Feeling off

I woke up feeling bla. I just feel off. I don’t know why! I just woke up numb, then I went from feeling numb to just feeling down. Now I feel so depressed. I cant shake it. I think I need to do something to distract. I ate a banana, and drank 2 cups of tea. I was hoping the tea would make me feel better. It didn’t. Thank god I have therapy tomorrow. I badly need it.


I don’t see myself being able to sleep tonight. I feel wired. I am tired, but I doubt I’ll fall asleep. I think I’ll probably just stay up reading. I will probably be sorry I did that though. I should try to go to bed at a decent hour, as we’re traveling tomorrow, but well, when did I ever do that? Never! I’ll be ok, I’m sure I can go to bed early tomorrow night when we’re in England. I don’t have to stay up until everyone else goes to bed. Right now I am nervous about traveling. I am nervous about the flight, I hate flying. I am not the best traveler. My anxiety is very high. I’m sure I’ll be fine. I need to remember to buy some sweets for the plane, in case my ears start popping while we’re up in the air. I hate when that happens. Hoping to get a little sleep, even if its an hour or two only.

Dinner time!

Dinner today was chicken, mashed potatos, roast potatos and peas. I didn’t opt to eat the gravy dad made. By the time we ate I was starving!
I had to eat a banana earlier in the afternoon to keep me going until mom got home from grocery shopping!
I’m doing really well today, been drinking a ton of water, and haven’t had much to eat, I’m trying to cut down on portion sizes. All I ate today was my breakfast, and a banana and my dinner. I call that a win.
I am going to have a nice bubble bath soon. Tomorrow I will be going volunteering, and I also need to put a color in my hair. Mom will do that for me in the morning.
I texted Eileen this morning, to ask her if it would be ok for me to text her if I need to after the funeral on Monday, she got back to me right away and she said there was no problem, to text if I need her.
Thank god for that! What a relief!
Eileen has always come through for me, I didn’t expect anything different this time from her.
I am glad I can text or email her if I need to do that.

Slept well

So I slept well last night. I decided to go t be at a decent hour. So at 10:30, which is early for me, I turned off everything and I went to bed.
I didn’t wake again until 6 AM this morning.
I had a fabulous sleep. And man am I feeling good now!
I’ve been drinking lots of water this morning. I’m determined to get as much water into me as I can. I did the same thing last week and found myself down 2 pounds at weigh in so it must be helping.
Moms gone grocery shopping this morning. Its her day to go grocery shopping.
I don’t have any plans today myself. I am just going to have a quiet one I think.

S.Y.K time!

Its so you know, S.Y.K time over at revenge of eve! So I thought I’d participate today!

Her questions that she is posing are below…

•Have you ever wet your pants or the bed as an adult? Ages 18- current age? I have wet my pants from laughing a few times. The bed, on occasion, if I am having a nightmare, but not a lot.
•Who is your all-time favorite comedian? How would you describe the style of comedy you enjoy? My all time favourite irish comedian is Brenden O’Carroll. He is so funny, well I think he is anyway. He has a tv show now, Mrs. browns boys. I love it. He can be crude, but I think he’s hilarious. The style of comedy I like is stand up.
•Do you and your friends and/or family have a funny person in your circle? Yes, that would be me! Haha!
•Are you good at telling jokes? I am I think. People always laugh, whether its because I am funny or well maybe they are just humouring me, but they always seem to laugh at my jokes!

I hope you enjoyed my answers to Eve’s questions!

Friday morning

I am definitely going to ring my gp and try to get an appointment with him. I probably wont get to see my own gp, but I can see someone else, as long as I can get seen, and maybe possibly get something for this sore throat, that will be good.
My PA will be here at 9 AM. I had planned on going to the gym, but well, that’s off the cards now. There is no way I can exercise when I feel like this. And it just wouldn’t be even good for me to try to.
I am unable to sleep tonight. I slept earlier, although I slept fitfully.
I took some meds and am just trying to chill out.
My PA will also clean my house, when we get back from seeing the doctor, I also have to go to the ATM to get my weekly money out. I owe my mom money for our flights, you know, the flights to England for my cousins funeral.
I hope to see mom over the weekend. I am not sure if I will or not. I have a lot of college work to do over the weekend as well. My friend Norma wanted me to come over, but I told her I probably cant, as I have to finish my college work.
I have to make up my slides for my presentation, I have to start my article review, and my learning journal.
My presentation is supposed to be on the 13th, but I wont be able to present that day as I wont be there, I’m only going to be coming home on that day from England, so I emailed the lecturer and asked for an extention. I hope I get it.
Well I am going to go make some tea. My throat is so dry. It feels like sand paper.

22nd february weird holidays

The holidays for February 22nd, 2019 are:
Be Humble Day
European Day for Victims of Crime
George Washington’s Birthday
International STAND UP to Bullying Day
National Cook a Sweet Potato Day
National Margarita Day
National Skip the Straw Day
National Wildlife Day
Recreational Sports & Fitness Day
Scouts Founder’s Day
Walking the Dog Day
World Thinking Day