Well Guys, it’s that time again, time to be weighed in

Another week gone by, time goes so fast. It’s time for me to go and get weighed in. Hoping hoping hoping to be down this week. We shall see. I guess only time will tell whether I’ve done enough this week or not. I hope I have. I’m really hopeful that I’ve done all the right things this week. So please guys wish me the best of luck. Here’s hoping for a good result tonight. I’ll be so happy if I’m down even 1 pound I’ll take a pound. But if I’m down more I’ll be happy to. Hope for the best anyway.

Catching up with my friend rose

I just had a long 2 hour marathon chat with my friend rose just now. She called me to check up on me. She had texted earlier to ask if I was ok. She said she felt I wasnt and so she was just checking on me to make sure. That was so nice of her. She knows me well so she knows when I am not doing ok. She said she felt I wasnt telling her the truth about how I was really doing. I guess I wasnt. I’m always so afraid of bothering people with my stuff. I dont want to put myself upon anyone so I say nothing. I would rather protect others from what I am going through. Even though Rose and me have been friends for going on six years now. If you remember a while back she tried to OD and I called the ambulance for her.
We had a good chat. It was so nice to catch up. I am glad she called me. It made me feel good. I feel cared about and understood. There is no judging from her, she just gets it, probably because she also is going through similar struggles to me.
I value my friends very much. I am so grateful for all of them and the support they offer to me.

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Having a rant!

So I pay rent each week. I pay my local city council. They take it directly out of my bank account, a standing order, I only pay minimum rent, as I live in what is known as social housing, which means basically that I am considered to have a low income, which I do, so I pay a basic rate of rent.

So each week the rent is taken on Friday morning, my money goes in to the bank at midnight on Thursday going into Friday morning.

My gripe is not having to pay rent, I know we all have to pay for our accommodation and pay where for we’re living. My gripe is with the damn rent office. I got a letter yesterday in the mail stating my last 3 months rent, its like a sorta statement where it says what I’ve payed, how much etc, they send them out to you every 3 months.

I read it and decided I’d ring them to ask if my rent was increased. They have a habit of increasing it at the start of the year, but they didn’t tell me the last time they did it, and then I owed 150 euro before I knew there had been any increase, and I ended up having to pay extra on my rent for months to pay it back.

So the gripe with them is this. They don’t answer their bloody phones in the office! I rang the number on the letter, no answer, it went to voice mail, but the damn mailbox was full so I couldn’t even leave a damn message!

I rang the local city council offices, they put me through to another number, and nothing! No answer! They don’t answer their phones no matter how often you ring! So I’m like, what the hell are they doing in th e office? They cant be just sitting around in there surely?

It annoys me! So now I still am none the wiser! Its so irritating.

Funny quote from Ellen

My grandmother started walking five miles a day when she was sixty. She’s ninety-seven now, and we don’t know where the hell she is.



I needed this. Becky told me to look up funny statuses so that is what I did. This one made me laugh so much


word of the day 8th april, level, am I level headed?

I feel very on edge at the moment. I dont feel level headed at all today! I am in a bit of a func! I feel awful actually. My mood hasnt been level in weeks. It fluctuates a lot.
Im trying to stay focused. I got in the shower and felt the water run on me. It felt so healing. I am feeling very emotional at the moment.
I wish I’d had an apt with dr. barry. I know she had some emergency and it couldnt be helped, but I really wish I’d gotten to see her today. I needed to see her. At least I remembered to take my morning meds, thats good, as I forgot them last night.
Probably one reason why I am off today!


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