5th December blogmas 2019 day 5

I have been busy writing christmas cards. I have been writing them to friends who are abroad. Its been lovely picking out the cards, and putting a special message on them. I hope my friends who recieve them love them as much as I’ve loved getting and writing them.
I’ve also been listening to christmas FM. It comes on each year at the end of november until just after christmas, its nice to hear all the festive music.
Christmas is less than 3 weeks away now. Man did that come upon us quickly. I cant believe its going to be that soon. I just love all the christmasy atmosphere thats around the place at the moment. Its pretty cool. I’m a big fan of christmas anyway, so I would definitely enjoy all the festivities.

4th December blogmas2019 day 4

So its blogmas! And I am late to the party but better late than never, right?
I thought I’d do some blogmas posts of my own!
Today I want to talk about christmas foods! Mom has already started buying them! I will be at mom and dads for christmas, treats will be everywhere!
I sware this year I am not indulging in too many!
I want to protect my weight loss over christmas!
Mom has already bought mince pies, christmas fruit cake, a trifle to have after christmas dinner, tins of roses, which are cadburys chocolates, a tin of heros, and a tin of celebrations, which are both also chocolate just different brands of it. She’s bought biscuits, tea cakes, crackers, pringles, peanuts, etc!
I will have a bowl of trifle on christmas day, but nothing else!
I’m so determined! I hope I can stick with it! Its so tempting to just overindulge!

Lemon snowflakes

Lemon Snow Flakes

1 box lemon cake mix with pudding
2 1/4 cups whipped topping thawed
1 egg

Mix all ingredients at medium speed with mixer until blended. Drop in to
bowl of powdered sugar a teaspoonful at a time. Roll to coat. Place on
ungreased baking sheets. Bake at 350 degrees for 10 to 12 minutes until
light brown.

Source Sheryl Henson

Got all the gifts sorted!

c i got all of the shopping done and over with! now i can breathe! i have everyones gifts now. now all i have to do is put money in a card for mom and dad! we had a lovely day out. i got some clothes for my nephew, and my sister said she was going to let him wear them on christmas day. i got him a pants, and a christmas top that says “dear santa, I want it all”. Lol. I also got him a fleece to wear over the top. So he’s all set. I also got him two x box games, I had to return the ones I got him last week as I got them for the wrong console, but the store I bought them at took them back, and I only had to pay the balance for the ones I chose instead, I had my sister help me pick them for him because I knew she’d know what he likes. She chose a lego game and a transformers game. So now thats his gifts gotten. Mom bought me a lovely t shirt top that says “believe in yourself” on it. I loved it when I saw it. I will wear it with my new checky leggings. I bought a few christmas cards which I will be sending out to my friends, need to get my mom to help me write those tonight. We had our lunch out too. I had a nice bowl of homemade vegetable soup, and a turkey sandwich with relish on it. My sister got most of laurens gifts today too. I also went to the grocery part of the supermarket to get my fruit for the week and a few other bits I needed, like milk, yoghurt etc. I’m exhausted now but I am very happy. With 3 weeks to go until christmas, I’m sorted. Now I can enjoy myself coming up to the holidays, we’ll be going places, this week we are going to a craft fare on friday, and soon we’ll go to the christmas festival thats on in our city, we’re also going to see the coca cola truck, you know the big one thats in all the coke adverts. My sisters taking the kids to see it and then to visit santa, and mom and me are also going. I just need to get my college presentation over with this coming weekend on saturday, and then I can really start enjoying the festivities.

Happy thanksgiving to all of my US readers

Happy thanksgiving! How is your day going? What are your plans for it?
Do you like thanksgiving and all the celebrations? Are you cooking or going to a family get together?
I hope you all enjoy thanksgiving, and that the day is special for everyone!
When I go to colorado next May, Sarah and I are going to do a thanksgiving dinner, so that I can have all the yummy foods associated with it.
I cant wait for that!
I love turkey and stuffing, but I’ve never tasted green bean casserole! So I need to taste that!
Anyway have a super day everyone! Dont eat too much lol!