I am so nervous about returning to slimming world on Tuesday! I hope I havent gained a ton of weight. I know I’ve gained some, I just hope its not a lot. I am rejoining, as a new member, so that I can start the process over, delete all of my old weight history and start fresh from whatever weight I am now. I did weigh myself on my scales at home tonight, and it does look like I have lost a few pounds since last week when I got serious again about dieting. I am well pleased with that. I was 220 pounds, and tonight I was 216.7. Thats a nice chunk of weight to have lost. So hoping by tuesday to be down another 1 or 2 pounds, and then go from there, I’m sure group is going to be very different from what I’m used to, usually there would be a half hour of weighing in people, and then an hour of a talk and going round the room, but this new format is 15 minutes of weighing people, and then a half hour talk to all of us and I doubt she’ll go round the room.
We’ll see how it goes! I’m nervous but also excited!