Weekly smile, May 27th 2019

What made me smile this week?
Well, the fact that I was so productive in therapy, and did so much healing work. The fact that my new electric shower is almost finished, I cant wait to have that first hot shower and enjoy that. The fact that my mom came over yesterday and helped me out around the house. Love my mom! The nice weather, its been warm and dry here all week! My dog, he never fails to make me smile! The fact that I was able to arrange for someone to cover my PA hours, so I am not left with no one!


My weekly smile!

Well, I have had a great week last week, what with being away in Killarney, having my 39th birthday, etc etc.

Its just been an incredibly awesome week!

The thing that made me smile though, my one awesome smile moment, was when I got home from Killarney yesterday, and walked in the front door of my mom and dads house.

And, my dog, Nitro greeted me, well, when I say he greeted me, it was more like a jump all over me kinda hi from him! He bounced out to meet me, tail wagging, licking me all over, and then he jumped up two paws on my stomach and chest, and was incredibly happy to see me as I was him!

He’s such an amazing dog! I love him so much! He’s a gem!

Talk about making me feel awesome! I never felt so loved! He missed me so so much!

Even though my dad loves him and looked after him and gave him lots of treats at the weekend, he still wanted and miss his mama. Gotta love my boy ❤

So that was my smile for this week! Its just so nice to feel loved, needed, and be missed!