Sunday gratitude

I am having a very good afternoon and evening here! Am so thankful for today!

Thankful for so much! In no particular order…

My mom
My dog
Nice food to eat
A hot shower
Clean clothes
The internet
That I am able to go for a walk
Money to buy food for the week
The TV!
Being able to email my therapist
Taking a nap
Texting with a friend
Rest and relaxation

Question of the day

What is your favourite song to listen to?

As for me I have many. Some of mine are:
gravity by sarah bareilles
get it right from glee
supermarket flowers by ed sheeran
angel by sarah mcclochlan

How about you, what are yours?
carol anne


Sucks doesnt even begin to cover it

still not asleep. feeling edgy. irritable. a little overwhelmed, think the overwhelm and irritability is liz’s though, not my own feelings.
Have the radio on for company. Turned off the tv cause there wasnt anything good on it. Tried to read but couldnt concentrate.
This really sucks. Sucks doesnt even begin to cover it.
carol anne


Changes at the basement club

there have been a lot of staff changes lately at the basement club. i havent gone in since the new staff started there. i keep saying i will but then i dont. i am not sure what it is. i am anxious and nervous about meeting the new staff.

i’ll go in tomorrow though i think. after therapy. i have to force myself to do it. i’m just so anxious and nervous about new staff and having to get to know them from scratch. but i dont want to lose the support of the basement club, so i’m going to face my fears head on.

i need the support of the basement club. it has always been such a great support to me. so we shall see how it goes. i’m sure i’ll report back tomorrow after I go in.


Little bit emotional

I feel a little bit emotional tonight. Not sure what is up. I just feel sad. Maybe its after effects from willows processing in yesterdays therapy session. Who knows. All I know is I am feeling bad. And I am not sure why and I am not sure how to fix it. Maybe I need to do something to distract. Watching tv might help. I will go make a coffee and go sit with mom and dad for a while. I don’t like this feeling.

Not sleeping

ug not sleeping tonight, anyone up?
cant settle. feeling anxious, just very very anxious.
just unable to settle down to read or listen to music or do anything, we’re online, doing email and skimming blogs too.
Could use a little support if anyones up.
carol anne


Therapy anxiety

so i feel a little bit anxious. am anxious about tomorrows therapy session.
i always get like this before a session, especially one after a therapy break. I wonder and wonder how it will go.
A lot of insiders have really struggled during this break, including me.
I guess we should start with how hard we found it to manage over the break. Part of me is dying to talk, part of me like meh I dont want to.
Logically I know its really the right thing to do. After all what is therapy for if it isnt to talk through the hard stuff?
I do know though that I need a hug. A big bear hug! I am gonna ask eileen for one the minute I see her!
carol anne