That meeting

So the meeting yesterday with the director of adult education was good.

Me and my friend had a lot to talk about with her. There were so many issues we had to bring up.

We had notes, which we read from. And gave her copies of.

She was horrified and very apologetic and said she wished we hadn’t had such a bad experience with the course.

We told her we felt it wasn’t a reflection on the university or the course, but that it was just a reflection on the staff who ran it and organised it.

We read out an email to her that we received, where the coordinator literally told us if we didn’t go to class our fees wouldn’t be payed, you see, the fees were being payed for us. And the coordinator had said you don’t turn up, they wont pay, but it was an empty threat, as the fees were already fully payed up.

My friend Denise said, when we read out that email to her, her face was a picture! She was raging!

She told us that the coordinator would be brought in for questioning! I doubt we’ll find out what happened, but the fact she’s being brought in is good!

I feel the meeting was a success and I am glad we spoke up!

Now perhaps others will have a better experience than I did!

I also spoke up about the accessibility issues I had, and the fact that a lot of the class notes weren’t put up on canvas, and she was again horrified by this.

She said she was going to look into it for me.

She was a lovely girl, very easy to talk to, very approachable.

I’m glad we went and I think it was definitely so worth it to go.