Before I get into this post, if anyone wants to connect with me on facebook then feel free to add me

Im very chillaxed tonight. Not much going on at all. I am having a nice quiet night in. Just browsing on fb. I spent some time deleting old accounts. I kept my carol anne one, and this one I jus posted, but I had other old ones, that I needed to delete, so as not to confuse people. If you don’t have me listed on that account, add me? I’d love to connect with all of you.

Have spent a lovely hour or two chatting with friends. And just browsing and enjoying a coffee, now am going to go read for a while.

30 day music challenge, day 4

Its day 4 of the 30 day music challenge.
today, the challenge is as follows

A song that reminds you of someone you’d rather forget

This is easy for me. For this I am picking a paramore song. I choose this because it reminds me of a friend I had a few years ago. This friend had did, but our friendship ended, she turned out to be a bit of a psycho.
She was very abusive and very manipulative. It just wasn’t good to stay friends with her, so we didn’t.

The song now brings back a lot of memories when I hear it. Memories of being in Disneyworld in florida with her and she’d play this song over and over on her Ipod.

Five things I am thankful for this friday evening

I thought I’d do a little post about five things I am thankful for tonight.

In no particular order…here goes.

1 My clean bill of health.
2. My mom and dad
3. My dog
4. The fact that I am able to have a good quality of life on most days.
5. My mental health team, for their ongoing support.

I am home!

After 12 days at mom and dads house, I am finally home in my own house.

I came home today around 4 PM. I got a taxi. The driver was so nice. I am now using a different taxi company to bring me places as the last one I was using was horrible to me about my dog.

Today when I booked a taxi to bring me home I said to the girl who answered the phone to me that I had a guide dog and was that ok? She said of course it is, you know no one can refuse you because of your dog dont you? I told her I did but some companies had made an issue of it. She said I didnt have to put up with that and never feel I should have to.

I got home safely, the driver helped me indoors with my bags. Then I put away my food and other bits and pieces. Now I am just watching tv and messing around online. I turned on my heat as it was freezing today, the house is taking a long time to warm up though. Im still feeling cold but hopefully things will heat up around here soon.

I made coffee, its nice, and I am enjoying it.

Nitros gone to bed, he loves his bed, when we come home he always goes in to it and spends the first entire evening at home in his bed resting.

Tomorrow I am going to have a chilled out day at home. So tonight I am going to stay up late. I plan on doing absolutely nothing tomorrow, I may go to my friends house if I feel up to it, and if she’s not too busy. Its only a might though. We’ll see how I feel tomorrow. If I go I wont go until the afternoon.


I’ve been running around all morning!

so i’ve been so busy today. running around all day!
Mom and me went out early this morning. We went to the gym so I could work out. We walked there. Then we spent about an hour in the gym. I went on the treadmill for 30 mins, and then I went on the bike. I did around 15 mins on it.
Afterwords we went to aldi to grocery shop. I got a ton of shopping. Enough for the whole week. It took us a while as we were looking around and trying to figure out things to buy. I had a list but really I dont know why I write lists. I never stick to them.
I spent around 50 euro on food. Im glad it wasnt any more than that. I got ingredients to make spaghetti bolognes, and I also got the ingredients to make a vegetable soup for us to have today for dinner. I also got a ton of fruit. I got some other things as well. I was craving salted peanuts so I got some of those too.
After grocery shopping we got a taxi to my house to put it all away. We spent about an hour at my house. Mom cleaned the yard, and did a little housework, and I helped her put all of my groceries away.
Then we got a taxi to mom and dads house. And now mom is making dinner. I’m exhausted now. I woke up early today. Like at 6 AM. But I went back to bed until around 8:30. So really I got up then and showered and had breakfast. I feel like I’ve had a very productive day all around.
I was supposed to go to my friend normas house, but I canceled. I told her I could come over tomorrow, but she has to go out then, so I said we’d leave it for this weekend, and maybe I can go visit her next week. I am going to just relax for the evening now. Just read and watch tv.


Todays goals!

Today I have only a few goals. Mostly my goal today is to get out of the house. After the accident and all I’ve been stuck in the house all week. If I wasnt in the house then I was running around with my mom and sister trying to sort things out after the accident. So today I am going to have some me time. I am going out. Going to the basement club. There is a recovery group starting there today. A holistic recovery group. I am also going to a meeting about us forming a social committee. My friend Norma is also going with me. She recently joined the basement club. So I am picking her up at 10:30 and we’re going down there together. It should be a nice day. So other than doing that I dont have too much else I want to do today. All I really want to do is socialise with others. If I can do that today I’ll be very happy and I will consider that an achievement.