Its beginning to look a lot like xmas

I love xmas. I love shopping, even if I get majorly stressed out trying to figure out what I should buy for everyone

There is something magical about going xmas shopping and hearing all the lovely music blaring out from the stereo systems in the stores. And I love imagining what people will be like on xmas day when they receive their gift from me.

Tonight I went shopping with our mom and aunt…despite feeling miserable earlier on today. Our aunt was getting groceries, so mom and me decided to go with her and have a look around for some xmas gifts.

I ended up buying my sisters gifts. I spent 50 euro on her, but I got her a few things instead of one big thing. I wanted to do that because I think its nice to have a few little things to open.

So, she got for xmas from me…

A bag, which I think is beautiful, its black and all furry on the outside of it. I got her a cover for her I phone, which is all glittery. I got her some costume jewellery, you know the dress kind that isn’t real, but looks nice if your going out for a night. I got her a set with perfume and body spray in it. And I got her a gift set which has a mug, a spoon, some green tea and chocolate chip cookies in it. She will be a happy bunny on xmas I’m pretty sure of that.

I think I mentioned it before but we are doing secret santa this year with my sisters boyfriends family. Its much better as we each picked one name out of the hat and we have to buy for that person. I got my sisters boyfriends sister. I was pleased I got her because she was easy to buy for. The limit we are meant to spend on the persons gift is 30 euro. So…I got her a huge gift basket for exactly 30 euro. There is tons of stuff in the gift basket, its stuff like body wash, deodorant, shampoo, shower gel, soap, etc. The brand I got I know she loves so thats awesome and I am chuffed to bits.

So all in all, I got lots of things and it was a pretty good trip and thats two more people done and dusted for xmas.
Carol anne