Good blood sugar readings

I’m feeling very pleased with myself right now.

I just tested my blood sugar, and its just a little above normal.

It is finally getting under control.

It is such a huge relief, that my meds are finally beginning to work.

Dr. Barry was right. She told me that it would take up to six weeks to get my blood sugar to stabilize.

I love that Dr. Barry is able to advise me on all health related issues, as she is a medical doctor as well as being a psychiatrist.

I am so pleased that my blood sugar has come down.

I am going to keep testing it twice or three times a day now.

I want to keep a close eye on it.

I got another appointment in the post last week to see the diabetes nurse specialist but it isn’t until August.

I will probably need to have more blood work done again before I see her.

Hoping the Ozempic is back in stock soon so I can start that med.