big day tomorrow

tomorrow I start college, I start my course mental health in the community. I am super excited. its going to be a big day. I will have an early start. im only going for 3 hours, from 9:30 until 12:30. still though its enough I think. we’ll be learning a lot in that time. im going to leave nitro at home. I really don’t need to take him. and he seems to get stressed when he’s there. so i’ll leave him at home. and just take a taxi and meet my friend there.
Wish me luck for tomorrow guys!

Information night for college

so last night I went to the information night for college. It went well. My friend Denise from the basement club has also applied to do the same course, so we met up when we got to the college. It was good to have someone else that I knew there also. I also ran into this girl I used to be in college with some years ago. That felt strange. The tutors told us about the course, what they expected of us, how the course would be laid out, about assignments, the marking process for marking assignments, etc. It was a lot of information. We firmed up our interview times for next week also. Some people there had to take an English exam, that exam was for people who had no qualifications. There were about 50 of us there altogether. But only 25 will get a place on the course. I hope I get a place. It sounds like an amazing course. The course runs for 20 weeks, 3 hours each Tuesday evening. After the 20 weeks are up we get an opportunity to do extra training in child protection, in safe talk about suicide and in creating an intervention not sure what that’s about but it seems good. Then also some people from other college courses are going to come in at the end and give us a talk on progression and progressing to further study. They told us the interview will last for about 15 minutes. We’ll all be asked the same questions and we’ll be rated on our answers. There will be two people interviewing us. Basically they said we’d be asked about our interest in doing the course, about our experience in working in our community and about our past and background. I am going to write out some ansers this week and prepare myself for the interview. If I really want to get a place I need to do that. There are a lot of assignments to do once you get a place. Projects, a case study, essays, reflective journal, etc. There are two modules to be covered, community development, and substance use and misuse issues. I learned a lot last night. Now its just to wait for the interview next Tuesday. This morning I am seeing Mark my OT and we are going to do interview prep. I am feeling positive though.