Its so hard to
out a spot.
Where do I fit in?
Sometimes I wonder if I do. I long to fit in, long to belong.
But don’t we all?
I think that’s all all of us want, is to belong, to fit in, to be seen. Seen, loved, cherished.
I know for our younger insiders, its all they want. the kids, they long for that special person who will love them for who they are, for the child alters that they are, but sometimes, people get so fascinated with our did, they don’t see that the child alters were created from mostly traumatic things.
yes there are child alters in our system who don’t hold trauma memories, or have no trauma in their past, but most of our younger insiders hold trauma.
if they let you in to their world, it is a special privilege.
So remember, treat them with kindness, compassion and most of all respect.