The confession

The couple lived in a small quaint town. They had bought their house a few years ago, they’d had to sell their house in the countryside because it was too big for just 2 people.
The new house was perfect! It had a big garden at the front, and a lovely back yard with lots of flowers in it.
Sandy had gotten a hot tub installed in their backyard, she was in her element.
One night some friends came over, and they all decided to go in the hot tub. They sipped wine, and enjoyed themselves, the night was very mild, the water in the hot tub was so beautiful.
Everything was going well until Sandy proclaimed “I have a confession”
Her friends gasped! “What is it, Sandy”?
Could she tell them? Would they disown her if she did?
As the stars twinkled above her Sandy decided that she’d better tell her friends, and if they disowned her afterwords, she would know she’d done the right thing.
Taking a deep breath, she began to speak.
What she told them stunned them all into silence!
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