I Didnt have a therapy session

I woke up feeling awful, so I rang Eileen, and I canceled our therapy session for this morning. Its not something I wanted to do, but I wasnt in the right mindset or headspace to concentrate on a session.
She completely understood, and she actually told me to go back to bed and rest. I was telling her about the med side effects I’d been having since the increase last friday. She’s a nurse, or she used to be a nurse, so she knows a lot about meds and side effects. She said its a little weird that the increase in the prozac is causing me so many issues, when I’d been on 40 MG for ages, and I’d been doing well on that dose.
I didnt go back to bed. As I told Eileen, I dont want to sleep the whole morning away and waste my day. So I made a coffee and am sitting here drinking it and reading blog posts.
When my fitbit charges up which should only take an hour, I’m going to go on the treadmill. I need to start getting more active. I’m going to spend an hour on it I think.
That will be good for my mental health, and my plan is to spend an hour on it every day this week if I can.