All set up!

I’m all set up on my new mac!

However I haven’t used it much yet. I am learning!

It is going to take me a while to get to grips with it I think. I don’t mind, I have time! I will go slow! Take my time! Get to know how VO, that’s voice over, works.

I am proud that I managed to set it up without too much help. Mom did help me a little to do it. She got me started and I finished it.

At first we kept going into dutch instead of English. We must have restarted the set up process 3 or 4 times! Finally though we got it going.

I found out too that there are no USB ports on this MacBook. The ones on it are US C ports. You know, the ones that use tiny plugs, like the apple charger, but apparently you can buy a wire that allows you to plug in a USB device into your phone. I will have to buy that, otherwise I wont be able to use my external hard drives.

I also need to figure out wifi at my parents. They don’t have regular wifi. Normally I use my phones data. I plug it in using my hotspot. I normally use a USB port on my PC to plug it in. I think though on the mac I’ll be able to use Bluetooth to do it. I haven’t really checked that out yet though to see if I can or not.

I’m going to do a little learning on the mac each day and hopefully in a few days I’ll be all set and will know a lot.

I love my MacBook though. Its really slim! It has a real nice feel to it.

I’m glad I was able to get one!

Early christmas

My next door neighbour and me exchanged Christmas presents today. I didn’t open mine yet. I’m saving it for Christmas.

We do this every year. She even gave nitro a gift. So sweet of her to do that.

Tomorrow afternoon I am going to my friend normas house, we’re also going to be exchanging gifts. That will be fun. We know we each got perfume for each other. But we don’t know what type it is.

I’m also waiting for a parcel to come from England. My cousin sent me a present also. And my friend online sent me a box for Christmas. That’s waiting for me at my parents house. There is all sorts of yummy stuff in it, including reeces peanut butter cups, yum!

Its going to be a great Christmas I think!

No sleep tonight

I’m having a night of no sleep tonight. I kinda knew I would. As I stayed in bed late yesterday. I didn’t get up until after noon.
The kids are kinda unsettled. They’re afraid to go to bed. They’re afraid of the dark. I’m doing my best to soothe them. Unfortunately me telling them we’re safe isn’t really working. A few of them have been emailing Eileen. That’s ok, she said they could email her.
I feel like there’s no point in trying to sleep now. We’re due to go see dr. barry in a few hours. I might lie down for a while though and read. Maybe that will help. Distraction for me if nothing else. A good book always helps.
Right now I have the radio on. I’m listening to a talk show. Its good. Its a repeat of this mornings show that I missed due to being in bed.
Well I guess I’ll go make a cup of tea. I might make some herbal tea. I have berry tea here. That might be nice to have.

Medical report. Some worries

So you may remember me saying last week that my mom, myself, my sister and niece had medical reports done up for the solicitor.
It was to do with the accident we had in October. We had to have them done, the solicitor required it so that she could send them on to the injury board so that they can make us an offer.
The thing is these reports cost 300 euro each. The doctors fee is 300. That’s all fine and good, but we don’t have that kinda money! Not at the drop of a hat anyway!
Today, my sister received a letter stating that payment is required in full for the gp! So now we all have to obtain 300 euro each from somewhere, even my little nieces one costs that much! Right before Christmas too! Not ideal at all! But what can you do! It has to be payed!
I’m freaking out! I am not sure where I’ll come up with that kinda money! I will have to come up with it though. I will just have to find funds somewhere and pay it.
Its a huge worry for me! This is a huge deal. And money worries are a huge trigger for us. We hate having to worry about money. We were poor growing up, and actually lived for a while on the poverty line, we don’t now, and haven’t for a long time, but its still really triggery for us to think about having no money or not having enough to do what is needed!
So I am wracking my brain wondering where I am going to find 300 euro so close to Christmas time! I will probably have to scrimp and scrape it together to pay it!
Please pray I will find it and can pay it somehow! I will be really glad when its payed off. Prayers, good vibes, kind comments or thoughts are really appreciated right now.


It is 4:30 AM. I cant sleep. I’ve been up since around 2:30.

I am frustrated. I went to bed around 8 last night. I wen to bed early as I’d been up since 4 AM. It took me ages to fall asleep. Eventually I did, but then I kept waking. I kept tossing and turning.

Now I am up again. I am very dehydrated so am drinking a lot of water. I also was hungry so I ate some fruit.

I am supposed to go out with mom this morning. We’re going in to see about my computer. I am getting a new MacBook pro. We have to bring the cheque in to the store. Then it has to clear before I can get the computer and bring it home. So provided the weather isn’t too bad, we’ll go in today and talk to them at the apple store.

I dont have any other plans for my Saturday. I am just going to do this and then chill out for the rest of today at my parents house. I am kinda worried. I think I’ve put on more weight. I doubt I’ve lost any. I’ve been pretty bad and eating a lot of junk. I haven’t been too mindful of my diet lately. I don’t want to undo all my hard work but I think this week I have put up some weight. Oh well. It is what it is I guess. I just have to try not to put up too much weight over the Christmas.

Ok am off to read some more blogs. Talk soon guys!

Volunteering and other stuff

volunteering went well. Im still in the office. Its been a super busy afternoon. We’re really short staffed so I had extra work to do. I didnt mind though. I like being busy.
I didnt go to the gym this morning. I was going but then at the last minute I said I wouldnt go. I felt kinda bla about it. Not really in the mood for exercising. So I left it go and will wait for another time, probably next week now.
I let the kids have a treat today. A bag of crisps and a turkey and cheese roll with chili sauce, they were ecstatic, they devoured the food and I also let them have a diet vanilla coke. So I scored brownie points with them hahaha.
Eileen hasnt emailed us yet. I emailed her this morning to see if she got home safely. She hasnt responded. All I can think is she’s not home yet. Or she’s busy and hasnt got time to respond to us yet. But she will, I know she will. I have faith that she will as she will know we worry and fret that she is not ok.
I am going to moms soon for the weekend. Mom and I are going on a mother daughter christmas shopping adventure tomorrow. We’ll also have lunch out. I am excited to go. I love that we get to spend some one to one time together with each other. It makes me super happy.
Im going to have a nice omelette for dinner today. With ham, cheese, peppers and onion in it. I cant wait. I love omelettes.


Before I get into this post, if anyone wants to connect with me on facebook then feel free to add me

Im very chillaxed tonight. Not much going on at all. I am having a nice quiet night in. Just browsing on fb. I spent some time deleting old accounts. I kept my carol anne one, and this one I jus posted, but I had other old ones, that I needed to delete, so as not to confuse people. If you don’t have me listed on that account, add me? I’d love to connect with all of you.

Have spent a lovely hour or two chatting with friends. And just browsing and enjoying a coffee, now am going to go read for a while.