Let it bleed March 18th

I watch in awe
a sunset
slowly taking in the beauty
not wanting it to end
wishing it would last
of whats in store for me
when darkness falls
a nightmare
my own personal hell
oh sunset
please last


Be inspired, saturday inspiration

One who gains strength by overcoming obstacles possesses the only strength which can overcome adversity.
Albert Schweitzer


well its 1:30 AM now. I just woke up. I dont feel too bad. I had to get up and free my nose again, it was all stuffy still. But once I did that I didnt feel too bad. We’ll see how long that will last. Hopefully for a while. I ended up going to bed at 8, and I fell asleep right away. I did wake a few times for a few minutes each time. But nothing substancial. I just ate some fruit because I felt a little hungry. I’m still going to go to slimming world tonight even though I feel sick. I wouldnt miss it for the world. I have to see if I lost anything this week. Hopefully I did.
How is your night going?
carol anne

Week off next week from ILS

so today i found out that next week I am getting a week off. thats just awesome! I couldnt believe it when my tutor told me!
the thing is no one else is having the week off.
we have two tutors, and the main tutor is going to dublin for two days next week for staff training. the other one will be in.
but the tutor who will be missing said its not worth my while coming in for two days. since i stay monday to friday here at the centre, and she wont be here tuesd and wednesday, and we’re all having monday off because its a bank holiday here so that would mean i’d just have thursday and friday.
normally we do cooking on tuesday mornings, and a staff member works with me, but she cant next week because she has to fill in for another member of staff whose out on vacation.
the main tutor on the ils course normally takes me to my dr. barry apts on wednesday mornings, and well she’ll be in dublin, so that wont be happening either.
so basically she told me to work from home. suits me fine. i love that i can do that.
i’ll still do my volunteering and stuff.
i will just go from home.
the others in my class still have to come in, because they all commute, i dont. so they can come in and noelle the second tutor will teach them.
they were all jealous when they heard i’d have a week off.
so yeah just sooo happy right now!
carol anne


a billowy breeze
picks up speed
tossing leaves
and other debree
right in front of me
as I try to walk
it whips at my back
knocking me sideways
then backwards
I struggle onwards
tentatively taking a few steps further
it really isn’t a great idea
to try to navigate a busy country walk way
when your blind?

March Writing Prompts

Guess what? We did it!

I made it! i did it thanks to you lovely readers!
I reached my highest number of views this week!
so thrilled! And I even went over by 60 views! wowsers!
Thanks everyone for helping me reach a goal! Yalls are the best and the bomb!
carol anne