So…I’ve been banned from a craft email list. A blind crafters list. I cannot believe it. Banned for posting too many messages. The owner said I didn’t know what the focus of the group was. But I do, its crafting, all things crafty! I posted asking for crafting ideas and beading patterns, and I posted asking how much a loom to loom knit would cost me. He said I posted to many craft suggestions all at once and how was I going to do them all. Well I wasn’t…I was just asking to get info! And now that’s a crime! HOnestly? If that is how they run a list then I don’t want to be part of it. But I am hurt because he’s emailing the other people who are helping him manage his list and ccing me in on the email and hearing them talk about me hurts. Him saying was he too hasty in getting rid of me and then saying he sent my reply to his other helper and would they just ignore me and he was leaning towards ignoring my reply. Well then fuck it. Who cares. Go ahead ignore me. It wont be anything I’m not used to. People have ignored me all my life. I don’t need you and I don’t need your list.
Banning someome bc they are excited to be part of a craft group for the blind and posting a lot is stupid. who agrees?