Christmas gift from a friend!

Our friend Ray sent us a christmas gift! We got it just now. The post woman brought it after 7 PM! She said due to it being black friday there was lots of parcels being delivered and that is why she was delivering it so late in the evening!

We had fun opening it! It was makeup! Lipsticks, and lip liners! Thank you Ray! I love makeup. We dont have a lot of lipsticks and lip liners so it will be nice to have some new ones.

We are going to wear some of the lipstick next week going to the friendly call christmas party! I cant wait to try it out!

Its fun to get presents in the mail! Thanks again RAy! You made our day!
Amy age 15

5th December blogmas 2019 day 5

I have been busy writing christmas cards. I have been writing them to friends who are abroad. Its been lovely picking out the cards, and putting a special message on them. I hope my friends who recieve them love them as much as I’ve loved getting and writing them.
I’ve also been listening to christmas FM. It comes on each year at the end of november until just after christmas, its nice to hear all the festive music.
Christmas is less than 3 weeks away now. Man did that come upon us quickly. I cant believe its going to be that soon. I just love all the christmasy atmosphere thats around the place at the moment. Its pretty cool. I’m a big fan of christmas anyway, so I would definitely enjoy all the festivities.

Anxiety is still there, and six year anniversary of seeing dr. barry

So my anxiety is still high! I ended up staying at home again today and not going in to work. I felt bad but I need to take care of my mental health. I wasnt going to slimming world either, but I changed my mind at the last minute. The fact I’d have to still pay for this week even if I missed it spurred me on and made me think twice about not going in. I slept for half the day. I couldnt get up. I just dozed all morning and into the afternoon. That made me feel crappy, I felt like I was being lazy. I do feel a little better though, now that I’ve napped a lot today. I am less cranky, less tired, more energised, and in a good mood. As I said, the anxietys still there though. Right now I am so thankful I will see Eileen in the morning. That session wont come quick enough. My friend Norma whose blind and lives near me, she went to school in dublin with me, she’s a few years younger than I am, but she’s looking for a therapist and she asked me to ask eileen if she knows someone whose reasonably priced. So I asked eileen and she got back to me tonight and told me to leave it with her and she’d think about who to send her to. Norma is ringing me a lot though and being quite needy, and its stressing me out to no end. I dont want to seem mean and tell her to stop calling me, but I may have to. She rang me twice tonight already and she said she’d call me tomorrow at lunch time, so I told her she could, but if I couldnt talk then I’d ring her back when I am able to talk. I dont want to seem unsupportive. But well I can only take so much. I see Dr. barry as well tomorrow. In the afternoon. I am glad about that. Its been 5 weeks since I have seen her, the longest we’ve ever gone without an appointment since 2013. I am feeling the effects of not seeing her now too, so am glad we finally have an apt tomorrow. I need to wish her a happy anniversary, this month marks our six year anniversary of working together. I cant actually believe we’ve been seeing dr. barry for that long. It sure doesnt seem like it. Those six years of working with Dr. barry have been the best years of our life, mental health wise we’ve done much better while seeing her than we did with previous psychiatrists. So its all good. I will wish her a happy anniversary and I’m sure she’ll be all surprised about it that we’ve been working together for so long, things like our anniversaries mean a lot to her. She did tell me recently that she only started working as a consultant six months before she started working with me, she only moved to the job in the may of 2013, and we started working together in the november of that year. Now that I’ve slept for most of the day, I’ll probably be up for the whole night. I am planning on facetiming sarah in a little while. Once she wakes from her nap. I am looking forward to chatting to her. I bet we talk more about the trip next year and what we plan to do during it. Or more likely what we plan to eat hahaha. We like to talk about the kinds of food we’ll eat on the trip. I hope the anxiety lessens soon. I hate anxiety, its horrific. I wish it didnt exist. I’d be happy if it just fucked off and left me alone.

Does anyone want to friend me on facebook?

I’d really love it if some of my blogging buddies wanted to be friends with me on fb.
My fb has our bodys legal name on it. That is because my family are on there.
I am ok with people friending us on there if you’d like to.
the info is below

I will look forward to some of you hopefully friending me!
Just comment here to let me know your going to do it!
so I know to expect it!

Quiet Sunday

Its been a quiet day for me today. I didnt get up to too much. I just relaxed.

I had dinner at my parents, my dad cooked a roast. It was delicious.

After dinner, mom went with me to my house. She spent about 2 hours here. She did a few things for me that needed to be done around the house. I am so glad that she can help me out. Its so nice of her to do stuff for me. We sat and chatted for a bit, then I rang her a taxi for her to get home. The taxi took ages to arrive. Eventually it did though and she got safely home.

I decided to face time Sarah in colorado then. We got on the phone and chatted and before I knew it we’d been on for over 2 hours. We sure know how to talk up a storm! We had a great chat about books, and about did and other things. It was a lot of fun.

Now I am just chilling out for a while. Its pouring down outside. I am glad I am indoors. I tried to let Nitro out to do his business but he refused. Guess he doesnt like the rain lol.

I have the radio on as I am typing this. I’m enjoying listening to it. I might watch a bit of tv in a little while and then read before going to sleep.

I am pretty ok at the moment, hopefully it will stay that way

I’ve had a pretty good day today. Things here are up and down, we’re ok right now but it probably wont stay that way. We’ve been dealing with hard emotions all weekend, dark thoughts, triggers, you name it we’ve been dealing with it.
I had a nice evening here at home. I facetimed with sarah, that was lovely, and passed away almost 2 hours, we sure do know how to talk lol!
The weather here tonight is supposed to be bad, we’re under a status yellow warning for low temps, its supposed to get down to minus 3 or 4 C.
I am cosy and warm inside, with my heating on high!
I have the radio on and I am just doing stuff online, my plan is to stay up late, since I slept in this morning.
I am working tomorrow, but I am not sure of the times yet, I’ll have to ring my supervisor in the morning and see what time she needs me to go in at.

I am home!

I am home in my own house now. I went home an hour or so ago. Mom is here with me for a few hours. She’s doing a few things for me around my house.

The taxi driver we got wasnt a bit impressed with Nitro. Well, thats his problem, not mine. By law he has to take a guide dog. Nitro is shedding, and when he got out of the taxi he left tons of hairs on the mat. What can I do? There really is nothing I can do about it.

Now that I am home, mom is putting away my groceries for me, and then she has to take apart my old TV equipment, while she’s doing that I have to arrange for a delivery crowd to pick up the equipment on tuesday.

I put my heat on right away when I got in. The house is freezing, since there was no heat on all weekend.

Feels so good to be home! Me and Nitro are going to just relax this evening. I may face time with my friend Sarah in colorado if she’s up for that.