Sleepless night and plans for today!

well I had very little sleep. Went to bed around 1 AM. Couldnt settle. Eventually I did and I got around 4 hours of sleep total. Feel quite tired this morning. But I am up and awake and have had a couple mugs of coffee to get me up and going!
Just getting ready for therapy now. Booked my taxi. Finally got myself dressed too. Have an hour and a half before I have to leave! So plenty of time!
Am going to cancel my after care with nitro tomorrow. My week is just super busy! I can do it after the christmas rush is over! There is no hurry. I’m sure the guide dog school will be fine with me canceling it.
Other than therapy I have to go to my gp today. I have to get a medical done. You know a medical after the car crash, the solicitor is requesting that we all have medicals done so she can get reports on our injuries. So I have to go there at 3 today.
I plan on walking to the surgery, to get my exercise in! Thats if its not raining!
I hope you all have a fab Monday!


Therapy tomorrow!

Therapy tomorrow morning! Yay! So glad we get to see eileen! So looking forward to it!
For once I dont feel any anxiety at all around going in!
I’m just happy we get to go! Im kinda excited to see what the session will be! We’ve been making such good progress lately! I hope we’ll have more of it tomorrow!
Its our second last session before the christmas break. I am going to ask Eileen if for next week, our last session before the break, if we can have a kinda low key session, where we dont really do any trauma work or deep work, where we can just generally wind down!
Im sure she’ll agree to that!
For tonight though I will just look forward to my therapy time! And I will look forward to eileens support tomorrow morning!


Doing the radio documentary

so today we did the documentary for the radio, the one that is featuring the work of friendly call, it was myself, my supervisor and two other volunteers. Two producers came from the national broadcaster in ireland, RTE, and interviewed us. It was really cool. They were very nice and they did a great job. We all got to talk about the work we do. We got to tell them a little about ourselves and how long we’ve been volunteering, and what brought us to be doing it. Then they asked us about the work and the clients and stuff. It is going to be broadcast the week of the 17th to 21st of december. The producer told my supervisor she’d text her the date when we’d be featured, it will be available to listen to online on the podcast so when I know more I will let you all know so maybe some of you can listen to it.
I am very happy with how my interview went. I wasnt even nervous. The girl interviewing us really put me at ease!
I am glad we did it. I am glad that friendly call is getting lots of exposure. They deserve that.


Sunday religious quote. Leaving you with a gift…

I am leaving you with a gift, peace of mind and heart. And the peace I give is a gift the world cannot give. So dont be troubled or afraid.
John 14:27 (NLT)


Finish the thought…

Finish the Thought:

1. Those words I couldn’t say…because I got tongue tied!

2. It’s quite simple, really…honesty all the way!

3. Sometimes I forget…my head!

4. I can sum that up easily…say what you mean and mean what you say

5. A famous person born on my birthday…Don’t know any!



1. Job…Babysitting

2. Thought in the morning…Where’s my coffee?

3. Car…’Don’t drive!

4. Decision you made as an adult…Starting a secretarial course

5. Concert…Westlife!


This or That:

1. Hamburger or hotdog…hotdog

2. Mountains or beach…Beach

3. Electric or standard toothbrush…standard

4. Call or text conversations…Text conversation

5. City or country life…City


Would you Rather:

1. Be a creative or technical person..Thats a tough one. I choose techy.

2. Would you rather brush your teeth with hot sauce or ranch dressing…Hot sauce

3. Would you rather have two permanent lazy eyes or always get nosebleeds at embarrassing moments…Nosebleeds

4. Would you rather eat pizza daily or never eat pizza again…Eat it daily!

5. Would you rather always get stuck in traffic or always have a really slow Internet connection…traffic, definitely, with in–car wifi ; )

Panicked dog?

Nitro is so agitated! He’s really panicking tonight! Panting and shaking like a leaf. I thought it was due to us eating, he started it around the time we were having food. But he’s still going! And we’ve all finished ages ago! He’s standing by my bed now panting and nudging me! I am wondering is it because a storm is coming and he can sense it? I really dont know what is wrong with him. I tried to let him out but he wont go out! He is refusing to come when I call him! Im just not sure whats up with him!


Played the lotto!

So today while out shopping, I bought a ticket for the lotto for tonights draw. Its 6 million euro for the main lotto draw tonight. There are lower prizes as well. And a plus draw, so there are a few chances of winning. In the plus draw the top prize is half a million euro. There is also a lower prize of a quarter of a million. I could also get 5 numbers plus the bonus and win 25000 euro. Or get a small prize for 5, 4 or 3 numbers.
I’d love to win something! It would be amazing if I did!
Fingers crossed!