Carol anne answers…

How do you relax after a hard day of work?

I take a long hot shower. I read a book. I blog. I drink some tea. I watch a tv show or two or listen to some music. And most Importantly, I try to have a good sleep.


What do you wanna know about Ireland?

so…I thought this may be fun…
what would you like to know about Ireland? is there anything? about foods? heritage? traditions? slang words?
anything at all…come on, ask me!
I’m all ears!
I don’t claim to know it all, but maybe I can shed some light on some things for you?
So do ask me whatevers on your mind!
this should be interesting!

Blog awards

the lovely Kim over at this girls got curves
has nominated me for a couple of awards. The mystery blog award, and another one which the name of escapes my mind right now.
I’ve had nominations for these before and so I wont go through the whole process of rules and things and nominating blogs. But first I’d like to thank Kim, for thinking my blogs worthy of a nomination.
Second I’d like to answer her questions posted on the blog to her nominees.

  1. What do you want to be doing five years from now? Hopefully working, or more volunteering.
  2. Who do you most look up to and why (alive or dead, famous or family)? for family, my gramma and mom, for famous people, maya angelou and oprah winfrey
  3. What do you do first in the morning? Let nitro out, and get dressed.
  4. What is your favorite song? oh gosh I have so many to choose from but right now I really like perfect by ed sheeran.
  5. (Silly) What is the oldest thing in your fridge? Some plumbs lol they need to go they’re soft and unedible and are about 3 weeks old. 😛 gross, I know.

and her second list of questions for her nominees was…

  1. What is your favorite song? ok this time i’ll pick pinks song beautiful trauma.
  2. What state or country are you from and what are you known for there? I am from ireland. We are know for drinking alcohol lol!
  3. If you knew there was only a year left of time on earth, do you think you would be a better or worse person and why?hmm thats a tough one and I am not sure. I suppose I’d try to be a better person.
  4. What would you do if you woke up 5 years younger? lol I wake up five years younger sometimes already, when I switch between insiders!
  5. 5 years older? Say, man, I’m getting old!
  6. Suddenly there are no cell phones. Can you survive? Nooo, I need my phone. I am lost without it.
  7. Sun or Moon? Sun
  8. Why do you blog? it helps me purge my feelings, release them, and also to raise awareness of dissociative disorders and mental illness in general.
  9. Favorite food? chinese, mexican, italian
  10. Coke or Pepsi? Pepsi all the way 😛
  11. Post your favorite post.

Hmmm ok I am too lazy to go through to my blog and find a link, and anyway there is more than one I liked lately.

Question of the day

Are you sweet toothed?

My anser…I am very sweet toothed. I have always loved chocolate, cakes, biscuits, or cookies for my US readers, fizzy drinks/soda, etc. Now that I am losing weight I no longer eat any of that stuff, I will have something on occasion, like a latte, or something but I havent had soda, or chocolate, or cakes or biscuits in weeks now. I ate so much of that stuff for so many years and I put on so much weight it wasnt even funny. I have very bad will power usually, doing this diet is the first time I’m actually saying no to sweet things.

so how about you?
carol anne

Saturday Q and A

what was your favourite childhood toy?

My answer, well, it was my baby doll! she was like the size ofa new born. she was cloth but she had rubber arms and legs. i used to play moms and dads with my best friend and we’d have hours of fun wheeling our babies in dolls prams or buggies all around the neighbourhood. i used to dress her up in real baby clothes too! she was so cool and I had her for years! I think I had her until I was about 11 or 12. And until she fell apart.

Carolannes q and a my answers

carol anne over at hello dearest hurricane set some questions for bloggers to answer. So I thought I’d give it a go.

  1. If you could be any place in the world right now, where would you be and why? I’d be in Illinois because my partner lives there and I wish I could be with her.
  2. What is the strangest compliment you have received? Not sure about this one. Probably something about my blindness? Like how i am brave or something because i get up every day and do things? Seriously people have said that to me.
  3. What is something that made you happy today? My dog, and going walking. The weather was beautiful, the breeze was nice, sunshine too was nice, and i just liked being in the fresh air.
  4. Do you collect greeting cards? If so, why? yes I do. I keep cards that people send me. I keep them as reminders that I am loved. And also I like what is written on them, sayings and things, i just like cards!
  5. If your pets understood human speech for one minute, what would you tell them and why?I would simply say, I love you, and, thank you for being there for me.

So there ya have it! Q and A!