I feel human again

So after breakfast and a shower I now feel human again.

I am still feeling overwhelmed but I am trying, and trying counts right?

I had a nice bowl of porridge with pears in it for breakfast. That warmed me up.

The weather is rainy here so that isn’t helping. I have to go out in it later this afternoon. I have to go to Iceland which is a store that sells frozen foods. I need to buy some slimming world meals. My sis is taking me.

So I need to somehow get to where I am ok enough to go. I can do this. I just have to push myself harder.

The shower felt nice too. I enjoyed it. I let the hot water pour down on me. That is so healing.

Now to tackle the inside chaos. Lots of kids crying, panicking, etc.

I just keep telling myself I can do this. I can and I will.