dinner was amazing! mom and I made vegetable soup together. it was so delicious!
we even put chili in it. it was spicy and hot. but so yummilicious!
it had potato, onion, parsnip, turnip, carrot, and chopped up chili in it. then we put oregano and herbs in there too. and a vegetable stock cube.
We didnt blend it, we just left it chunky, we said we’d try it that way and it really tasted great!
I’m definitely getting my speed foods in this week!
Been eating a ton of fruit and veg!
So if I am not down any weight next wednesday, I dont know what to think!



There’s a possibility that I am the worlds biggest tea drinker! No matter how much I want too, I cant seem to cut down on the amount of tea I drink! I did cut down on coffee, though a lot. But tea? Never! I just cant!

Good thing I don’t take sugar in my tea! Otherwise I’d be screwed and never lose any weight!

I like regular breakfast tea, in Ireland we have a brand called barrys, and lyons, those are the brands most people buy. I also love dargeling tea when I visit the USA. I don’t like irl grey at all, and I don’t like tetlies.

I also love fruit tea, especially the berry kinds! And I like cinnamon apple, and pumkin spice, and other herbal teas.

I can safely say I am a tea junkie!



Word of the day possibility!

Unlucky this week

so it didnt happen for me this week.
I didnt lose any weight. In fact I gained half a pound.
I was so disappointed.
But I think I know what I am doing wrong. I am not eating enough speed foods, to help me in my weight loss.
Thats mostly fruit and veg. So for next week I’ll eat plenty more of them.
So, onwards and upwards for next week. And I hope by eating more speed foods I’ll see results on the scale.


moms birthday and weight loss

i feel a little bit on the tired side this morning, despite getting a lot of sleep yesterday, i read my book for 2 hours last night, and finished it, it was around 1:30 when I went to bed. I couldnt sleep for a while, but eventually fell asleep around 3 AM.
woke up at 7, mom was up so i got up too. wished mom a happy birthday, the weathers pretty crap right now, its raining and very damp.
we’re not going out until around 3 today. i plan on having soup and brown bread for my lunch. i have my weigh in tonight, am starting to wonder now how that will go. yesterday when i went to get my trevicta shot, they weighed me, the nurse said she was weighing all of her trevicta patients.
I was 94 kg. At slimming world they weigh in stones not kg’s or pounds. So we’ll see. Hoping I’ve lost some weight this week. I’ve been pretty good so heres hoping I’ve done enough.


time to go get weighed in for another week

time to go get weighed in! I’m nervous. Not sure what this week holds. Hoping for the best. I tried hard this week. Didnt do as much exercise as I would have liked, but I did eat healthily for most of the week. So we’ll see. I’m hopeful I’ll be down a little weight at least. Wish me luck.


Getting weighed in

Its that time of the week again. Time for me to be weighed in.
Im not sure if I’ll have lost anything this week. But I am hopeful.
I did eat a few things which I shouldnt have had, like two ice cream cones, crisps, etc. So I guess we’ll see.
I’m just hoping for the best.
Wish me luck…


I was down again this week and I couldnt be happier

well its been another super week for me weight wise. i got weighed tonight, and guess what? I was down again! I was down 1.5 pounds again this week. I’m over the moon! so so thrilled. its fab news. i’m now down a total of 1 stone 6.5 pounds, for my US readers thats 20.5 pounds. isnt that fab? in only 15 weeks too. I’m slowly losing it which is what i like as when you can lose the weight slowly you have more of a success rate of keeping it off. i wasnt even disappointed that i didnt make my 1 and a half stone award tonight, im only half a pound away from that. there is always next week though for that. i’m very proud of how i did. i cant believe it. i knew i’d be down this week, well i had a feeling i would be. but i didnt think i’d be down 1.5 pounds. its just fab. couldnt be happier.
carol anne