Regular with meds again

I’m making more of an effort to be better about taking my meds. I wasn’t so good about it for a while. I was forgetting them a lot of the time. I started yesterday and decided that I need to do better. So yesterday and today I’ve taken all of my meds, and I haven’t forgotten any of them in two days now. And I think its helping. I mean, not completely sure yet, its too early to say, but my guess is it will help, and I’ll feel much better after a few days. At least, hats my hope.

It is taking a huge effort on my part, and the dissociation is so bad, but the anxiety is bad also, and so to get it down, I really need the clonidine I am prescribed, and also, my Prozac, it will help my mood.

Dr. Barry knew I wasn’t always taking my meds, she constantly checks with me, to see if I’m taking them. She will be happy to hear that I’m making an effort to not forget to take them. That will please her.

I hope it will help. And I hope I can keep it going.