no sleep tonight

I cant sleep. I did manage about 2 hours. But that was it then. I woke at 1 AM and there is no sign of me going back to sleep.

I was having trouble with my computer, it was taking ages to update windows, then when it finally did it uninstalled my mail programme. Luckily I was able to reinstall it though, thank god! So all is good there now again!

Im debating whether I will read for a while. I want to finish my book, but then im not really in the mood for reading, so maybe i’ll just wait until tomorrow.

I’ll be having dinner at my parents tomorrow, it will be just me and my parents, I gave my dad his fathers day card lready tonight, we’re not going to do anything special for fathers day this year.

Mom said she’d come with me when i go home, to help me bring my shopping home, she ended up going grocery shopping for me this week and she kept my food in her fridge until I was going home. She’ll probably stay for a couple hours when we go to my house. I told her i’d give her the price of a taxi home as she doesn’t drive.

I also want to face time my friend sarah tomorrow. Sarah lives in collorado. She has been my friend now for about 4 years. We met on a mailing list for people who are blind and who have mental illness. She has did like me.

Anyway. I’m rambling. I will close this post for now. I hope your all ok and doing as well as you can.

Carol anne


my friend came over

my friend norma came over to visit me. it was nice, we had a good time hanging out. she wanted me to put a new book onto her phone. now that I’ve thought her how to use her phone to read audible books she’s flying it and is reading a lot. So I put the new maggie hartley book onto her phone. She stayed for about an hour and a half. i was glad she didnt stay longer as i am a little bit tired, and am planning on having an early night. i plan on reading in bed. i have an early start tomorrow morning. i am meeting dr. barry and my OT mark both appointments are in the morning. i have to be at the hospital for 8 AM. so an early night for me and I hope I will sleep. I told norma that if she reads the book before the weekend that when I come over to train her on saturday I’ll put another longer book on her phone then. she was happy with that and said she’d probably finish it before the weekend. ok time for a coffee now then call my mom for a chat.
carol anne


A late weekend coffee share!

So its the weekend coffee share over at eclectic allys!

I’m late this week but here goes! 😀


Weekend coffee share!


If we were having coffee I’d tell you that last weekend we had a bbq…just me, my mom and my dad. My sister was gone to her partners family for dinner on sunday, so we decided to have a bbq just the 3 of us.  It was lovely.  We barbecued sausages, burgers and ribs. I even got to have leftovers.  I’d tell you that its now Tuesday and I didn’t sleep very well last night. I think I managed about 3 hours of sleep. I have to go volunteering today and I am wondering how I’ll keep my eyes open.  I love volunteering though so am looking forward to it.  I’d tell you that my social worker Mary just phoned me to tell me that the organisation that we applied to for funding were on to her, with a break down of the funding I received from them so far.  I have a little bit of money left to spend, and now I’m wondering what to spend it on, because its not lots of money, and things are so expensive.  I also asked Mary if she’d help me apply for more PA hours.  She said she’d ring me about that next week. I know she’s very busy so that’s ok with me.  I know she will ring me when she’s ready.  I’d tell you that today before I go volunteering my dad is calling to me, he has to drop off some butter and my water which mom bought me, which I need as its very hot here.  I’d tell you that I heard on the news that the weather is supposed to change over the next few days, we’re supposed to get tons of rain and some storms as well.  We need some rain though.  Its been so hot here lately.  I like hot weather but right now I’m kinda fed up with the heat. I want a bit of rain, it will cool things off.  I’d tell you that my friend is coming over tonight, and we’re going to hang out. I’ll be helping her to put a new book onto her phone.  She just finished one I gave her recently, it was called beautiful boy and she liked it a lot.  Well that’s about it for this late weekend coffee share, thanks for joining me 😀

goals 12th june 2018

goals for tuesday…

eat 3 healthy meals

take meds


exercise for 30 minutes

go volunteering

hang out with my friend

read a couple chapters of my book

ring housing maintanence about fixing my shower

prepare for my dr. barry apt


Monday goals!

ok, well am not sleeping so decided to do my goals post for today because technically its monday here now.

Goals for monday are:


eat a healthy breakfast

take meds

go to therapy

eat healthy lunch

exercise for at least 15 minutes

eat healthy dinner

read a few chapters of my book

relax and watch some tv

call my friend to wish her a happy birthday

have an early night


I’m not asleep

well im wide awake. not sleeping at all despite everything i have tried. i just cant go to sleep. i’ve been tossing and turning, i cant relax. my mind is racing. thoughts are flying around in there. its a jumbled mess of thoughts.
is anyone up? could use a friend right about now…


goals for saturday!

so, goals for saturday! what are they? hmmm well, here goes…


take meds

go for a walk with my mom

read a few more chapters of my book

spend time in the garden

watch some tv to relax

nap if I can

Eat 3 healthy meals

Facetime with my friend!