Constipation wos!

I’ve been constipated now for a few days. Its horrible. I hate the bubbling in my stomach, bloated feeling, and just overall ickiness that I feel.
I rang the pharmacy yesterday to see what laxative they’d recommend, the pharmacist was very nice. She recommended one to me, and she said I could get it on prescription from my GP, so I rang in the prescription and it was delivered to me this morning.
I wasnt looking forward to taking it, as I was sure it’d taste horrible. It didnt taste too bad though. I took 2 spoonfuls of the medicine this morning, and it has already worked.
I am so relieved that its working. I’m not sure how long I need to take it for, I know I probably need to take it 2 or 3 times so that I am completely cleared out, the pharmacist did say it might take 24 hours to work, and she advised me to drink plenty of water to stimulate my bowel to move.
Its certainly no picnic to be feeling so constipated. I don’t have this issue often, and you would think with all the fruit I eat that I wouldnt have this issue at all!
I just wanna get back to normal!
Hopefully by the weekend, I can stop taking the laxatives.
Fingers crossed!