Sunday funday

so im having an amazing sunday here. a quiet morning. doing not much of anything. just enjoying the peace and quiet of mom and dads house. relaxing, taking things easy.
i have to go to the store in a little while. I need to buy fruit for the week. fruit, and milk, and vegetables for todays dinner. we mom and me, we will walk to the store. we’re going to walk further than the store though, we said we’d take the long way around. just to get a walk in.
then later this afternoon I am going to go to my friend normas house. she asked me to come over since we havent seen each other in a while now. so at around 4 PM I will go there. I have the taxi booked to take me there.
until then I am just going to enjoy my sunday. I will enjoy dinner of roast chicken, roast potatos, and mashed potatos, and peas and I am buying some cauliflower to have as well.
what are you doing on this sunday?


My friend came through for me

My friend rose really came through today for me. I know we’ve had our issues lately but she’s been so supportive and helpful during my hard day today. She told me she’d be my sponsor! Ha I had to laugh at that! She told me Rosie says I need R and R rest and relaxation time and to have my breakfast tomorrow morning and then go right back to bed! I probably wont but we’ll see who knows, I may just do it!
I’m so delighted to have such amazing friends. I really appreciate that she has taken time to text with me today. It means so much to me and I am thankful for friends like her.


#socs 5th oct. Cards!

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is card. Use it any way you like. Enjoy!
I love getting cards from people. I love when someone gives me any type of card. I love being thought of! It is just such a lovely feeling when you either recieve a greeting card, a birthday card, a card, any card.
This month I have lots of birthday cards to buy! I have my furry babys card to buy too this month, he’s gonna be 8!
Imagine it! 8 years young!
I love to surprise my friends and family with cards that say I am thinking of you or, just because, I love to see how excited they get when I send the cards to them and they arrive through their letterbox!
We also love making cards. We make cards for our therapist and psychiatrist a lot. They love them! They always thank us for them. I think they enjoy the effort we put into making them!
So there you have it, my socs about cards!



#whatif prompt 10-04-2018

Today’s prompt:

where I’d sleep if I was homeless . .

Feel free to respond in your favorite way whether it be a poem, short story, photo, video . . however you best relate to the prompt. Simply post your ideas, create a ping-back and use the hashtag #whatif.

If I was homeless, I’d sleep probably in a friends house. If my friends would let me that is!
I couldnt sleep on the street, and I hope I’ll never ever have to do that.
I have so much admiration for those who can face the harshness of street life!
I just couldnt!
I would maybe stay in a b and B, or a hotel, but they can be hard to get in to.
I would so hope my friends would come through for me!
I do hope I never ever have to ask though!


Dr. Barry apt. Extra support this month, and, We’re moving!

had a great apt with dr. barry today. really got in to a lot with her. we talked about the time of the year, and how we are really struggling for the next month. I asked her if there was any possibility we could see the mental health nurse sara over the month of october as some extra support. She said yes that wouldnt be a problem, and she thought that it would actually be a great idea. So she is going to speak to her at their team meeting next monday. Even if its just phone support, at least there will be extra support, an extra person checking in with us. So I am happy about that. We talked about therapy as well, I told her about the darks working with eileen, working on why it is they do what they do, why they feel the need to contact past abusers, and respond to them. Dr. barry likened it to learning a new dance, she said its hard not to do the old one when you hear the music, she said if you know it, you’ll automatically do what you know, its like that with the darks too. They are learning a new way of being, and trying to change, and getting to a place where they no longer feel the need to contact abusers, but that takes time, and there will be hiccups along the way. I liked her analagy of it being like a familiar dance. I could relate to that. I told her about our friend asking me to talk to her on her behalf. She was not happy about it. She apologised to me, told me she was sorry that I was stuck in the middle of this. She said that she wasnt able to discuss her case, I knew she wouldnt be able to, and she wasnt able to tell me what she was going to do about it, but she said she would be doing something as this sort of behaviour wasnt acceptible and it wasnt fair on us to be put in that predicament. So I know she’ll deal with it. She said she knows too that when I am ready, and in a better headspace than I am in now, I’ll talk to my friend, and tell her that its not right what she did. And I will, just not right now. Right now I am dealing with a lot and dont feel up to having that conversation with her. We talked about moving to a new building, dr. barry said its happening within the next two weeks. We’ll be moving to a purpose built building. There wont only be mental health providers there though, there will be a whole lot of medical personel, doctors, clinics etc. We talked about our needs, and how we may need extra help. Dr. barry said that would be fine, she understood we need extra support and she said maybe the mental health nurse sarah can help us with that too. That sounds good to me. She said for me to take it that our next apt in two weeks will be in the old building unless I hear otherwise. They havent finalised things yet and dr. barry said her team havent been fully informed yet about the move, they’ve only been told that the move is happening. Its a lot of change though and we’re not good with change. Other than that we just discussed the letters I found from my gramma last weekend, we talked about slimming world, and a few other things as well. It was a really great appointment.