Fearful littles

I’ve really got to do some deep work in therapy, the littles are so super scared at night, I’ve got to get to the bottom of why their fear runs so deep. I mean, I know we’ve had lots of trauma in our past, abuse, been accessed in our adult life, so they really dont feel safe at home.
Night time is a huge trigger for them. They get really activated and it always starts around 7 PM, they start crying, begging not to go to bed, they are fearful of all noises, any sound outside, they think someones coming into our house.
No amount of encouragement from me helps. We’ve worked in therapy in the past on trying to have the adults present to make them feel more secure, but lately that hasnt been working.
I think I’m going to give eileen a call in a few minutes, to see if she cant get them to settle down. My whole body feels activated, I am fearful, anxious, overwhelmed, emotional, and just feel super unstable.
It is not a good night tonight for us.