Night terrors!

A weight
Lies heavy
On my chest
As I lie here
Wide awake
So scared
Bad dreams
Leave me feeling
So much fear
The intensity
Threatens to overtake me
I rise from my bed
Walk to the kitchen
and make a coffee
And decide to stay up
As I am wide awake now anyway
Hopeful the fear
Will leave me soon
I pat nitro
My sweet boy
Who knows I need him
So much right now
Sip on the coffee
And breathe deeply
Its a new day


My nitro doodlebug is doing so well

nitro is doing so so well. he has bounced right back after his surgery. he is being so good, he is not scratching at his ear at all whatsoever. I am so proud of my boy.
He didnt even have to wear the cone of shame!
He probably said to himself, I’ll do anything not to wear this thing, so I wont scratch at my ear.
He has been his cute self, begging at the table for food, he’s ready to retire now i think, I know it, cuz he’s been begging a lot for food lately, and he never used to do that.
He is 9 and a half now so, yeah, I am ok with him begging, he’s not really working now anyway, so he’s mostly retired, its just not official yet.
I’m so glad he has bounced back ok from this surgery, its such a worry when they have to have any proceedure at that age.
He’s so cute with his ear all shaved, I wish I had a picture to show you.
And that tail, he neever stops waggling it, thump, thump, I know he’s not ok the day he stops thumping his tail.
Am just so so glad he’s doing so good. What a huge relief it is to me to know he’s ok.

Picking Nitro up soon

Well its finally time to pick nitro up from the vets. I’m waiting for my sis. She’s on her way over to mom and dads to get me so we can go get Nitro. I cant wait. I’ve spoken to the vets office a few times today, to get updates.
I’m so glad its all over. Now Nitro can recover and we’ll watch him closely to ensure he does.
I bet he’s going to be starving when he comes home.
He’ll probably sleep a lot tonight.

Nice easter sunday

Its Em here. Emily, but you all can call me em.
We had a nice easter sunday. It was a quiet day, but we had a fun day.
We got lots of easter eggs, and we had those, but we didnt eat them all.
wee all shared the chocolate. We are good sharers.
We face timed with Sarah, that was nice, well carol anne did, but all of us kids listened in too.
We also called our friend Norma. And we talked a few times to our mom on the phone today also.
Carol anne let us get a pizza for dinner, she said its the last time we’re gonna have take out food now for a while, but we were sad this morning cuz we were alone on easter, so she let us get a pizza and it was so yummy.
We also texted Eileen to wish her a happy easter. She texted us back and she said she hoped we had a relaxing and fun day and she put imogies in the message, you know the chicken hatching from the shell, and a flower bouquet also. We sent her back a duck imogy and a rabbit face for easter hahaha.
We read our book for a while this afternoon too, and we fell asleep while reading it.
So it was a nice day. Did you all have a nice easter?
butterfly hugs,
Loves you,
em age 12

Easter eggs

So while I was at the store this morning I saw tons of Easter eggs. Even though Easter is not until April 12. I ended up buying the kids and Easter egg for Easter. I bought them Reese’s peanut butter cup Easter egg. It was a big egg, I decided to treat them. Thought they deserved a treat as we haven’t had much chocolate in a long time. I bet they’ll be thrilled. They love Reese’s peanut butter cups. I know they’re going to love it.

I also bought my niece and nephew and Easter egg each, I got them Cadburys creme egg Easter eggs. I also bought a Cadburys creme egg Easter egg from my dad. He’s like a big child. He loves chocolate.

I came home and he ate all of the Easter eggs until Easter. I was able to block the kids from knowing I bought them the Easter egg. They’re going to love it and be delighted that I thought to treat them.