Snowy memories

Karens #whatif prompt from a few days ago, was:

Today’s prompt:

snowy memories

Feel free to respond in your favorite way whether it be a poem, short story, photo, video . . however you best relate to the prompt. Simply post your ideas, create a ping-back and use the hashtag #whatif.

I am going to participate in this one!
We don’t get a lot of snow in Ireland. We had some this year though. In march, we had snow for five days!

It was great! Except, I live on a hill, so I was stuck indoors for the whole five days!

Never fear though! Me and Nitro had our own fun!

My memories of the snow storm were of going outside, and it being so silent, dead silent, it felt so eary, not a sound, in my back yard!

Well of course that was when the kids weren’t outside making snowmen and snow angels!

My other memory is of Nitro licking the snow and trying to eat it! He’s such a funny puppy! He had never seen snow as it was a few years since we’d had any substantial snowfall!

I made a few snowballs and threw them at him! He didn’t think that was cool, though.

I tried to make a video of us outside, too! That came out well too!

The other thing I remember about the snow we had was, we couldn’t get bread in our stores, they literally ran out of bread! Everyone bought it up! Hahaha 😀

I do love snow though! I love walking in it, and the crunch of it under my feet, such a nice sound!