in my exercise for the day! Mom and me walked down to the gym. My sister had offered us a ride, but we chose to walk. It only took us 10 minutes to walk there. It is all downhill. So we got there and I scanned my membership card and then we went into the gym. I went on the treadmill, I did 20 mins on it. I walked 1 kilometre. Then I went on the bike for 10 mins, I also did 1 kilometre on the bike. I felt so good afterwords! I was buzzed! I really enjoyed it!

After finishing up in the gym we went to the store to get my fruit for the week. I got lots of fruit. I got oranges, pears, bananas, kiwi’s, pineapple, strawberries and grapes. So I wont be short on fruit for the week lol!

Then we got the bus home after that. I was tired from all the exercise. I am not going to the gym now again until wednesday. But tomorrow morning I am going to go to the local park near moms to walk.

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The gym and volunteering

so i did go to the gym today. it went really well there. the instructor was lovely. he showed my PA how to set up the weights machines. I did the exercises too he showed me how to use the machines and we tried out a few different weights. There are 5 machines, one for your shoulders, chest, two for your legs one for the backs and one for the fronts, and one for your arms. The one for my arms, I will be lifting 18 KG which is about 36 pounds of weight, maybe a little more. Once I do that for a while I can increase the weight, when I become fitter. It was hard but I think I can manage it. The way I’ll be doing it is to do 12 reps, 3 times. So do 12, take a break for a minute, do another 12, have another minute’s break and then do the last 12, and repeat for each of the five machines. My programme also includes cardio, 20 minutes on the treadmill and 15 on the bike. He said to try to aim to do the programme 3 times a week. I hope I can manage that. I’ll give it my best shot. I enjoyed my time there today. I was sweating when I was done. I drank a gallon of water when I finished lol. I’m going to go again tomorrow with my mom. I think I wont do the weights tomorrow though as mom doesnt know how to set them up. I can just do the cardio part of my programme instead.

I know I said I wasnt going to go volunteering today, but I gave in and I went. I am glad I did. They were down staff and were stuck so needed me so I am glad I decided to bite the bullet and go in. I got a taxi here on their account and my colleague trish is going to drop me home at around 4:45 today. Its quiet in the office today. Not too busy because there is hardly any staff in. There is only 2 of us making calls. I hope we can get them all done before the days end.

Moms making chicken curry and rice for dinner. I am looking forward to that. I love her curry. And I havent had it in a while so it will be nice to have that. I’ll be starving by the time I get to moms house. I did have a sandwich when I was out this morning. I had chicken, cheese and mayo on brown bread. It was nice. Very filling.

Well I’d better get back to my calls. Catch ya’ll later.
carol anne

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Gym assessment this morning

This morning, I have an assessment at the gym. The instructor is going to give me a programme to follow. I need to be shown how to do weights and use the weights machines, so he’ll show me how to do that.
Then I can get going and really get into exercising!
Mom already said she’d take me to the gym on saturday. Yay!
Thanks, mom!
I’m excited to start. Of course I am even going to get some exercise in before I go to the gym at all, as I am walking there with my PA!
So yeah! Fit is good though, right?

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Results of weigh in!

So had my weekly weigh in last night, was down a half a pound!

Yay its going in the right direction!
So slow though! Cant wait to start exercising to see if that speeds it up a little!

I hope it will!

Still though I am happy with my result. I am happy to be losing again after the blip of the last few weeks.

Am now down 2 stone 3 pounds! Or 31 pounds for my US readers!

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Weekly weigh in time

Its time to go get weighed. I am nervous. I dont think I’ve done enough and I dont think I am going to lose anything. If I do I’ll be pleasantly surprised. I really dont know though I am not getting my hopes up. I was mostly good this week but there was a few times I slipped up. I sneakily weighed myself at home, but not sure my scales is right, sometimes it says I’ve lost, at other times it says I have gained. So I really dont know what to believe.

Guess I’ll find out soon enough. Fingers crossed guys!

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