30 days of writing day 19

Day 19:  Discuss your first love


My first love was a girl named Marie.  We were friends but one night while driving she tried to kiss me.  I loved her like a friend but not like a girlfriend.  So it didnt go anywhere. But I think if I’d have allowed it to it would have went to us dating. I’m glad I didnt now though as she was a lot older than me and it just wouldnt have felt right to me.

30 days of writing challenge, day 8

Day 8: Share something you struggle with

I struggle a lot with intense flashbacks. This is due to the fact I was abused. I live with the aftermath of that abuse in the form of PTSD. The flashbacks are hard to deal with. They can literally come at any time, day or night. Sometimes when they come they debilitate me. They make my life a living hell.

30 days of writing challenge day 7

Day 7: List 10 songs you are loving right now

1 all about that base megan traynor
2 cheerleader OMI
3 blank space taylor swift
4 fucking perfect pink
5 shake it off taylor swift
6 future husband megan traynor
7 thinking out loud ed sheeran
8 photograph ed sheeran
9 uptown func bruno mars
10 blow me one last kiss pink

30 days of writing day 4

Day 4: Write about someone who inspires you

My grandad really inspires me. He isnt here any more because he died earlier this year. The reason he inspires me so much is that no matter how sick he was, he always stayed positive. I think when your ill it isnt always easy to be or stay positive but he did, and he was really sick for the last few months of his life, actually for the last 5 or 6 years his illnesses got worse and worse and really took hold. He never complained though. He always smiled and just got on with life. He was a true inspiration to me, and I hope if I ever become ill I can follow his example.