personal assistant

so tonight my new pa came. it went well. she’s so nice. so friendly. very very down to earth and chatty. i liked her from the start. we sat chatting for a while, drinking coffee and just getting to know one another. she’s 47, and she had a 3 year old little girl. me and her had so much in common. we both have youth and community work diplomas. we both went to the same college and we had some of the same lecturers. we both knew a particular girl and her two kids. its such a small world. i couldnt believe the amount of things we had in common. i got her to change my bedsheets, wash them, vacume, and do dishes, help me prepare a meal, and go to the store for me. i had four hours in total but she had everything done after 3 and a half so i let her go half an hour early. i think we’ll get along really well though. i’m pleased with how things went.
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so i made it through my first day at the preschool. I just got home about 20 mins ago. I’ll write about the day later tonight. I need to decompress first. Its taken a lot out of me to be there and I worked very hard with the kids. I’m exhausted now but my PA is going to be here any minute so I need to get ready for her. Just a heads up the next post is going to be passworded because I talk about the kids I worked with in detail. If you want the password email me at
if you are using the wordpress reader, passworded posts dont show up so you will either need to go to my blog website to read it or if you get email notifications it will tell you the post is passworded and to go to the site to read it.


i just noticed something. i was heading to the kitchen to get some water. the staff at the facility where I am at were vacuming the floor. I noticed that when the vacume is on I find it really hard to orientate myself and go in the right direction. I almost lose my way, its like I cant hear properly, my spacial awareness goes out the window. I never noticed that before. I find it qite intriguing. Luckily there were people in the kitchen who were able to orientate me and I was able to get my drink without to many issues.
Its interesting though that this happens.

My new PA

so i met my pa this morning. it went wonderfully. she is lovely. very friendly and down to earth. she adored nitro which is the first awesome thing about her. she said him and her were going to be buddies. she was all over him patting him and all it was sooo cute. she starts working with me tomorrow. she’ll work every friday from 5:30 to 9:30 pm. that suits me as i dont get home from my work experience until 5 anyway so i’ll be home on time to let her in. she is going to do housework for me, and take me grocery shopping, help me with food prep etc. we’re not going to do a lot this week though, just get to know one another. it will take time to get a routine established with her. i was so used to my old pa kristen coming in and knowing what to do, but i guess i had to start somewhere with her too, she didnt always know. in time this new pa whose name is nuala will know as well. i’m glad i got to meet her before we started working together. it really makes all the difference when you can meet someone before you start working with them. it helps to be introduced and make introductions. she said if i want to she can also take me for a walk when the weather is good. she doesnt drive so i’ll have to take a taxi to get groceries or meds or other things i need to do that requires transport. buti dont mind. i’ll just budget for it. so overall i am happy and content. i feel i will click with her. i think we’ll get along just fine.
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today my blog reached 1500 followers. wow!
i am ecstatic! who knew my blog would grow this much!
i am so grateful to all of you who read like and comment to what I write. I couldnt do it without you so thank you!
i love the wordpress community. i have met some of the most incredible people on here. you guys are kind, caring, compassionate, loyal, gentle, loving, and so so much more!
the fact that you want to read what I have to write astounds me every day.
thanks again for making the blog what it is. i truly appreciate all of you.

Tour of the preschool I’ll be working at

this morning i went to look around the preschool that i’ll be doing my work experience placement at.

i met the manager, anita, who is my supervisor, I met sonia the preschool teacher I’ll be working with, and I met fiona, the mobility and orientation officer.

i sat and chatted with anita for a while about the placement. she told me about the kids. there will be five kids…all of whom have special needs. she only told me about two of the kids additional needs, because we didnt have time to go through everything. of the two she told me about, one has a visual and hearing impairment, and one has downs syndrome.

she said there are also a set of twins, and she did tell me they are very active, and so can be pretty full on. she told me that the little boy who has downs syndrome, he has a habit of pulling peoples hair, so i will need to tie back my hair to prevent this.

she said some of the kids have behavioural problems. but she said sonia is very good with the kids and has a great way with them. for the first week or two i am to observe the kids and observe sonia and how she manages their behaviours.

anita said after the first few weeks i’d be expected to organise activities to do with the kids, i said i’d like to read to them, and that isnt going to be a problem, there are tons of braille books there. so that will probably be my starting off activity once i get a little bit familiar with the kids.

i had an O and M session and fiona orientated me around the room I’d be working in. its a really well equipped room, lots of toys, books, art supplies, etc. the chairs are all child sized, it will be a bit of an issue fitting in one lol. but i tried it out and i do fit so thats good.

they said if i feel overwhelmed at any point i can take a five minute break. anita also showed me where the fire exits were and what we needed to do if there was a fire.

i’ll have to bench nitro at reception, basically tie him on and leave him there until i am done in class. i did that today, i left him there and he was whimpering and pining for me. he’ll have no choice but to stay there and get used to it, he isnt used to me leaving him on his own a lot.

so i’m pretty pleased. everything went off smoothly. and i cant wait to start on friday.

just so your aware, any future entries where I reference my work experience especially entries to do with the kids where i mention names and behaviours and stuff will be passworded.
if you’d like to read them let me know, but if i’ve already given you my password then it will be the same one so there wont be a change in password or anything.
so if you dont have it, and want to read about my experiences working with the kids, email me for it.
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