Trish made a disclosure

Today, my PA Trish disclosed to me that she has been diagnosed with OCD.

Honestly, I can’t say I’d ever noticed that there was anything going on with her.

But she told me that she’d been diagnosed at age 22.

She was very open with me, and told me all about the way she cleans and how she’s very thorough at home when cleaning.

She was also very open with me in telling me how debilitating she finds it to be.

I did ask her if it effects her work, in that, does she feel the need to deep clean the houses she goes into etc.

She said no, not really, that she is able to rain it in then.

She told me though that at home it is a different story.

She even said that before she goes out she takes pictures of her plugs, just to make sure that things are plugged out.

I’m glad she felt able to tell me, somehow, because she told me this about herself, I feel closer to her now.

I think, now that she’s told me this about herself, that maybe I can open up to her about my own mental health.

I hadn’t opened up to her and told her about how much I struggle with it.

I think that now I will do that. I think she’d be fine with it.

I won’t be seeing her next week, as it is a bank holiday next Monday and I’ll be at my parents but the following week I might just talk to her about my ptsd, anxiety, and other mental health related issues.

I’ll keep you all posted as to how it goes.