I cannot believe my stupidity

I am so upset. I went to plug in my external hard drive…it had over 4 tb of books, audiobooks, on it. I went to plug it in, and it slipped out of my hand and crashed to the floor, the floor is tiled, so is crashed hard onto it. And of course when I plugged it in it was not working. It died. So then I quickly went on amazon and I ordered a new drive which is being delivered on Monday. But my books, I lost loads and loads of audio books. I was able to email a few friends who share books with me, and I am hoping they’ll be able to give me the books again, literally every book I owned was on that drive. I have some backed up to open drive but not a whole lot, so I’m extremely upset with myself, I should have been more careful when I was plugging it in, my laptop was on the kitchen table, and there wasnt much room for the drive to also sit on the table, and I should have considered that before trying to plug it in. So that is my gripe of the morning! I am waiting for my friends to reply to me, I am waiting anxiously and patiently although patience isnt my strong point. Lol.
carol anne