To our host, Shirley

You think we’re evil

We’re what you made us to be

Forgotten containers

Of your childhood debris

Scattered memories

That rise from the ground

And wait for the day

You’ll finally turn around

If you looked in our eyes

You’d see through to our souls

The pain has eroded

And taken it’s toll

We’ve waited long,

and been stored away deep

You trigger by the word

But we are the black sheep

We did not come upon you

The devil within

But split from the seams

Your very closest of kin

You don’t have a right

To pass us off and turn away

Without each and every one of us

You wouldn’t be here today

We are the holders

Of what you could not behold

The flames, the chants,

What is bled eventually ran cold

What you call evil,

What you casually label as dark

What we are is the only thing

That could keep fueling your spark

You managed, you struggled, you fought

Where did you get the energy within

That energy is us

The thrown away… inside your own skin



Weekend writing prompt #60 Weave

I weave my way

through my tumultuous emotions

picking my way through

the debris

wondering where to go

from here?

what do I fear?

questions, so many questions

no answers

Just more and more questions

And my emotions?

That’s another story

Up, down, all around

They catch me off guard

Each time

Threaten to overwhelm

And I try to swim

Out of the blackness

that has engulfed me


Weekend writing prompt #60 weave!

#soCs june 23rd 2018

The heat is starting to bug me! Its just because we here in Ireland we’re not used to it! We rarely get hot summers.  This ones been particularly warm. I’ve been sweltering in the hot weather. Not to mention the poor dogs! They’ve been drinking a ton of water! I feel for them! At least I get to wear my shorts, which is something I rarely get to do!  I’ll only wear them around my parents or my own houses though. I wont go out in them! I think if I did I’d look like an idiot! And anyway I’m not quite there am ashamed of my body so…its a no go.  This next week we’re supposed to get up to 30 degrees C! Unheard of for Ireland! Now I know all of my US readers your probably laughing at this, because I know you get hot summers, I’ve been in the US in the summer. But really? I cant cope at all!  I cannot sleep at night due to the heat. Its hard to settle. The room is too warm.  I toss and turn and I’m unable to relax. Then I wake super early because of the birds singing and I am unable to go back to sleep so I get up! I know this is all trivial, but I just wanted to have a bit of a moan 😀

This post is in response to the prompt for stream of consciousness



The Friday Reminder and Prompt for #SoCS June 23/18


today, i am feeling so thankful. i am thankful that i got to spend quality time with my mom. i am thankful for nitro. i am thankful for nice food to eat. that soup i had for dinner today was so amazing. i am thankful for my parents, i dont know where I’d be without them especially my mom. I am thankful for the nice weather, its so good to see the sunshine outside. we are meant to get up to 30 degrees c this coming week. I am thankful for books and reading. it gives me a world to escape into and helps me to learn interesting things that I otherwise might not know. I am thankful for my friends. Without all of you my life would be so much darker. I am grateful for you all every single day. I am thankful for a nice safe home to live in. I am also thankful for my health.
What are you thankful for today?
carol anne


#whatif prompt 6-22-2018 tie dyed lion

Todays whatif prompt from what if we all cared is tie dyed lion.

one of our littles favourite stuffies is a tie dyed lion, a ty stuffed animal, you know ty, they make beanies?
this stuffy isnt a beanie baby though, he is a beanie buddy, so bigger than a beanie baby.
he’s really cute, and our kids just love him!
His name is bushy! bushy the lion!
He’s like a protector for the kids. They feel like lions are protectors, and will keep them safe from the badguys!


My plans to get a new PA

so i think i mentioned im not really liking my new pa. i’ve had her since january. she is ok, i can tolerate her, but some things she does I dont like at all.
She’s very forward. For example, she said the pots I had for cooking were too small. Thats fair enough, I said I’d do something about it, and I would have, but the next week she came and said guess what? I bought you a new pot, a big one.
I was flabbergasted. I mean what if I had no money to pay her? It was 17 euro for the pot. I did have the money but what if I didnt?
I didnt like that she did that. Other things she does are when we’re in a taxi going to slimming world she tells the driver to turn off the heat, open windows, etc, sometimes they dont even have the heat on!
She is also very critical of all of the taxi drivers, its a reputable company, I know them, and they know me well too.
She’s also very loud, and interferes in conversations which have nothing to do with her.
So I want someone else. But those arent the only reasons. I want to go back to having my PA hours by day in the morning times, she comes now on friday evenings, and does a block of four hours, well that doesnt suit me now that I’ve finished at the ILS course. She cant do mornings, as she has a child who goes to school.
I am going to ring up my coordinator next week and ask for a new pa. I will just tell her my reasons. Oh there is another one as well, I need someone who offers a driving service, my current PA doesnt. I’m paying 37 euro a week for taxi’s to and from slimming world, I dont really have that kinda money. My last PA could drive me places, and I know some PA’S can and so I want one who does that.
I hope the coordinator will listen to me. I will flag my main reason as being the fact that I need my hours now in the day not in the evening time.