Lockdown sucks!

I am finding this third lockdown that we’re in very tough!
I had a chat in therapy with Eileen this morning about how hard I am finding it.
I miss people. I miss friends. I wish I could meet up with friends for a coffee and a catch up. I have not seen some of my in person friends since last march. I miss them.
I miss doing stuff with my family. Like for example going away for weekends, going on outings, celebrating events like birthdays, etc.
I’m lucky in that I do still see my immediate family, that does really count for something.
But during the week, I dont see anyone, except my PA frances, 3 times a week for 2.5 hours. And my mom on wednesday afternoon for 2 hours.
I havent seen Eileen in person since last august.
She told me today she would prefer to wait for us both to be vaccinated before going back to doing face to face appointments.
I’ve been trying to stay busy during lockdown, but I would really like to be able to go back to doing my singing lessons, its not the same doing them online, so I dont.
I would love to be able to just go for a coffee at starbux, with my friend denise, but we cant, as starbux is only open for take out coffee, and there is nowhere to sit and socially distance.
Eileen suggested we go to a park, that my PA frances take me, and I could meet Denise there and we could sit on a bench and socially distance and have a chat.
She also suggested for something new to do, that Frances helps me to bake, as I love baking, but would need help to do it.
I said I’d think about these suggestions.
She also suggested that my sister might drive me to starbux, just so I can get out and enjoy a drink, and then when I’ve gotten my coffee and got back in the car, we could go for a drive.
It was nice to vent my frustrations to Eileen. She was understanding, and said she really gets it, how tough we are finding it.
And it’ll be mid April before there are any loosening of the restrictions.
God how am I gonna survive!