I’m so grateful!

I’m so, so grateful for my mom. She’s such a great help to me. Thanks mom, for everything that you do for me! I appreciate you so, so much!
I’m also grateful I made very healthy choices today with my food. I had a gorgeous chicken curry for dinner. Since I am losing weight, I eat tons more fruit and vegetables. I made an extra side of broccoli to go with my chicken curry, just to give me extra speed! Then I made a lovely fruit salad for afters, and while mom and dad ate chocolate cake, I ate my fruit salad!
I’m grateful for the dogs. They are making life a little happier today. Their cuteness, their excitement, their soft fur, all adorable! I love that we have four dogs in our house today. My nitro, mom and dads dog biggie he’s a bullstaff, and my sisters two pugs Junie and Starlet! My sister is gone on a road trip this weekend with her family, and my parents are looking after her dogs.
I’m also so grateful for my technology. My phone, laptop, Bluetooth keyboard, etc. I use them so much every day, but I know some people aren’t lucky enough to own a smart phone, or a laptop. So each day I thank god for allowing me to be able to learn how to use them and also for allowing me to afford them.
I’m grateful that I’ve been able to start my Christmas shopping. I’ve been able to buy some peoples presents. That makes me very happy. Plus I wont be doing it all at the last minute which I love. There’s nothing worse than pressure at Christmas time. I rather do it over a few weeks, do it slowly, and pay attention to what I am doing, what I am buying for people. This year I have quite a few gifts to buy so its good I can get them slowly over a few weeks.
What are you grateful for today?

Before I sleep, A to Z of gratitude!

So I am going to bed soon. But before I do, I want to write up an A to Z list of things I am grateful for today!

A-Animals! Especially my dog!
d-Dinner, which today was a burger and sweet potato fries!
E-Everyone on here!
G-good music
H-My hearing!
I-Our irish weather
K-Kindness of others
O-Being able to go online
R-The radio
S-A hot shower
T-Taxi driver who brought me to moms
U-Umbrella so I can stay dry
Y-This one isn’t comingto me right now!
Z-ZZZZ and sleep


Its nearing the end of my day! So I thought I’d write up what I’m grateful for today.

A nice walk with my mom

My amazing dog nitro

Healthy food

That mom cooked for me today

That I have enough money to get me through the rest of the month

A cup of tea

My friends


Time to relax and reflect

A hot shower

Sunday gratitude

I am having a very good afternoon and evening here! Am so thankful for today!

Thankful for so much! In no particular order…

My mom
My dog
Nice food to eat
A hot shower
Clean clothes
The internet
That I am able to go for a walk
Money to buy food for the week
The TV!
Being able to email my therapist
Taking a nap
Texting with a friend
Rest and relaxation

Weekly gratitude list. T to T

Linking up again this week with the


10 things of thankful


Things I am thankful for this week in no particular order are:


1  fresh fruit…I’ve been eating tons of it this week and loving it.


2  Being slimmer of the week in my slimming world group and winning a basket of food.

3 Losing a pound, I am now down 2 stone 1.5 pounds in total.

4  Going swimming. Today I’ll be going swimming with my mom and sister. I cant wait.

5  Spending time with friends. I always like to do that.

6  Volunteering, I am loving my new volunteer job.

7  music. I’ve been trying out new music this week and loving it.

8  Hot showers. Nothing like allowing the water to run on your body, so healing.

9  Rain..yes I am going to say rain. We badly needed some and I was very glad we actually have some now.

10  Nitro, my guide dog. He always makes my week better just by being his cuddly self.


What are you thankful for this week?

50 things that make me happy

I saw this challenge over on another bloggers blog, and so I thought I’d take part in it.
So, here are the 50 things that make me happy.

1 reading
2 Nitro
3 my bed
4 sleeping
5 music
6 volunteering
7 family
8 friends
9 being with my niece and nephew
10 walking
11 swimming
12 wrapping up in a blanket
13 writing or blogging
14 doodling for fun
15 hot chocolate
16 baking
17 walking nitro
18 watching movies
19 going on day trips
20 going on holiday
21 someone paying me a compliment
22 feeling loved
23 feeling valued
24 making recordings of my therapist reading
25 dr. barry
26 when I have a good week
27 coffee
28 tea
29 my techy things
30 perfume
31 lighting candles
32 when I lose weight
33 having a barbecue with family
34 being with my sister
35 getting my nails done
36 being at the basement club
37 having a take away as a treat
38 sunshine
39 snow
40 when its Christmas
41 eating chocolate
42 buying new clothes
43 browsing on amazon
44 emailing my friends
45 long lazy weekends
46 sleeping in
47 My sisters pugs
48 being on my computer
49 having an I phone
50 the fact that I am healthy