Sleepless night!

didnt sleep good at all last night. i even went to bed at a reasonable hour. i went to bed around 11:30. i didnt read, i decided to try to go right to sleep. no such luck though. i tossed, i turned, i lay there wide awake for ages. eventually i did fall asleep for a couple hours but I woke again at 5 AM. got up, since I couldnt get back to sleep. mom got up at six. she had a bad night, her COPD was acting up. she had to get up and take her inhalers. she’s a little better now. we sat together in the kitchen and had a cup of tea together. she has to go grocery shopping this morning. my sister will take her. i heard yesterday that my partner jess has the chicken pox. her long time friend told me. apparently jess’s adoptive mom told her. so today i need to go get her a get well card. she’s in isolation. as you know she’s in residential, in a residential psych facility. anyway she’s in isolation for the next 10 days. i bet thats no fun at all. no visitors and no one to talk to for 10 days, only the staff in the facility. i was telling my mom this morning that i need to see about getting a before and after picture for next week for the awards ceremony. they want before and after pics. i have a before one or i should have, in my phone. one that was taken when i was 2 stone heavier. i will take an after pic this week I’ll have mom take one for me. hopefully i can get a good one. other than all that not much planned for today. just having a quiet day at my parents. nothing much will be happening today. i can just relax and take it easy.
carol anne


Results of my weigh in!

I did it! I am so excited! I did it I lost more weight, yay!

Was down 1.5 pounds tonight. A great result!

Am now down a total of 2 stone 3 pounds, that is 31 pounds for my US readers!
To say I am thrilled is an understatement!
I got slimmer of the week again too this week so that means I got a lovely big basket of food! All syn free or low syn!

And, guess what else? You wont believe this as I cant! But…

I was nominated for woman of the year! Its an award that is given out each year in the slimming world groups! Four of us were nominated for it!
Hope I can win! It would be so awesome if I did! I’m gonna ask my sis to do my hair and make up next week so that I will look nice for the ceremony!

So yes I’d say its been a pretty good week!
carol anne


Weigh in time

I am just leaving in about 10 minutes to go and get weighed in.

Hoping for a good result tonight. So fingers crossed, wish me luck!

Send me good vibes, prayers, good thoughts…whatever you can…
Thanks guys,


A quiet afternoon

not much is going on here today. i have had a lazy day at my parents house. was going to go to the basement club this morning, but decided not to, good thing too as they sent a text this morning to say they were closing at 11 AM today and not reopening until friday morning. something about their being staff shortages. the reason i said it was a good thing i didnt go in is because if i’d have gone in i’d have had to get a taxi, and well thats money, and then more money to go home again after only an hour in there, so i am glad i didnt go in.
i will make an effort to go in next week, i havent met the new team of staff yet, and i want to try to do that soon. ifi dont i’ll only keep putting it off and its important that i meet them and make myself known to them.
i’m going to slimming world tonight for my weekly weigh in. hopeful i’ve lost some weight. fingers crossed that i have.
other than that am not up to much. my sister came over a little while ago and spent an hour here, she’s working today so she could only spend an hour, mom was preparing dinner for herself and my dad, i’ll have mine tonight after my weigh in.


Weight loss update

so I am wondering how I did this week with my weight loss!
I sneakily stepped on the scale this morning! It gave me a nice result, but well, I know I cant really trust my own scales! So I am not going to hope that what my scales said is true!
I will just wait until tomorrow when I have my weigh in and see how I go then!
I was good though this week so…well, hoping that will pay off!
I am making a spaghetti bolognes today, well I am not doing it, my mom is, and I will eat that today, and maybe even tomorrow too.
The only thing I’ve eaten this week that was any way bad is I had two bags of cheese and onion crisps, on saturday. Other than that I havent had anything unhealthy! I have eaten tons of fruit which is also speed so thats good right? I think so!
I am so hopeful of a good result tomorrow night. I’ll be devastated if it turns out bad!
I’d really love to lose more than a pound!
That is my dream result, to lose maybe 2 or 3 pounds!


A weight loss win!

I did it again this week. Managed to lose some more weight.

I weighed in and was down another pound. So am now down 2 stone 1 and a half pounds in total. I’m so thrilled!

I got slimmer of the week this week which was a huge bonus. I won a basket of food! The food is either low syn or speed or free food! I got a lot of nice stuff.

I’m very happy with how the night went. I said I’d be happy with a pound, and I am.
carol anne