it is lexi and darina
and we are both six
we got some american candy
from a friend
for our birthday
it be sooo good
i ate some peanut butter em and ems
yummy yummy
and we gots a mister good bar
and a hersheys bar
and skittles
and junior mints
and a mint dark chocolate kitkat
sooo good
but we not eated it all at once
cuz if we did that
we wuld get fat
love, lexi and darina


From Emily, Thank you

Thanks to everyone who supported me last night when I felt so bad. I am ok now, I am feeling a lot stronger, I am sorry if I upset anyone, or made anyone feel uncomfortable with talk of suicide and being depressed.
Sometimes I forgot and I know they are hard things to talk about and sometimes people arent in a place to talk about that stuff. Bcause sometimes I am not either.
anyway I had a good sunday. I am going to talk with our therapist eileen in the morning. I know she’ll help. She always does.
I been reading the secret garden and watching netflix. I been watching disney plus also. I love Icarly, austin and ally, and jesse.
We also took a nap this afternoon, cuz we was up early so we got tired.
Naps are good!
butterfly hugs,
love, emily xoxo

Always something isnt it?

Well, I just had a call from my friend Norma. Apparently, she has to be tested for coronavirus, she has been feeling weak, short of breath, and she just doesnt feel very well.

Well, I was with her this morning, for all of 5 minutes. I did wear a mask going into her house. I only took some money from her, but my face was covered the whole time.

Now she’s being tested for the virus, I will know the results after the weekend. I hope she doesnt have it, because if she does then I might also have to be tested.

There is always something. It never rains but it pours.

Please pray I dont have it guys. I am at my parents so if I have it I’ll have probably exposed them to it. So I am hoping I dont as my moms health is compramised as it is.

Please send prayers and positive vibes to me.

Am very worried now.

I should have been going to colorado today

I should have been flying out to colorado today to see my friend sarah, whose blind and who also has did. I am so disappointed that I cant go, I was going especially to celebrate her birthday with her, that was one of the main reasons I was going.
I will go eventually, its just when, I am not sure.
When I do finally get there, I know it will be so awesome.
I am also looking forward to hopefully meeting the blogger jeanne, from a jeanne in the kitchen.
At least the travel agent gave me a voucher, and hopefully the coronavirus will be gone by next year, so I can get there then.
In the meantime though, we’re all sad that we could not go now.
The kids in our system were so looking forward to meeting the kids in sarah’s system and playing with them.
Ah well, it wasnt to be.
Next year, maybe?


Life is about time. Spend more time than you do money on others. Give time more than any other gift. Also, take time when you need to. Take time for you when you need it. Sometimes time is all we have with the people we love the most. I ask you to slow down in life. To take your time, but don’t waste it.
Emma Heatherington

What day is it anyway? Tuesday

M day so far, 12 PM.
I had a good morning with my PA. She brought me some fruit and some coke. I had asked her to get them when she went to the store yesterday, so that I wouldnt have to go out this morning as I wasnt up to navigating the long lines at the store.
I meant to ask her to also bring me some yogurt, but I forgot. So I ended up just having a fruit salad for breakfast with no yogurt on it. It was still good though.
She went to the local shop by where I live to get me some milk. She took Nitro with her. He’s turning into a bit of a celebrity at the local shop, the girls all know him now and when he comes in with my PA they all pat him and talk to him. Its so cute.
Then when she got back we did housework…well, she did it, I just told her what I needed her to do. I went on my phone while she did the housework, I went on facebook.
she left at 11;30 and I made a coffee and called my mom for a chat. When I finish here I am going to call my friend Norma. I may go over to her house later on today, I’ll see.
So thats my day so far. Hope your having a good tuesday.