Early start to the day

good morning guys 😀 its so early. I have been up since 5:30. Mom came out and woke me up so I got up and we had a cup of tea together and chatted about our day yesterday. Everyone else is still sleeping. I fell asleep last night around 1030:. I was so exhausted I couldn’t keep my eyes open any longer. 😀 the weathers a little bit dull today. Its not raining yet but I think it will before the mornings out. We are going to an indoor water park today. I’m not going swimming though, even though I brought my bathing suit. I just don’t really feel like it. So mom and me are going to go for a coffee and walk around the town while my sis takes the kids into the pool. I cant believe its the middle of the week already 😀 we’ve been here a few days wow. It sure doesn’t feel like it. Oh yeah also? Ireland made it through to the Eurovision song contest last night. 10 countries were going through, we were last to be put through. I honestly didn’t think we’d make it at all. The final is Saturday night. I’ll probably watch it. Another thing I’ve been watching is the 20th anniversary edition of who wants to be a millionaire. Its so addictive. I love trying to answer the questions and see how far I’ll get up to. I also watched greys anatomy last night before I went to bed. I love that show. Well I hope you all have a great Wednesday. Let me know how your week is going in the comments box. 😀
Thanks for reading guys.
xxx 🙂
carol anne

My afternoon plans changed!

Well, I never went to my friends. It was kind of a bummer as I needed the cheering up.  But when I called her she was going somewhere with her sister.  She did say that we could rearrange it for during the week.  So then when that didn’t happen, I decided to do a little self care after dinner, so I took a nap.  A nap that turned into about 3 hours, lol.  But I feel so good now after it.  I feel refreshed and rejuvenated.  And my mood is much better.  Mentally I am feeling good.  So I guess that’s a win, right?  I’ve eaten really healthily all day.  I’ve had a ton of fruit, I made two fruit salads and I put natural yoghurt on top.  They were delicious.  I didn’t  get any exercise in today.  But that’s ok, I’ll get a ton of it in this week when I’m home.  I’ll go on the treadmill every day, at least that’s the plan anyway.  When I was sleeping I had weird dreams.  Not bad ones, just weird.  Cant even describe them but they were kinda out there, now that I’m awake I can barely remember the details but when I first awoke I could remember them vividly.  Anyway.  Tomorrows a bank holiday here.  Mom is going to come to my house with me for the afternoon.  Hopefully my sis will drop me home when she is on her way to work.  Well that’s about it i guess.  So catch yall soon guys.

carol anne

Daily word prompt-delivery

Its so so important when you have a mental at
of services happens efficiently.

Consumers, the patients, need to advocate, and keep advocating. You and only you know what you need. No one else can tell you that. You know your body. You know how you feel and who can help you.

We are very lucky. We have a great team behind us. With a did diagnosis and with complex ptsd, things can be complicated. With these conditions, you do need a good team behind you in order to improve.

Our psychiatrist dr. Barry is wonderful. She is empathic, she is validating, she gets it, and gets us. She listens, that is the most important thing. She questions how things are for us, and then, she listens to the answers we give her.

She’s been our psychiatrist now for almost 5 years. Wow, has it been that long? It sure doesn’t feel that long. It seems like it was only yesterday when I was first introduced to her and it wasn’t under the best circumstances.

I was really ill. I had come into hospital in a bit of a crisis. I was very triggered. I remember telling her I didn’t know why I was triggered. She didn’t believe me. She said you must know, you are living with this condition daily. That was one of the most profound things she ever said to me.

I am living with did. I am the expert. Only I can know how I feel. Only I know my triggers.

I also have a wonderful therapist. I see her weekly and I’ve also been seeing her almost 5 years. She is truly a godsend. So amazing. She has saved us on many occasions and she has taught us much about healing and given us many tools to help us heal.

Its great that I have such a good
of services to help with my mental health. Without my team, psychiatrist, therapist, OT, community psychiatric nurse and social worker behind me, I am not sure I’d be where I am in my healing today.
I owe all of my thanks to them.