2 AM, still up

2 AM. wide awake. cant sleep. didnt really try though. was too busy reading blogs. doing email. just messing around online.
I should go to bed soon. I have an early start tomorrow. Mom and me are heading in to get me some new clothes, and my phone. I want to get a new outfit for wednesday night, for the awards ceremony. i hope i can find something nice…im gonna get leggings, and a new top.
other than that no other plans tomorrow. was going to go to my friend normas house, but then realised she had to go to her sisters honeymoon party tonight, so she probably wont be home until late tomorrow evening. i might go over to her on sunday, but then i may not, as mom said she’d like to do my grass, cut it, and that will take a couple hours at least. we’ll see. if i dont go over to norma at the weekend I might go there during next week.
my supervisor brenda you know she’s my supervisor for my volunteer job, she is taking norma and me to an art exhibition next thursday, its specifically for the blind, it should be fun, i am excited to go. you can touch some of the art, and some of it has descriptive voice overs too on it. so yeah. should be good. will let ya’ll know how it is once we go.
well i’d better head to bed, good night, everyone!

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Daily gratitude

Another great day. So much to be thankful for.

1 My mom for cleaning up nitros vomit
2 my friends for all of the support they give me
3 A long hot shower to destress
4 My slimming world consultant
5 Blogging! it helps me to pour it all out on to my blog.
6 Good food! 😀
7 Music! I love my music!
8 My wonderful psychiatrist! She’s just amazing!
9 Nice weather!
10 My bed! and sleep 😀

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Daily gratitude

things I am thankful for today, in no particular order…

1 my mom
2 healthy food
3 fluffy blankets
4 a hot shower
5 a ride to my volunteer job
6 good friends
7 cool weather
8 Good conversation
9 th e love of my dog
10 for making it through another day!

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Bank holiday monday thoughts

its a bank holiday here today. im not up to much.
mom will be home later this afternoon. im looking forward to seeing her.
i slept well last night. i read a few chapters of a new book before going to bed, its called groomed, and is by UK foster parent casey watson.
so far its really good. i’m only 3 chapters in though. but i like it so far.
i dont have any plans today. im thinking i’ll probably go home to my own house later this evening. i was going to wait until tomorrow to go home but i figure it will be less of a rush if i do it this evening.
i did end up going to normas house yesterday afternoon. we had a good time. we just hung out and chatted, i gave her a new book to read. i stayed there for about 2.5 hours.
im sure nitro will be glad to get home to his own house and his own bed. he likes it here at my parents house but he loves his own space too. he’s happy when he has his own bed to go to.
anyway. thats about it for this morning. im sure i’ll write some more later in the day.

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If we were having coffee…weekend coffee share

Weekend coffee share at eclectic alli’s


I decided to participate this week in the weekend coffee share.  So sit back, put your feet up, and enjoy a nice drink. Hot or cold, your choice. I have hot tea, coffee, juice, milk, water, and that’s about it.

If we were having coffee, I’d tell you that I’ve had a nice relaxed afternoon. I was meant to go to normas, but then my dad needed help with some stuff so he asked me if I’d help him, so I didn’t end up going to normas after all. I made plans to go there tomorrow, though.

I would tell you that norma got an amazon echo dot, and she has asked me to help her set it up. She also set up an amazon and audible account, so she asked me to download some books for her, which I am very happy to help her with. I recommend alexa to everyone. Its an amazing piece of technology.

I would tell you I had chicken curry for dinner, and it was delicious. Mom had made a huge batch of it last week, and we froze some of it, so rather than having my dad cook for me, I just took that out of the freezer. I do have to say though it was extremely hot! I drank a lot of water while I ate it!

I would tell you that nitro is acting very strange tonight. he’s panting a lot. I just let him out so I am not sure why he’s doing that. he’s literally on top of me breating heavily. maybe he wants to go back outside, after I finish writing I’ll let him out.

I’d tell you that I talked to mom again this afternoon, she’s loving camping. And having lots of fun. I’m pleased for her.  She seems like she’s having a blast.

what would you tell me if we were having coffee?


Midmorning update

so dad and me are managing without mom being here. he’s not whining much thank god! I am coping. I am doing much better than I expected. I had breakfast, and showered, without any hassle from him, without any complaints. he’s gone out now. he went to the bookies to do his weekly looto numbers. he’s also gone for a drink. he’ll only be gone for about 2 hours. that’s his routine and he never strays from it. he’s a creature of habit is my dad. he is very particular about times. im heading out later this afternoon to normas house. but not until four pm. I already booked my taxi. i’ll have lunch before I go and then have dinner when I get back, but that wont be until around 7:30 tonight. im looking forward to spending time with norma. I might also go visit her tomorrow. was meant to be going to my friend rose’s house tomorrow but she’s ill so she canceled. she has some sort of virus. I hope she’ll be ok. so when I see norma today I will ask her if she’s free tomorrow and i’ll go over to her house in the afternoon after we’ve had dinner. mom is having a great time camping, I’ve been talking to her. twice this morning we talked. she said she’s having fun so that’s awesome. i’m happy for her.