When hunger strikes…

Reach for some blueberries! Even though you want chocolate!
I was starving a few minutes ago. All I felt like eating was sugar, but then I focused on my weigh in on Tuesday, and how badly I want the numbers on that scales to go down.
So I got a tub of blueberries out instead, and I munched my way through half of them.
God its tough losing weight, I’m really struggling tonight, I know I’m doing everything I can to eat well and healthily, but man I miss soda, I miss chocolate, and I miss crisps!
Mom and I were talking earlier, and she said I only have fat around my stomach area, that I dont have weight anywhere else, well, that is a relief, but my stomach is fat! I hate it, I fucking hate how I look!
I’d love to cut off all my flabby stomach!
Ok, dont worry, I wont be doing that! Its just a fantasy!
But oh man! I have to tough it out if I want results! And I do want the results so tough it out I will!