Word of the day: Gallery

Scrolling through the gallery on her phone, sandy found the picture she wanted.
“There, she said with a satisfied smile”
She printed off the picture and brought it into her husband.
“mark?” “Look at this?”
Mark was deep in thought, but upon hearing his wife come in he looked up.
“Look at what?”
“This picture, honey”, Sandy said handing him the picture.
“OMG Sandy where was it taken?”
Marks eyes filled. He looked again at the picture.
It was a picture of his father, who he missed dearly. His father had passed away 2 years ago from dementia.
“That was taken on our wedding day, honey” Sandy said.
Mark took the picture and looked again at it.
I will treasure this he said. Since we lost most of our photos in the housefire, I didn’t think there were any left, was this one on your phone?
“Yeah”, Sandy said, I found it last night while I was going through my gallery on the phone.
“Thanks, love” Mark said, as he ruffled her hair lovingly.

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