Anight of no sleep

So its midnight. I am not able to sleep tonight. I think I been binge watching too much Netflix, lol. I am not able to switch off now. I was watching 13 reasons why. I watched one episode of that, and the other thing I was watching was fuller house. I just put on the radio, and turned off my tv. So hoping that is going to help. I have been reading email and blogs. That is keeping me busy while I cant sleep. I am anxious about therapy tomorrow morning. I know we have a lot to work on. Some insiders are really struggling, and we need to do some work with them to make sure they are ok and we don’t have a repeat of this weekend next week or during this week. I’d prefer to be stable if I could, thank you very much. So the plan is go in and work on some deep issues, and inside issues, and hope we can come up with some answers, and maybe a solution or two to the problem of memories hitting us hard, and overwhelming us. Other than therapy tomorrow morning, I have no plans for tomorrow. I am thinking if I don’t sleep much tonight, that when I get home from therapy tomorrow I can nap. I mostly always nap anyway after therapy. I am always so drained after it. I plan to come home, eat and then go for a nap and maybe read for a while. If this anxious feeling would just go away I’d be able to sleep, probably. I made a cup of hot chocolate for the kids. I can feel some of the youngest insiders in the system stirring. They aren’t feeling great tonight, so I made hot chocolate for them with marshmallows in it. That seems to make them happy so that is good. I am glad something is making them feel good. Well I’d better get going now, and hope I sleep soon.
Good night all!

Slept well last night

So I went to bed super early last night. I wasn’t feeling good so I called it a night at around 8 PM.

And I am glad I did! I slept well! I slept for an hour, then woke up when my dad brought nitro in to me at 9 but I was able to go back to sleep again.

I then slept straight through until 5 AM. Now Its almost 6 AM and I am awake and feeling great.

My mood feels a lot better than it felt yesterday. I am not feeling suicidal. I feel much happier.

I’ll be going home to my own house today, my sister will drop me, she is going to fix up my new TV, I got a new 40 inch tv, she has to fix it up, tune it in and then I can plug in my apple TV and stream netflicks on it.

anyone got any recommendations for a good series to start watching?

Unable to sleep

Another night where I am unable to sleep. Sigh.

I fear I’ll never get my sleeping pattern back to normal. I spend most nights lately wide awake, I am awake until I crash hard, and eventually fall into a fitful sleep.

I wish I didn’t suffer from insomnia, its the pits.

Anyone else suffering from lack of sleep or unable to get to sleep?

We should start a club! 😀

Shitty nights sleep!

Yeah, I haven’t had a great night. I woke at 4. I wanted to stay asleep so bad. But I couldn’t, so I got up. I went online. Read blogs. Read emails.

I even went to bed early last night, I shut down my computer at 11 PM. That’s early for me. And that was after sleeping for a few hours in the afternoon too. I managed to go to sleep pretty quickly last night. Not even my phone was going to keep me up.

Now if only I could stay asleep once I get there? Will be working on sleep stuff in therapy today. Eileen said she’d help me work on it. Am so looking forward to actually sitting down with her and trying to figure all this sleep stuff out. Hoping if I can my life will get easier and sleep problems will be less.


I slept ok considering I only got a few hours.

It was after 1 AM when I went to bed.

Its now just gone 6 AM. I woke and started fiddling with my phone, and then was awake fully, so got up.

No plans for today really. I doubt my parents will get up until around 9. I had plans of sleeping in until 9 or 10 today but it never happened.

Ah well. That’s ok. If all comes to all I can nap later today if I need to. I probably wont, though.

7 ways to regulate circadian rhythm to help you sleep better

I think this post is well worth a read. If you aren’t sleeping well maybe you can try some of these tips for a better nights sleep.


7 ways to regulate circadian rhythm

Good sleep last night

so I slept really well last night. I couldn’t believe it.
at 9:30 I made up my mind to go to bed. so off I went.
my friend called me at 10, I picked up because I didn’t check the caller ID and I thought it was my mom calling.
I talked to her for a few minutes and once she hung up I decided to just try to sleep. I felt tired so I was pretty sure i’d be able to sleep.
and I did. and I slept uninterrupted all night long.
very very pleased with that. because I slept so good I was then able to get up at 8 this morning, full of beans, and ready to face the day ahead!
heres hoping I can keep this up now that I’ve started.
I think the trick is to just say to myself that I will go to bed even when I think i’m not tired and that i’ll be able to stay up longer.
the storm still hasn’t hit. i’m wondering now if it will hit us at all or if it will just pass over.
only time will tell I guess.