#Socs: The taste of coffee!

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is -tast-. Find a word that contains tast and use it in your post. Enjoy!


I’m wide awake at 3 AM. I didnt sleep well. Probably because I had a nap in the afternoon yesterday. Well I was not doing anything else, and I hadnt slept well the night before either. So a nap it was.

I got 3 hours of sleep in the afternoon yesterday, and tonight I went to bed at around 10:30 and slept until just after 2 AM.

I doubt I’ll sleep any more now. So what did I go do? I went to my trusted coffee. I made a brew. A cup of smooth coffee. Yum! It tastes delicious! I love how this particular coffee tastes! Its expensive, a jar of it cost me 10 euro but its worth it.

Its pouring down outside. Its so sootheing to listen to the rain. I love it.

I have therapy in a few hours. We’re looking forward to going. We have to tell her we booked our trip to colorado to see Sarah. And we also have to talk about other stuff, allie is going to have some time, as will liz.

Then I am working this afternoon on friendly call. My supervisor is off today so I hope there arent any problems. If there are I suppose I could ring her or just wait until she’s back in the office tomorrow because I work tomorrow also. I wont be on my own so if anything does come up I’m sure I can ask someone else’s opinion about what to do.

Well off to drink this coffee! ❤


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Do true crime shows trigger you?

I was just wondering something. I watch a lot of true crime shows. I was watching one last night before bed, I know, not a good idea to do that, but I was ok, it was a little triggery but I wasnt too triggered and I was able to sleep after watching it. It was britains darkest taboos, I was catching up on some episodes that I missed.
What I am wondering is, do you watch true crime shows, and, if you do, do they trigger you or make you think that it might happen to you? If you live alone does it bother you?
I do love those type of shows. I am not sure why. I am thinking because I experienced a lot of times in my life when I thought I might not survive, that it seems more real to me. And so thats why I watch them. they are true to life and that resonates more with me.
So what about you? How do you feel about true crime shows?

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A good day!

Had a great day. College went well. I am wrecked now though. Going to just relax for the rest of the evening.

Might read, might not. Need to catch up on some blog reading as well.

So happy to have booked my flights to america. I can make plans now. I am super excited. So are the kids. They’ve been jumping around all day, and are full of beans, very very excited.

I am so happy for them. I love seeing their little faces light up because they know we’re going on a trip next summer. Now its whose going to be the one to tell eileen, thats what they are all arguing about right now.

I hope everyone had a good saturday. It rained here for most of the day, the sun is out now but it only came out about an hour ago.

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Updating on baby josh’s progress

So I have a further progress update on how baby Josh is doing.

Some of his tests came back, and it wasn’t good news.

He was born without the glands that produce hormones, this is going to obviously cause him huge issues. The doctors put him on medication, and he’ll be on it for life.

Without this medication, he wouldn’t produce any hormones, so he wouldn’t grow.

They still don’t know if he’s deaf, or blind. But they do know that his level of downs syndrome is the most severe one that there is.

Its all so sad. One positive is that he’s feeding better now. He’s taking a few ounces at a time now. It exhausts him, just the action of sucking the bottle. But he’s doing it and that’s really positive.

He’s a little fighter. Please continue to keep him in your thoughts and prayers, there is still a very long road ahead for him and his parents.

Storm warning

A storm is coming to ireland tomorrow and friday. Hurricane lorrenzo!

We arent actually getting a hurricane, we’re getting the tale end of it, of what was hurricane lorrenzo which battered the atlantic.

We’ll have heavy rain and high winds. A status yellow weather warning is in effect from tomorrow evening at 6 PM until 3 AM on Friday morning.

Before 6 Pm it is going to rain heavily too I think. I wont be out in it as I am not going outside my front door tomorrow. I am staying put.

I hope our power doesnt go out. Thats what I am most nervous about. I hate when the electricity goes off.

Please keep me in your thoughts that I’ll get through it ok. I’m sure I will, but some prayers and good vibes would be nice. I’d appreciate them.

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I’m having less anxiety which is great!

I’ve been feeling a lot less anxious since I started clonadine. It has been very helpful. I’m so glad it seems to be working for me. I still have some anxiety, but its not nearly as bad as it has been.

It feels so good to just be able to say that. Perhaps we really have found a good solution, and a med that actually combats it. I really hope it continues to work for me, otherwise I might have to restart the lyrica. I dont want to have to take it because it causes weight gain. So if the clonadine works well, then that is a much better option for me.

For now its working well, and I’m very glad it is!

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I must be doing something right!

I am finally on a good sleep schedule! I got a great nights sleep last night! I slept from 8 Pm until 4 AM! It was amazing! I feel so good having had that sleep!
I was exhausted because on Monday night I didn’t sleep a wink!
I am determined to keep this going! What I am going to do is go to bed each night at a decent hour, even if I don’t feel tired! I will try to sleep even when I think I cant!
Its got to work well I think it will!
What I am also going to do is not drink any caffeinated drinks after 6 PM!
My new med is working well! I am less anxious on it!