spent monday mostly sleeping

monday was a chill out day. i was going to go to the basement club but i decided when i saw the rain that I’d stay home and rest my back. i went to bed very early last night after taking a couple of anti inflamitories and a couple of paracetamol. and i slept like a log, probably because of the meds in my system. i woke early to let nitro out to do his business and feed him and then went straight back to bed. mom rang me at 9 AM and I told her I’d be staying home today. then i just went back to sleep. i woke a couple times but couldnt get up. at least my back got better though so it was good that i rested it. eventually i got up when my home help came and i ate dinner. it was after 5 Pm then. now its almost 1 AM and I am wide awake. of course i have had a couple cups of coffee and been watching tv for the evening. i’ve been talking to a couple of friends on the phone as well. im feeling pretty good. i’m watching this show right now called i survived. its about people who survived things like natural disasters, being shot, etc. its a good show. kristen will be coming today at around 8 AM. I’ll be going to be weighed and I also have to go get some groceries. I am hopeful that I’ve lost some more weight. We shall see I suppose if I did or not. I have been doing pretty good so I’m hoping that will pay off. I’ll keep you all posted.

such a wonderful saturday

saturdays been so good! I had a chilled out sort of day. I relaxed, I binge watched tv, I read, I slept. Well I didnt sleep much last night so I napped a little this afternoon. I hung out with mom for a while, we chatted about this and that while she painted the wall in the bedroom. I stayed in my pjs all day today. And I am not one bit sorry! Its been a really good day all around. Tonight my two aunts came over to mom and dads house. mom and both of my aunts were drinking, I wasnt. My diet is too important to me to drink and ruin my progress. But we chatted and listened to music. My aunts are moms sisters. I love hanging out with them. My sister did not come over today with the kids like she normally would on a saturday. She went to her partners family instead. They wont be over tomorrow either. Its so weird not to have the kids here. The house is so quiet without them. I just remembered I gotta take my night meds. I almost forgot about them. Better go do that now guys. Catch you all later.

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Milestone! 1000 blog followers

a couple days ago, I reached 1000 followers on my blog.
you are all amazing! I love engaging with my readers, comments, feedback, likes, I love them all and I love you all as well!
Thank you for liking my content enough to follow it. It means more than you know. I never thought when I started my blog that so many people would like reading what I have to say!
It tickles me that you do!
So thank you, everyone!

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Share your world week of July 10th 2017

How do you like to spend a rainy day?
binge watching my favourite tv shows, or reading a good book
List at least five favorite treats. (They do not have to be sugary).
1 hot chocolate
2 getting my nails done
3 caramel mackiato from starbux
4 going to the beach
5 icecream
Where’s your favorite place to take out-of-town guests?
I rarely have out of town guests, but if I did I’d take them to blarney castle I think to kiss the blarney stone, then they’d have the gift of the gab!
You are trapped in an elevator, who would you want to be trapped with?
Oprah winfrey or maya angelou
Optional Bonus question:  What are you grateful for from last week, and what are you looking forward to in the week coming up?
I’m grateful for my 2 pounds weight loss last week. Next week I am looking forward to going on respite.

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Share Your World – July 10, 2017

Ask me anything!

Ok guys. Here is what I want to do. I want my readers to ask me questions. What is it you would want to know about me? Is there something you’ve always wanted to ask but havent asked me before? Whatever you’d like to know about me or my life, ask away. I’m opening the floor up to everyone to quiz me and question me. I look forward to hearing your questions and answering them.
carol anne

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20 questions

What is my happiest memory?
being in disneyworld with my partner it was so awesome and it felt so safe there.
Do I think aliens exist?
No, i dont. I hope not anyway.
What is the favorite thing about myself?
my sense of humour and my smile.
What was your favorite television show as a child?
bosco, he was a puppet, i also liked care bears and my little pony.
What do you feel most proud of?
I am proud of the fact that I take care ofnitro, and I got through the training to have him as my guide dog.
What’s your biggest irrational fear?
that a swarm of bees will come at me and start stinging me

What is the best Halloween costume you ever had?
i mostly always dressed up as a witch very boring i know lol.
What’s your favorite lyric?
oh there are lots. some of them are taylor swift songs, or rascal flatts, or oh there are just a lot of them i relate to..
Would I want the ability to read minds?
Yes, i think that’d be fun
What is the most beautiful thing you’ve ever seen?
a dog having puppies,
What social issue is most important to you?
mental health advocacy and homelessness and child protection issues.
do you believe in soul mates?
most definitely. I think they do exist.
If you were invisible for a day what wouldyou do?
i’m not sure. maybe listen in to everyons conversations to see what i could find out lol.
what fictional character do you identify with the most?
not sure about this one.
what actor would play you in a movie about your life
tony collette.
what celebrity do you have a crush on right now?
none. i dont do crushes on celebs.
did you ever cheat on a test in school?
Not that i can remember.
Have you ever been arrested?
Yes, once. I was arrested under the mental health act, it was the scariest thing ever.
Do you know your heritage?
YEs. I am fully irish. Both of my parents are irish born and bred.

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random odds and ends

so i thought i’d write a random update sorta post. i am delighted this week is almost over. 2 more days to the weekend yay! i cant wait! tomorrow i have a relief pa in the morning because kristen is doing a training course in manual handling. she doesnt even want to be doing it but its part of her job she has to do it in order to work with clients. so the relief pa is dolores and she’s nice. she’s done relief for me before. a friend of mine also has her as her pa though and she told me the other day that dolores got a new job and so she is leaving. that means i’ll have to find someone else to do my cover when kristen is unavailable. thats probably going to be hard. given they’re so short on pa’s. i’m sure dolores will tell me herself tomorrow about her new job, its just that my friend found out sooner because dolores was working with her and she told me, even though she probably shouldnt have. i wont let on i know anything and i’ll just wait for her to tell me tomorrow herself about it. i have my nutritionist tomorrow morning, its weigh in time. i’m hoping i’m down a couple of pounds. i keep saying i’ll be happy if i am even down a pound, but it sure would be nice to be down a few and have all of my hard work pay off. i’m not going to eat any breakfast until i am finished seeing karen. if i dont eat i’ll get a more accurate weight when she weighs me. i need to ask dolores to clean the house, vacume, mop the floors etc. it hasnt been done this week at all, because kristen didnt have time on tuesday to do it. in the afternoon tomorrow i’m going to a barbecue at the basement club. its on in the green ribbon garden, thats a garden that shine runs as part of the basement club. i’m looking forward to it very much. it is supposed to be really sunny tomorrow too so that will be nice. i wasnt part of the committee to set up the barbecue mainly because i havent really been in to the basement club in a couple of weeks. but i payed my 2 euro yesterday and so i am going and i will enjoy myself at it. being with the other members will keep my mind occupied and keep me distracted from my own thoughts and worries. i’m going to make the bbq my treat for this week. i will eat a burger and enjoy it knowing that i have the whole week to work on my weight after the bbq is over.

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