Too good to be true

So it was too good to be true. My sleep isn’t good again. It was too good to last. The fact I got good sleep for just one night. Tonight was bad again. At least I stuck to my plan and I went to bed early. I was in bed by 10 PM.

I did sleep for about 3 hours. I suppose its better than nothing. I woke up just after 2 AM.

I’m staying up now. No point is going back to bed again. I feel surprisingly alert for only having gotten 3 hours of sleep.

I am going to make a coffee. I have a busy day ahead. My PA frances comes at 9, we’ll do housework, then I’ll go to my parents when she leaves at 11:30. I also am working this afternoon on friendly call.

I’ll be at my parents house until Sunday afternoon.

I hope everyone enjoys their Friday and the weekend!

I’m having less anxiety which is great!

I’ve been feeling a lot less anxious since I started clonadine. It has been very helpful. I’m so glad it seems to be working for me. I still have some anxiety, but its not nearly as bad as it has been.

It feels so good to just be able to say that. Perhaps we really have found a good solution, and a med that actually combats it. I really hope it continues to work for me, otherwise I might have to restart the lyrica. I dont want to have to take it because it causes weight gain. So if the clonadine works well, then that is a much better option for me.

For now its working well, and I’m very glad it is!


Weighing in tonight

Tonight is my weigh in night. I am super nervous about it.

I hope I am down. I am keeping everything crossed. I should be, but sometimes you just never know.

I did have a pretty good week though. I havent had too much bad foods, and I’ve been exercising. So fingers crossed for a good result.

I’ll update when I get home. Wish me luck!


An interesting article on disability!

I just read this interesting article! I thought it was a good read! I am interested to know what other people think of it!

I’m Not a Person with a Disability. I’m an Disabled Person

I must be doing something right!

I am finally on a good sleep schedule! I got a great nights sleep last night! I slept from 8 Pm until 4 AM! It was amazing! I feel so good having had that sleep!
I was exhausted because on Monday night I didn’t sleep a wink!
I am determined to keep this going! What I am going to do is go to bed each night at a decent hour, even if I don’t feel tired! I will try to sleep even when I think I cant!
Its got to work well I think it will!
What I am also going to do is not drink any caffeinated drinks after 6 PM!
My new med is working well! I am less anxious on it!