10 things that make me happy tag

Ten things that make me happy tag rules:

1. List 10 things that make you happy. (Linking to them, sharing pictures, writing poems about them, telling jokes, etc. are all encouraged but not required.)

2. Tag 10 people who make you happy (and notify them of their tag).

Ok here I go! My list…

1. Family. My family are my world, they are very supportive of me and I’d be lost without them!
2. Friends. I love all of you! You are all super awesome!
3. My blog. My blog is a source of support and comfort, somewhere I can come to release anger, vent, be happy or sad. I receive so much love from you all, thank you!
4. Music. I love music. It makes me happy and I listen to it almost every day. Whether on the radio, or on spotify, or apple music, music is a part of my day.
5. Writing. Writing is my way to let the world know how I am doing! I love it. It helps me feel connected.
6. Nitro! Now I gotta put Nitro on the list! He’s the love of my life! Such a cutie!
7. Indulging in sweet treats! I know I am losing weight, but I love it when I can have a treat, either chocolate, crisps, cake, etc. I just love it when I can have some nice sweet foods.
8. Books. Books are awesome too! I read a lot. I am never without a good book!
9. Walking. I love to walk in nature. Going for walks is so refreshing. I love to be in the outdoors.
10. Traveling, which I am hoping I can do soon, going to Colorado to visit my friend Sarah! I enjoy seeing new places, and visiting the sites, tasting new foods etc.

So what makes you happy?
❤ ❤
10 people who make me happy?
Hmmm…lets see…
I cant just tag 10 of you so I tag you all! You are all the coolest of people! Love you all!

#SOCS Beside you

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “beside you.” Write about whatever is beside you when you read this


I am sitting writing this post on my laptop while I am sitting on the bed in my bedroom at my parents house!
Beside me is a table, and on it there is a tv, which is broken, and a bottle of water which I am currently drinking!
I’ve drank a ton of water today! I love it!
On the other side of me is the wall, which is cold to the touch!
Its not a very exciting bedroom! It is my old room from when I lived here!
Well, as long as I have somewhere to plug in my phone, I’m good! And there are plugs next to me also so win win!


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#stream of consciousness late but, your welcome to read!

Lindas prompt for us this week for stream of consciousness saturday is the word, welcome! She has challenged us to use welcome any way we want to just so long as we write in stream of consciousness format!

When all this social distancing is finally over, I will welcome being able to go places again, and being able to be with others!
I so want the summer to come! I hope the covid19 virus is gone by summer! Because I want to do fun stuff during the summer, not sit at home self isolating!
But it does look like the self isolation might go on into june! I hope not, but I guess we’ll have to wait and see what happens! Its a very scary time for us all! I am so afraid!
We’ve had two more deaths this evening in ireland from covid19. That brings our total to six who have died. Not many I know but remember Irelands population is only 4.5 million.
We have over 1200 cases of covid19 now over here. The number is growing with each day that passes. My friend Pat who lives in Dublin told me his brother was tested for the virus, he doesnt know yet whether he’s contracted it or not. Hopefully he hasnt.
How are you coping with the social distancing and being at home? How do you find it?


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Upon waking up

Eyes slowly open
I realise
Oh gosh
Its 7 PM!
How long have I slept?
I shoot out of bed
Go to the kitchen
Get a drink
I hate it
When I am suddenly
Thrown into awakeness
Its so disconcerting
Oh well
I turn on my tv
Sit down
And thenI decide
A coffee would be good!
Off to the kitchen again I go!

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