I aint sleeping, and this shit sucks!

I’m going crazy! Literally! I am not sleeping tonight! I thought I was turning a corner, but no such luck! I slept well for two nights, and now tonight I am back to getting no sleep again! I didn’t have any coffee before bed, I took my meds at a reasonable hour, I tried to wind down, I did everything I could think of but still at 5 AM I am up! And wide awake! Ug sigh!

I am so sad, agitated, overwhelmed, I feel depressed, and wish I could email Eileen, technically, I could, but I wont, because she has enough going on with her family member whose ill! I will wait until Wednesday to text her. I am badly in need of therapy though. I hope sarah contacts me tomorrow or Wednesday because I am really struggling so bad at the moment!

Guys this totally fucking sucks!

I’m so tired of feeling bad! I’m done with it!

I have to work today, and god guys I don’t wanna! I really don’t! I have to though! My supervisor is not even in the office this week, so I have less support, and no one to talk about my work with! I could talk to the other volunteers I guess, but I probably wont! I wish I could just say I wasn’t going to come in! But then I’d be letting people down and I don’t wanna do that!

Has anyone got any ideas for me as to how to go about trying to sleep? What to do or what do you do if sleep isn’t coming? Do you just run with it? Do you have any tricks or tips for me?

I need them! So bad right now guys its not even funny! I really do need them!