Question of the day?

What is something your excited about?

Me, I am excited about today, about starting college. I am really really super excited about it. I think it is going to be fun! I am hopeful of learning a whole lot of new things and hopeful of being able to apply what I am learning to my work on friendly call, and also apply it to myself, since well I do have mental illnesses, and you can never have enough information I believe about your illnesses, knowledge is power!
How about you? Is there something your super excited about?


Did you know? 7th January 2019

Did you know?
That today is the birthday of SOS? In 1904, the Marconi Company established “CQD” as the first international radio distress signal. Two years later, this signal was replaced by the “SOS” signal. “CQ” stood for “seek you” and “D” stood for “danger.”


20 things to discover about me…thanks to bee of the bee writes!

Bee answered these questions on her blog. They come from the book the artists way, and when I saw them I thought hey I wanna do these too! So here goes!

  1. My favourite childhood toy was my baby doll suzie! My favourite childhood game was Playing mommies or doctors!
  2. The best movie I ever saw as a kid was.ET!
  3. dont do it much but I enjoy cycling
  4. If I could lighten up a little, Id let myself..laugh more often.
  5. If it werent too late, Id.learn to ski!
  6. My favourite musical instrument is.piano
  7. The amount of money I spend on treating myself to entertainment each month isnext to nothing
  8. If I werent so stingy with my artist, Id buy him/her.more creative materials
  9. Taking time out for myself is…A necessary part of my self care each week.
  10. I am afraid that if I start dreaming.I could not handle what comes up.
  11. I secretly enjoy readingchildrens books
  12. If I had had a perfect childhood Id have grown up to bea singer
  13. If it didnt sound so crazy, Id write or make apoetry book
  14. My parents think artists areI have no idea to be honest
  15. My God thinks artists arebrilliant
  16. What makes me feel weird about this recovery is.that it seems to take forever
  17. Learning to trust myself is probably.the hardest thing to do
  18. My most cheer-me-up music is the song its all about that base! look it up its catchy!
  19. My favourite way to dress is…Casual, jeans and a t shirt will do 😀

Well I hope you enjoyed my answers 😀

Take care all! Ta ra for now! 😀


10 bookish questions…the last book I, booktag!

I found this fun book tag on another blog and decided to give it a go too! so here goes!

1. The last book I gave up on.

I dont give up on books, not unless I am totally and absolutely not able to get into the story or the characters are so boring that reading feels like a chore!

2. The last book I re-read.

Cut by Cathy glass. If you’ve never read anything by this fab author, I highly recommend reading her books, you wont be disappointed!

3. The last book I bought.

Mad girl by bryony gordon. I havent read it yet though.

4. The last book I said I read but actually didnt. Honestly, I dont think I have ever done that I just say No, havent read thatIll put it on my TBR pile!

5. The last book I wrote in the margins.

I dont do that! Most of what I read is in audio, or on kindle!

6. The last book I had signed.

I’ve never had a book signed! Now that’d be cool to get one from an author I love!

7. The last book I lost.

I’ve never lost a book! Wow! That feels good to be able to say that!

8. The last book I had to replace.

The courage to heal! I had it and not sure where it got to or if I gave it to someone but I replaced it recently.

9. The last book I argued over.

Never argued over a book! Disagreed maybe, but not argued.

10. The last book I couldnt find. A book you cant find? Do you not know about Amazon and Ebay?? I think I have always managed to find books I wanted


Did you know? 2nd january

Did you know?
That today is Royal Dung Day? In 2000, the speaker of the Swaziland House of Assembly, Mgabhi Dlamini, was caught collecting dung from the royal kraal, or cattle pen, of King Mswati. Traditional leaders of Swaziland believe that royal dung has special powers. Brings a whole new meaning to “mudslinging”


Did you know? new years eve edition!

Did you know?
That today, besides being New Year’s Eve in many countries, is the anniversary of Auld Lang Syne? The grand old song of New Year’s Eve, “Auld Lang Syne,” was first played as a new year’s song by Guy Lombardo and his Royal Canadians at the Hotel Roosevelt Grill in 1929.