Call from the weekend team!

I had a very interesting call this morning from a nurse from the weekend team.
His name was mike, and he was a nurse back in 2005 when I was first hospitalised. I wasnt being treated by dr. barry back then, and I didnt have my formal did diagnosis either.
He was lovely. Very comfortable talking about switching, dissociative episodes etc.
I told him it was unusual for people to be so comfortable talking about my diagnosis.
He said that he’d been traveling for the last few years, in new zealand and canada, and that he’d come across it a lot when he was in those countries.
We chatted for a while about my meds, about anxiety, sleep, etc.
He knew eileen from her days of working as a nurse, she’d actually worked with him.
When he heard I was seeing eileen for the last 7 years he said wow, thats real commitment!
I barely remember him from back in 2005, but others here say they do, the kids say he used to talk to some of them and ask them about full house as they’d bring their dvd’s into the hospital and watch it for comfort.
He’s gonna call me again tomorrow, and I might go up there to visit with him, I’ll see, I might just talk to him over the phone, we’ll have to wait to see what tomorrow brings.