Exercising and exercise goals

So I’ve started to be serious about exercising. I have a treadmill, and I need to start using it regularly.

So today I decided, I will make a start. I got on the treadmill twice. I did 10 minutes at a time. I also have an apple watch, and I am able to track my time and distance and speed on it.

I am happy with the result. I feel brilliant and I am impressed with the speed I was able to go at.

If I can keep this trend up, maybe I can really tone up my body. Plus I’ll become super fit. I wont do 7 days a week on it, but I intend to do at least 5 days a week on the treadmill. I will take a break at the weekends as I am not home usually on weekends.

They say it takes 21 days for a habit to form. I hope I can make this a permanent thing and form a new habit of using it regularly.

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Trying out slimming world meals

So yesterday I went to iceland, which is a local store here, they have the slimming world range of meals, and I bought a few of them to try out.
I got beef madras, beef lasagna, an indinisian rice dish, and mac and greens.
I tried the indinisian dish today.
It was lovely. Its rice with chicken pieces, and vegetables, in a fragrant sauce.
It takes 12 minutes to microwave the slimming world meals. You put the meal on for 6 minutes, and then you stir it, and return it to the microwave for another 6 minutes.
I do have to say I did like the meal I tried today. I wouldnt eat these all of the time, but they are handy in an emergency or if you didnt want to cook something on a particular day.
I’d definitely buy them again!

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I am not brave enough to go

I decided I wont go to slimming world this week. I just know I am going to be up, and I don’t want to deal with that. I’d rather not go. I’d rather wait until next week, work on losing the little I have gained, and then go in with a loss next week.

I think that’s wise. I am just not brave enough to deal with gaining the weight. I cant take that disappointment. I don’t want to step on the scales and for them to tell me you’ve gained. I know I’ve been eating badly, I don’t need to have someone else tell me that.

So I’ll give it a skip this week. I texted my PA to tell her, and I texted my slimming world consultant to book the night off.

It means tomorrow I don’t have anything on. I can just relax. Which is what I need as I am totally wiped out.

invited to a birthday party

So mom and me got invited to a birthday party on Saturday. Its a childs party, but there will be a few adults there also. Its my sisters partners sisters little boy, he turns six. I am kinda thinking I might not go. There will be lots of fattening foods there, and I dont want to jepordise my weight loss. So I probably wont go. Its annoying that I cant go, I mean I could, if I wanted to but I probably shouldnt. Plus they live very far outside the city, and so we’d be stuck to get home. Mom said that my sisters partners mom would give us a ride home. But well I am not sure, I’ll have to think some more on it. Upon thinking of it now, I kinda do want to go, so maybe I will go and just be really good and bring fruit with me and not eat a whole lot of the foods that are there. Yes. I think I’ll do that. What do you think, do you think I should go? It would be a shame to miss out on a family event just because I am afraid of gaining weight.

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Great result at tonights weigh in!

So I am on air! I had a fantastic result at weigh in tonight!

I was down 1.5 pounds! I am thrilled! I really wasnt sure I would be down! So it was a lovely surprise when I was!

I did have a good week though. I ate tons of fruit this past week. I have also been drinking tons of water. It was just so nice to step on that scales and have a good result. Especially after last weeks gain. I gained 1.5 pounds last week, and I lost that tonight.

I am now down a total of 2 stone 5.5 pounds since I started! For my US readers its 33.5 pounds! I am just thrilled to bits with my progress. If I can get a 1.5 pound weight loss next week I’ll be back to my original weight loss of 2 and a half stone. Thats what I had lost at christmas time. I hope I can do it!

I’m going to read my book tonight I think. My slimming world book. See if I can pick up any more tips from it! There might be something in there that I’ve missed!

I hope I’ll have another great week! Either way I am on air right now!

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Weigh in time!

Its time for my weekly weigh in! I am nervous! I hope I’ve done enough and I hope I’ve lost something! Any amout will do! I just want to start losing again! I’ve been trying so hard! So we shall see! Wish me luck guys!

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Weigh in!

Its time to go get weighed in! I am thinking I am not going to be down this week. Its just a feeling. I didnt do anything really bad, but I dunno its just a hunch I have.

We shall see though. I’m not going to worry too much about it. Whatever happens will happen.

I’ll hope for the best. Fingers and toes crossed.

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