Post share: Music therapy can help us all!

Music therapy benefits all of us in many ways!
Read on for more on how it helps us heal and benefits our general overall stress levels!

5 Amazing Facts about Music for Stress Relief: Guest blog by Curtis Dean

Never new it was so hard to get my prescription

So my PA Frances said she’d pick up my prescription for me. Kind of her, as it was not part of her job, she was doing it on her own time.
So on Tuesday morning, when I went to get my flu shot, we handed it in to my GP. The receptionist took it, and told me it would be ready for pick up on thursday.
Thursday came, my PA went to pick it up, and was told, sorry we dont have it. Are you sure you dropped it off? To which she said yes, she dropped it off, I know because I was with her when she did it.
After much looking, it was found, but the receptionist then said, Oh, well, come back tomorrow, it will be ready then!
So my PA asked, are you sure it will be ready if I come back tomorrow? And the receptionist got snotty and said, I hope so!
And would you believe it, when Frances went down there today, it still wasnt ready! She had to wait for it, and she was late to work because of their carelessness!
I felt so bad that she was late to work and all because of doing a kind thing for me!
Anyway, in the end, I got my meds! Thank god!
Never knew it would be such a fiasco though to get them!


Work today!

I’m at work right now. I’ve been here about an hour. The weather is quite bad here today butI managed to get here without getting wet.
I walked into the office, and my colleague trish was giving a group of student nurses a presentation on friendly call, so she roped me into talking to them about my role as a volunteer.
that was fun! They are only 18year olds so they have a lot to learn.
I got a long list of people to call today! 57 in total!
Good thing I’mhere until 4:30! It looks like I will be busy!
I love days when I am kept very busy!
I’m on lunch break right now, but I’ve already made about 15 calls this morning!
Have a long way to go yet!


Oh man I got nothing done, again!

Well today was a right off! I got nothing accomplished! Nothing at all!

It looks like I will be spending my Saturday doing college work! I will also try to get some done tomorrow while I am at work! My supervisor has given me permission to do some of my college work for some of the time I am there!

I did so want to make a start on my assignment today. But then, I got too tired! I sat with my dad and watched tv instead!

What a way to get it done, right?

Ah well! I’m not worried, I will get there! I’m sure by this time next week I’ll be saying, why did I stress so much!

By this time next week it will all be over, my presentation will be done, and I will be excited about going to Killarney for the weekend!

Oh did I mention that? I’m off to Killarney on the 25th with my mom and two aunts! For 3 nights! I cant wait to go!

Its going to be a blast! We’ll have a ball!

So now its just do this assignment, get the presentation done next week, and then chill and enjoy Killarney!

Lean on me!

lean on me
I am here for you
I am a shoulder
To cry on
Release all the feelings
And emotions
That are inside
I am here
And I care
I have no hidden agenda
All I want
Is for you
To heal
Truly heal

This was a convo between our therapist Eileen and me!


Giving up

I sit here
Darkness swallowing me up
Anxious thoughts
Tears fall
As I try to speak
No words come
I am numb
Numb and alone
I say a silent prayer
But who am I praying to?
I pray the feelings subside
I am unable to hold in the tears
Silently they fall
As my dog sits beside me
Looking at me
Nudging me with his soft warm nose
Oh how I hate
This dark night
I want to just give up
Give up this fight

Karissa age 15