hapy easter and a Cadburys cream egg

hapy easter everybudy
gess wat
mom got us a cadburys cream egg
jus one
she knows we ar dieting
but her also know us kids wanted a treat
so her hand us dat and say
hapy easter
it was so cool
and so yummy
i ate it all up
carol anne said dat ther is 9 syns in it
dat is wat thay cal them in slimming world
wen you eat a fing wat is bad for you
but i don care how many ther is in it
it was nummy yum yum
did yu al hav a nise easter
darina ballerina i six

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Update on mom, and clothes Shopping!

Mom is all better! She woke up feeling great! Well almost great. She is still a little bit weak, but overall she’s much much better.
We got showered and dressed and went downstairs and out of our hotel to a local restaurant for breakfast, it was really nice. Mom just had tea and toast, and I had a cooked breakfast, mine included bacon, sausage, hash browns, baked beans, eggs and toast and tea. It was so yummy and very reasonably priced.
I am not really meant to be eating hash browns or sausages, but I am away, so my diet has kinda gone out the window, well a little at least.
After our breakfast we went shopping as I wanted to get an outfit to wear at my cousins wedding which is in june. We looked in a shop I like, and I found a white pants, 3 quarter length pants, a summer pants. I also found a white and blue dress top, and a jacket to go over it, and a nice white pair of shoes, flat shoes with diamontes on them. After lunch we’re going to go to another store and get my accessories, my jewelry and a bag, and stuff like that.
Its been a nice relaxing morning. The weathers really nice. I even had to change my clothes as what I had on was too warm, so I changed into something lighter.
I’m really really glad mom is feeling better. That is such a relief to me. Thanks for all of the kind messages, support and prayers for her speedy recovery.

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Long night

I slept for a few hours, but I kept waking up because I kept hearing people in the hallways shouting. Mom slept all night. She has been waking a little for a minute or two but she’s been mostly asleep. I am hopeful tomorrow she will be fully better, she said she feels wrecked, and I’m not surprised at that at all. I think I managed to get about four hours of sleep. I lay down at around 9 PM, by the time I got to sleep it was about 10:30. I woke up again at about 1:45. I’ll probably stay up now. I dont think I can get back to sleep. 3 or 4 hours does me anyway, so I’m not too worried if I dont go back to sleep. I woke up so thirsty, thank god for diet coke! I had two bottles of it and have almost finished them! The room feels so warm, we have the wondow open but the room still feels very muggy. Dont really know what we’re doing today, it really depends on how well mom is. Its going to be a long night I think. All is quiet outside now though in the hallway I mean. So thats good at least.

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Mom got sick

So mom got ill with a bug. We think it was from a sandwich we ate last night. We bought sandwiches at the store, and brought them back to our room, they were chicken and stuffing sandwiches, and we think mom got food poisoned from hers.
She’s been up all morning with stomach cramps, and diarrhea. She is coming around a little now. I feel so sorry for her.
I just hope she’s going to be ok. My two aunts are on their way to spend the day with us. So hopefully mom will be ok and be able to enjoy the time we spend with them. We just had breakfast. We only had cerial and toast, well I had cerial, mom only managed a slice of dry toast.
Its really awful that she is sick on our trip. She normally wouldnt eat sandwiches bought from a store, I dont know why she decided to last night.
We are still going to try to have a nice day despite her being ill. She will hopefully come around as the day goes on.

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Birthday gifts

I got some lovely gifts for my birthday. I got spoiled by my sister. She got me a set with some slippers, body lotion, and body wash in it. She also got me some hugo boss perfume. Thats a very expensive perfume, and it smells really good. She also got me this cute little stress ball, with a picture of a pug on it. And she gave me a card with 20 euro in it. I am planning on buying something nice with the money over the weekend. Maybe a new dress top or a pair of shoes.

My aunt thats moms sister gave me a lovely gift also. She gave me some perfum too, the same one dr. barry wears, so I am in my element now, as I smell like dr. barry. Its a really lovely perfume, I cant spell the name of it, its a really expensive one too though. She also gave me some body butter, and some bath chrystals.

My cards I got with my gifts are really nice too. I love getting cards. I saved mine and put them on moms mantelpiece.

Mom is going to buy my gift at the weekend, she said she’d get me something to wear when we go shopping. I cant wait to try on some clothes and pick something out.

Its so nice to be spoiled. I’m such a lucky duck.

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