Eileens home safe and we’ll be seeing her tomorrow!

so I texted eileen this morning, to ask her if she got home safely. She texted back right away to say that she did, and that she’d see us tomorrow, what a relief that she’s safely home!
Am so looking forward to seeing her tomorrow!
Alls well again now that therapy is resuming!
carol anne

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Weight loss accomplishment and new clothes

so yesterday when I was going to get my new phone, i decided that I’d bring a coat with me. I decided to try on my jeans jacket, I hadnt worn it in months, before, when I wore it I couldnt tie it because I was too fat and it wouldnt tie on me.
Yesterday though, I was able to comfortably tie it, it fit perfectly and I even had a little breathing room in it. I was so excited! I couldnt believe it! Thats how I can really tell I’ve lost weight now! Clothes that used to not fit, now fit! Yay!
After shopping for my phone, I went to try on some new clothes. I wanted to get something to wear for wednesday nights awards ceremony. I went first to evan’s store, its a plus size clothing store but they do regular sizes too. I couldnt find what I wanted in there, even though I tried on a few tops. None of them fit the way I liked.
So off we went to new look, another clothing store. I tried on a few more tops while in there and a jeans too. A white jeans. The jeans fit but it was still a little tight, so I decided to wait a few more months before I’ll start wearing jeans again. Instead I’ll wear leggings on wednesday night, a white leggings, I did get a nice dress top, one that comes off the shoulder.
So I am very happy. I tried some shoes too but none of the pairs I tried fit me comfortably so I will just wear a pair that I own already. I have really broad feet so I find it hard to buy shoes at the best of times and normally I have to buy really expensive shoes to get a pair that fit me right.
It was a good shopping trip though. I’m happy with the top I bought. I will look lovely for the award ceremony on wednesday night, and thats what matters most.

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Getting my new phone

so i got my new phone yesterday. i got the I phone 7. The 32 gig model. I love it. I had to pay 99 euro for the upgrade. Now I am entered into a 24 month contract with the phone company but thats ok with me, I didnt really mind that. The guy who did the upgrade was really nice. He was really friendly and he tried to get me as many discounts as he could. I asked him if he could put my sim card into the phone for me as that is hard to do. I also asked him if he could turn on voice over for me. At first he said I’d have to take out insurance on the phone which also included tech support. That would have cost me 15.99 a month. He thought I didnt know anything about I phones or how to use them. When I told him that actually I know how to use the phone, and I didnt really want insurance, he agreed to switch it on for me and put in my sim card. I was delighted that he agreed to do it for me. He could have just said no or get the insurance. It took about an hour to get the upgrade completed. There was so much paper work to do. I also had to set up direct debit to pay my bill each month. I really didnt want to set up a direct debit but I had no choice as it was required. After the upgrade was complete I took mom for a coffee to thank her for waiting around for me. She said she didnt mind, there had been music playing on the street, people busking and she was enjoying that. So she said the time passed quickly. So now I have the new phone, I had backed everything up to the cloud so it was just a matter of downloading all my apps, photos etc back onto the phone again. That took me about an hour to do yesterday when I got home. I’m happy with the phone though. I really like it.

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ahem, ahem!

I wanted to participate in word of the day! todays word? grudging!


so I will say this. grudgingly, carol anne let me do this post! she’s a meanie! ahahaha ok not really, im just kidding!


really though im full of energy and have nothing to do with it!


I feel kinda manic actually. and we aren’t even bipolar! although some people say I am a little bit wild and act manic a lot of times!


do I care? naw, not really!


im looking forward to going shopping today! I want to check out all the cool clothes! see what we can buy to wear on Wednesday! i’d love a dress but I doubt carol anne will let me buy one.


she thinks we aren’t skinny enough for a dress yet. I think we are! I think we’d be able to pull off wearing one, if we got the right kind!


what do you guys think? are you in agreement with me?


of course you are!


anyway. Cant wait to hit those shops! it is gonna be fun!

Amy, age 15


Well crap I am still not asleep

i just cant sleep. i tried and tried. nothing. i lay there for a whole hour just trying. still nothing. so here i am up again. its just gone 5 AM. i doubt i will sleep now.
so what to do now that i am up? i dunno.
i guess i can go through my email. and read blogs. im super behind on blogs. so maybe it would be good to get caught up. do any of you follow so many blogs that you fall behind? i dont know how many blogs i follow but i know its a lot. and i always seem to be behind on the reading of them.
im a little bit hungry. i ate some fruit earlier. i have water here, maybe if i drink some i will feel better. it might make me feel full up if i drank some water.
ok, off to read email and blogs! Catch yall later!

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