Busy afternoon

Its been a busy shift this afternoon on friendly call. I was the only volunteer heretoday trish is here, and one other volunteer came in for an hour. But other than that I was on my own! I had tons of calls! Lots to do! I am exhausted now. I am still in the office. I wont be finished up until around 5 PM. I cant wait to go home and get some food! I am starving. I have a lovely chicken curry for dinner today. I will enjoy it as I am really hungry. All of my clients were in good spirits today. It was really nice to see that. I was delighted that they were all doing so well. It made my day. I might have to come in again tomorrow. I don’t normally do Wednesdays but they are short staffed at the moment, so I said I’d help out if I was needed. I’m waiting for Brenda to email me back. I offered to come in if she needs an extra bit of help. Im free tomorrow afternoon anyway so it really doesn’t make a whole lot of difference to me if I have to come in. We’ll see though what Brenda says when she emails me. I’m tanked up on coffee now lol. I’ve had 3 cups this afternoon. I’m just happy the shift went off ok. I feel accomplished and very productive.

Short staffed

I just had a call from my supervisor at friendly call. She aksed me to go in early today. She is out sick and she said they are very short staffed. She’s been out sick for a few days now. She is doing some of the calls from her house, that’s how short staffed they are. She told me she’d send me on a list of my calls soon. I told her that it wasn’t a problem, I can go in an hour earlier. Im not doing anything else so that will be fine. She asked me if I could get a taxi in, as trish cant leave the office to come get me. Not a problem. I already booked it. Now I just need to get myself ready to go. While I was on the phone with her I also made a point of telling her about the other volunteer who was there with me last Friday. She’s constantly letting all of the work to me and others, last week it was just me and her, and trish, but trish’s job isn’t to make calls although she will give a hand if needs be. Anyway last Friday the other girl, the one who doesn’t do her work, she was listening to music on her phone, instead of making calls. So I told Brenda about it. Brenda said she knows she’s doing it and she is going to see what she can do about talking to this girl, she’s done the job for over 5 years, so its possible she’s burnt out. But if she is, she needs to take a step back, not come in and say she’s going to do the work and then leave it all to the rest of us. I am looking forward to going in today. I only got a few hours of sleep but it will be ok. I enjoy my volunteer work. I always look forward to it. It gives me purpose. I love all of the clients. Some of them have a tough life. Some of them have no contact with anyone except us on a daily basis. So I feel its important that they get that call, someone to check in and see they are ok. Safe and ok. I am glad I am that person. Brenda said my list should be with me before the end of the morning. Now am off to get dressed and shower. I’ve already eaten breakfast and let nitro out. So he’s sorted. Now to just get myself ready…

Despite no therapy, I’m feeling stable

So we had no therapy today as Eileen is out of town.

Despite this, we’re stable. I think all the sleep yesterday did us some good!

The kids are missing her, but I’ve promised them that they can do something fun this evening, like, for example watch a movie, so that is helping some.

It feels weird not to have had therapy today. Seems odd. Our Monday is just not the same.

I am thinking of Eileen a lot today too. Wondering what she’s learning that she will teach us or show us when she returns. Its all very exciting.

I think I am going to finish off my book tonight too and begin a new one. I have 45 minutes of the true crime book I am reading left to finish it. I will do that soon so I can leave a review for the author, and also review it on my book review blog.

I hope your all having a fab Monday, it feels good to be feeling stable, for a change! Just saying.


Well tomorrow I was meant to go to the gym. But the weathers supposed to be awful. So I doubt I will go.

My PA will be here at 9 AM. I think I’ll have her just do some housework. My house needs a good cleaning.

I was going to opt to get a taxi down to the gym, but well, if I did, I’d be worried we wouldn’t get one home again. If the weather was really bad in the morning, there’s a possibility we may not even be able to get one to take us there either.

I do need to get my money out of the ATM. But I guess that can wait until Saturday morning. Hoping the weather will have picked up by then.

My PA’S boss is coming out to us tomorrow too. She wants to do an evaluation with me, to see how I am liking my service, if I am happy with it, how I am getting along with my new PA etc. I’m not in the least bit worried about that. Everythings going along just fine. I am very happy with how things are going.

So the plan is, get my house spick and span. Have breakfast. And not sure at this point what else we’ll do. Probably just sit and chat. I do hope the four hours will fly by though.

Im also going back volunteering tomorrow. I’m feeling ok mood wise for now at least. I don’t want to miss another day of volunteering asI enjoy it very much. So I will go tomorrow afternoon and do my shift on friendly call as I normally do on Friday afternoons.


Today I have been at the basement club all day. I attended some recovery groups there.

In the morning I went to a creative writing class. It was really good. It lasted an hour and a half. We used story cubes and we made up a story from the prompts on the cubes. We also did a get to know each other exercise. And at the end of class the tutor gave us some photographs, and we were to use one of them to form a character for a story. She also had a handbag containing a bunch of items, which represented a character, and when she had us go through the items and then we were to jot down some things that we thought were true about this character.

In the afternoon I went to discovering recovery. That’s a new group that is running at the basement club. It was really interesting. We talked about what mental health recovery means to us. We talked about what hinders us in our recovery, and about what works for us. We also made out ground rules. The group is going to last for 8 weeks. It was so interesting. That group this afternoon also lasted for an hour and a half.

I am totally enjoying being part of the community again at the basement club. I do have to say I really love how the new staff have a few new recovery groups put in place for us. The groups are really helpful. I am finding I am getting a lot of support now from the new staff too which is nice. I am glad I stuck with them and gave them a chance. They really did turn out to be nice people and good to work with too.

They are now emailing me info about events, as well as texting on info to me. The new coordinator is really disability aware which is nice. She goes out of her way to ensure that myself and my friend norma have what we need to access the service.

Its great. I’m so appreciative that she does that for us. It is helpful as we’re unable to read the printed material which is up on the notice board for everyone.

Its been a good day. I’m tired now but its a nice tired. A contented tired.

Its been a weird night tonight

Im having a really weird night. I didn’t go to bed until around 1 AM. I fell asleep but it was a light sleep I was in. I kept waking up! Not sure why, but I had weird dreams, I actually cant really remember what they were about, just that they felt weird to me!

My phone kept going off too. I didn’t silence it like I normally would. And my wordpress notifications kept going off! So that kept jolting me awake too.

Finally I got up at around 4:30 so not much sleep at all here tonight! Before I woke up for the final time and got ut, I was in a semi sleep state, and I kept jolting awake as I thought I heard noises. I kept thinking please let me be ok, don’t let anything bad happen to me!

Not sure why I was having thoughts of something happening to me? Weird?

Anyway I have a full day today! I have my PA coming at 9 AM. We’re off to the gym…followed by an apt with my gp for my diabetic review! I am hoping to come off my diabetic meds finally! It looks like my blood sugars are really good my A1C was good or so I’ve been told, so fingers crossed I can come off the meds.

Volunteering this afternoon and then going to my parents for the weekend after that. I doubt I’ll have time to look around me today lol.

No volunteering

Im not going volunteering today. Im having a bad morning. I just feel off. I feel disorientated, and anxious. My anxiety is through the roof. Its just not a good day. I made some breakfast and ate that. I am just going to take it easy today. I don’t think I’d be of any use to anyone today. I feel too out of it. So I texted my supervisor and told her I couldn’t come in. She was fine with that. She told me to take it easy and have a good week. I told her I’d be in on Friday all going well. And I plan on going in on Friday as normal. I just have to take today as a mental health day. Rest up and take things easy. Hoping I feel better soon. The time of year doesn’t help with Halloween being tomorrow. That’s probably why I am so off this morning.