Feel wobbly

Feeling off right now. Feel a bit shit if I am honest. A bit wobbly. Unstable. And emotional.

Not sure what is wrong. I just feel, crappy.

I am gonna have to try to distract myself from the feelings…easier said than done.

I think stirring up all the memories today in therapy has set us off. I hope we’re not in for a night of it now. I feel like a torrent of flashbacks is coming. I don’t know how else to describe it. I just feel a little crazy.

God I hate this feeling. I want some stability. I want this month to end. I want out and away from October.

I feel like screaming. I feel sort of insane right now. Sort of like I’m manic. Or having very manic feelings. All crazy and mixed up.

Little bit emotional

I feel a little bit emotional tonight. Not sure what is up. I just feel sad. Maybe its after effects from willows processing in yesterdays therapy session. Who knows. All I know is I am feeling bad. And I am not sure why and I am not sure how to fix it. Maybe I need to do something to distract. Watching tv might help. I will go make a coffee and go sit with mom and dad for a while. I don’t like this feeling.