My fave animal!

Eve is hosting #wyf again today so I thought I’d join in!

My favourite animal, well I have more than one. One is a dog. Any dog. I just love dogs. I have always had dogs growing up. That’s probably why I love them so much, being rared with them. Now I have nitro, and he is my best friend, my eyes, my big monster doodle, he’s not a labradoodle but I still call him a doodle because he’s so big for a lab! He means everything to me though. He is loving, gentle, loyal, smart, incredibly sensitive. He’s just a bit baby.
Next I love dolphins. We have a dolphin here in Ireland, in dingle in county Kerry, fungi, I’ve never been to see her but its a dream of mine to swim with her one day. I just think dolphins are so incredibly intelligent.
I love tigers. Bengal tigers are my favourite. I think they are so majestic. One of our littles, allie, has a stuffed tiger she loves.
I love butterflies, as does one of our littles Emily. She always signs her posts with butterfly hugs. Its one of her little quirks. We like butterflies because they are free and represent freedom to us.
Well I think that’s about all the animals we love. or most of them anyway 🙂

3 days 3 quotes challenge, day 2

I am participating in the 3 days 3 quotes challenge…thanks to Ashley over at

for encouraging people to do this.


Today my quote is from a song…and here it is…


I could have missed the pain, but I’d have had to miss the dance…

garth brooks, the dance


What a beautiful song this is…one of my all time favourites.


I encourage anyone who wants to take part in this challenge to give it a go…for 3 consequtive days, post 3 quotes on your blog.

Go on guys, give it a go…



Let it bleed March 18th

I watch in awe
a sunset
slowly taking in the beauty
not wanting it to end
wishing it would last
of whats in store for me
when darkness falls
a nightmare
my own personal hell
oh sunset
please last

Friendly fill ins

I decided to participate in the friendly fill in blog challenge this week so here goes.

1. When I am nervous, I…. shake uncontrollably, twirl my hair, get hot and flushed, and breathe rapidly.
2. When I am angry, I sometimes yell, or rage, or slam doors. Snap at people, am bitchy, take my moods out on others around me.
3. Today, I know for sure… that we wont be going to any parade, because moms not feeling well and neither am I.
4. For St. Patrick’s Day, I… Am feeling happy. Am listening to irish tv shows and playing irish music. Will drink a green mint shamrock shake, and enjoy watching the parade on tv.

Whats your favourite, courtesy of revenge of eve

Thanks Eve from ROE for hosting this fun challenge!

so many songs I love..but a few of my favourites are
lessons learned, carrie underwood
concrete angel, martina McBride
cleanin out my closet, Eminem

I’m to lazy to find lyrics but suffice to say I love them all!


#A to Z challenge-c = Co consciousness

Coconsciousness basically means that insiders are aware of each other.  We are aware when one of us is out, what that person is doing.  So say, for instance, if I Carol anne was out, Liz would be aware of what I was doing, if she was coconscious with me.

Coconsciousness takes a long time to build up.  And it cant be built up unless internal communication is worked on in therapy.

It is good to have coconsciousness because it makes for a more cohesive system, there aren’t as many safety issues, or issues of dissociation lost time etc.


#A to Z challenge:B =breath and breathing

breathing is very important when you are trying to ground yourself after a nightmare, or flashback.
For those of us with did, we have to learn how to breathe again..  Much of the time while we were growing up being abused, breathing was a scary thing.
For us, Our therapist eileen is helping us to learn how to breathe.  She does breathing exercises with us.  We do body awareness work while we are breathing, and are  mindful of our breath. It helps a lot to do this.
After a particularly hard nightmare, or flashback, sometimes we cant breathe at all.  In those instances we have a straw and we blow gently through the straw to start with.  It helps to do this too, it enables us to breath slowly again.
As breathing is a core symptom of anxiety, most people with dissociative identity disorder will struggle sometimes with their breathing.  Not all of us are the same though, and what is hard for one person might not be for someone else.
If you have any questions about did and breathing let me know in the comments down below.