Call from the weekend team went well

I just got off the phone with one of the nurses from the weekend team. Her name is Aisling. And I knew her from some years ago, when I was in the locked psychiatric ward, she was a student nurse up there at the time that I was admitted. She’s fully qualified now and she works in the community as a psychiatric nurse.
She’s really nice. I was so glad that it was someone who knew me. I didnt have to go explaining everything to her, and thanks to sarah my CPN for leaving good notes on the referral also. That helped a lot.
We talked about my lack of sleep last night, my anxiety, coping techniques, distraction techniques, etc. It was a good conversation.
I’m still wired and still very anxious though, nothings changed with that.
I seem to also have a ton of energy! I mean you’d think I’d be exhausted from not sleeping, but no, I am not. I am just full of energy, mind is racing, and my thoughts are racing also.
Aisling said if I need to call her back that she’ll be there until 5 Pm today, thats good to know, but I doubt I will call her back. If I call anyone it’ll be Eileen, as I feel more supported by her, but I dont think I’ll text eileen either, I might email her with an update though which she can read in her own time.