we are ok after the storm!

everything is ok again, the storm is over.
things are going back to normal. although lots of people are without power, but we didnt lose ours. over 200 thousand people lost theirs though and are without it.
it will take days to restore the power. I’m grateful we didnt lose ours.
the schools were closed on monday, and they are closed today tuesday also. most places were closed. the A and E department of the hospital was open but any outpatient parts of hospitals were closed. My home help was off work too. So I had to fend for myself and cook my own meal.
I cooked chicken nuggets and onion rings. the kids were delighted with that. my sister had given us homemade vegetable soup and we made ham sandwiches with it and had that for lunch. they’ve been hiding all day because of being scared so they enjoyed coming out to eat.
I need to go to my college’s website to see if they’re closed today tuesday. Also first thing this morning I need to see if the partnership where I volunteer is opening today.
if not i’ll stay home all day. my pa kristen can hopefully come this morning and we can clean my house and she can help me make breakfast of sausage and hash browns.
thanks to everyone for the good thoughts and for worrying about us.
your all such amazing friends. dont know what we’d do without you.
carol anne


No storm yet

nothing yet, but its on the way! The rain has started!
I’m a little bit nervous!
I hope we’ll be ok. We’re on our own. And our home help rang to say they got a message from their boss not to come to work today.
So looks like we’ll be preparing our own food. So I told the kids they could have chicken nuggets and amy wants onion rings and we’ll have hash browns too.
At least we slept ok last night. Went to bed at around 11 and its almost 4 AM now and we slept for all that time which is really unheard of for us.
I brought nitros bed out into the hall and shut my living room door. He seemed to like it in the hall, well the little bit of time he spent in the bed, because mostly he slept with me lol.
Anyway thats the update for now will keep yall posted as to how we do with the storm.
carol anne

tired sorta wednesday

I’m really tired today. I just woke up at almost 4 PM. I slept for 2 hours. That will make up for my waking up at 4 AM this morning.

I was going to go to the basement clug today because there was a knitting and crochet group on. But then after I saw dr. Barry and Mark I was tired so just went home instead.

My home help will be here soon. Once I start the independent living skills course I will no longer have home help. I don’t mind though. I am looking forward to being able to cook everything for myself. The home help I have now just helps with cooking.

I’ve been missing doses of meds again lately. I am making a conscious effort now to remember to take them. I know its important. Sometimes I miss my night dose. I tend to be ok taking the morning dose. I haven’t told Dr. Barry just because meds haven’t come up in our appointments lately.

I received a very nasty email today. someone who reads my blog sent me an email. They said I am crazy, and I am way too attached to my therapist, and its creepy, and if they were my therapist they’d take out a protection order against me. I ignored it and just deleted it. I’m not even going to entertain it. They are obviously looking for me to respond so they can continue their ranting and hatred. Well, its not happening.

Has anyone else ever gotten nasty emails from people viewing your blog?

I plan on staying home tomorrow. I’ll have my pa in the morning from 9 AM until 1 PM. I plan on doing housework. I’ll probably go to my parents tomorrow and stay there until Sunday. I was meant to be going to Dublin on Saturday for an advocacy meeting but I decided not to go. It would be a very long day and I’d have to get up super early to get the early train. I can still become a member of the advocacy network that’s being set up without going to the actual meeting. Its run by the national council for the blind here in Ireland.

So what are your plans for the weekend?
carol anne

To my silent readers

hi guys
this post is for my silent followers. I’d love to get to know you. So do comment, tell me a little about you, who you are, what your about, I really want to know!
Where are you from? Why did you choose to follow my blog? Now that your following, do you like it?
I have over 1000 followers and I’d really love to get to know all of you!
So do write me a note and say hi Open-mouthed smile I promise I will be sweet and I dont bite Smile with tongue out
Smile xx
carol anne

My life updates email notification group

hi everyone
I have made an email notification group, where I will be posting some more detailed updates about therapy, and other things to do with my life.
I’d love it if you’d join it.
Feel free to subscribe by sending a blank email to the following address

Looking forward to all of my readers joining me! 🙂


More change. New PA

so there is more change on the horizon for me. now that I will be starting the independent living course soon, actually I am starting on October 23rd, I found out today. but well because I will be living there from Monday to Friday of each week, I will have to get a new PA. Kristen cant work in the evenings, and she doesn’t work weekends. Today I rang Anna the person in charge of the PA service. I told her my dilemma and asked her if she could get me someone on the weekends. She was honest and said they were finding it very hard to get people to work the weekend shifts. So then I said if she could get me someone for Friday evenings I’d be happy with that. She said she’d send out an email to all of the PAS and get back to me. So heres hoping. I hate losing Kristen. Me and her get on so well. She is a great PA. I’ve worked with her for almost 2 years. That’s a long time in the grand scheme of things. She said that we’d stayin touch though. And that I need to do what I need to do to better my life. Still its hard to lose her when I’ve become close to her. Hoping the new PA will work out. I cant handle much more change, so hopefully this is the last of it.

Good news. I am starting an independent living skills course

so this morning i got some good news. i had applied to do an independent living skills course at abode, the place I go to for respite. I was on a waiting list to get on the course. There was issues with me commuting, they had said that a room would not be available for me to stay there for the week from monday to friday, and that I’d have to commute in and out on public transport. but then this morning clodagh emailed me and she said a room became available and did I want to take up the place. I was shocked. i really wanted to do this. But I had to think long and hard about it. Because it basically means me going to abode on Monday morning after therapy, and staying until Friday of each week, then going home on Friday evening until Monday morning. The course is for 18 months but she said its pretty much up to me, i can go at my own pace and so i might take less time to do it or I might take the whole 18 months, but that part is up to me. well i thought about it long and hard. And I decided to take up the place. I will pay 70 euro per week, but for that i get accomodation, food, support of staff, nursing staff etc, so thats really good. things we will learn on the course, how to cook, household chores, personal effectiveness and personal development, health and fitness, self care, advocacy, budgeting and money management, etc. I am so excited to start. I totally was not expecting this today. I can still do my addictions studies course because that course is in the evening. So I am very happy. We have some paperwork to sort out but I should be starting within a few days.
carol anne