woke up feeling good

so yeah i got 3 hours sleep. you might say that left me tired. but it actually didnt. i woke up feeling good. my back stopped hurting. i got up and showered and feel so refreshed. energised even. i ate breakfast with my mom, she made it for me, she’s the best 🙂
so mom texted my sister, to see how she is today after being violently sick yesterday with a stomach bug. she texted back and said she still is weak but she has eaten and she is feeling a little better. so she will be coming over to mom and dads for dinner. its our sunday thing, we all eat together, then she will color my hair for me. and cut it too. i’m going on a trip this coming weekend to killarney for a couple of days. so i’m getting myself all spruced up for it lol.
i’ll do my tan tonight. the tan i buy its a moisturizer with a shimmer in it so you have to put it on a couple of times to make it come up and look nice.
might give my friend norma a call in a little while to see if she wants to come over later on this afternoon to my house. my sister will be dropping me home after my hair is done.
my other friend rose got admitted to the psych ward yesterday. i kind of knew she would. she had been doing badly for a while. she had gotten referred to the crisis team but she got very suicidal yesterday. i tried to support her as best as i could through texting. i feel bad because she asked me to come over but i couldnt, i was so tired i didnt have the energy to go visiting. but i was there via text and i kept her company while she waited for the psychiatrist to assess her. we chatted back and forth and last night i sent her a good night text to let her know i am thinking of her. i dont know how long she’ll be in for. usually she’s in for a couple of weeks. dr. barry is her psychiatrist too.
well thats about it for now.
carol anne

I distracted and now I feel better

well when the flashbacks hit, i decided to distract. i knew that would help. and i was right.
i watched americas got talent with my parents. it was really good. there were so many great performers on there.
i also rang my friend rose. she told me all about the wedding she’d been at today. talking to her helped a lot. she’s been going through some mental health struggles too lately so being able to be there for her has been great and very helpful to me as well.
now i think i’m ready to relax and wind down. the flashbacks have gone. i dont feel emotional. in fact i feel good. i like this feeling, long may it last.

Bank holiday Monday blog

Its a bank holiday over here today. Its now almost 1 AM. I’ve slept most of sunday away. I did get up and ate my breakfast but then went straight back to bed again. Was feeling exhausted. I read for a while then I fell asleep. Slept for a couple hours then got up and ate dinner. There was only 3 of us for dinner as my sister was going to her partners family today for dinner. So it was just mom, dad and me. We had fish. I’m not a big fish eater. Usually I only like frozen breaded fish. However this one was boiled fish, white fish. I’ve grown to like it. After dinner I just chilled out for a while. Mom asked me to go visit my aunt her sister with her and I said I would. That meant I needed to shower, so I did that. Moms other sister picked us up and we stayed for a few hours at my aunts house. We just chatted and watched a documentary abou t princess diana. It was a very interesting documentary. It was all about her life and marriage and then her death. We just got home a little bit ago. I’ll probably be up all night now because I’ve been asleep for most of today. I just noticed a text on my phone from my friend Rose. She had sent it at 2 PM today but my phone had been off the battery was dead in it. She had been asking me if I felt like dropping over to her. I texted her back and told her I never got her message until just now. I feel bad because she’s been doing bad lately mental health wise. She suffers with depression and anxiety and she also has BPD. We are good friends and we are very supportive to one another. We text a lot and see each other usually once a month. Dr. Barry is also her psychiatrist. I kind of think she may end up back in hospital again but for now she has gotten referred to the home base crisis team. I have no plans for today Monday. I will be going back home to my own house in the afternoon. I need to text Eileen and ask her what time our session is at on Tuesday morning. I’ve forgotten what time she told me. I also need to call my home help to see if she is working today. I doubt she is as they dont usually work on bank holidays. I have a relief home help this week, a relief from my relief lol. My regular home help is still out with her shoulder she’s been out for over six months. I have a relief whose really nice, but she’s also on holidays now this week for a week. It doesnt matter if the relief isnt working though I can have dinner at mom and dads before going home.

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daily inspiration

A true friend knows your weaknesses but shows you your strengths; feels your fears but fortifies your faith; sees your anxieties but frees your spirit; recognizes your disabilities but emphasizes your possibilities.
William Arthur Ward

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uneventful rest of my day

the rest of my friday has been uneventful. again, i couldnt stay awake. i think i got overheated. i tried to sit outside in the afternoon but the tiredness got the better of me. i told mom i was going to go lie down for an hour. that ended up being 2 hours though.i woke when mom and my sis came back from grocery shopping. we all ate together. mom made a salad and she also made sandwiches for me because i did not want salad. she bought this gorgeous bbq chicken, it tasted so good. she also got this lovely wheat bread that I had my sandwich on. i’m doing really well health wise. i just had the wheat bread with beef and one slice with chicken on it for dinner. mom tried to get me to eat more but i said i had enough. i didnt get to do any exercise today though which i am kind of disappointed about. i asked mom if she wanted to go for a 15 minute walk but she said she was too tired. no worries though there is always tomorrow. my sister wont be coming over to moms tomorrow because she has to pack her cases for going on holidays next week. so it will just be mom and dad and me until sunday. we were going to go to a vintage car show on sunday but my sister said she felt tired after her week at work so we might just go to a local park with the kids instead. once i get my walk in tomorrow i’m good. i might go visit my friend in the afternoon too. my friend norma that is. i also have to finish packing for respite on monday. i’ve been watching tv for the evening and just relaxing. hope you’ve all had a good day today.

carol anne

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Sharing on behalf of a friend

I am sharing a friends go fund me link? she is blind and trying to raise money to get to visit her family who she hasnt seen in six years, and also trying to get to a mental health conference, she also suffers with mental illnesses, please if you can, please donate she’d be very grateful!

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