Saturdays question of the day

so, i kind of laxed on asking a daily question for a few days, what can I say, life got hectic.

Well, since I’m experiencing heat exhaustion and being warm and not tolerating it very well I thought I’d ask a question surrounding hot summer days.

so my question to you is:

On a hot sunny day, what is your favourite way to cool down?



sitting here, wide awake. drinking tea. trying hard not to cry. feeling so lousy. woke up feeling low. very very low. was dreaming, but now cant remember what the dream was about, just know it was unpleasant. why cant I have good dreams? its only 2 AM, maybe I’ll read for a while. Or I might watch funny youtube videos. That always cheers me up. If anyones up I could use some support.


question of the day june 1st 2017

good morning everyone

i hope today finds you in a good place, good mood, and if not, then i send you many hugs and much love and support

my question of the day today is

describe one thing your struggling with right now, and how that limits you in your life right now?