#whatif prompt june 15th

Todays #whatif prompt over at what if we all cared is lilac dreams!

My take on it:

In my lilac dreams
I float
Its so surreal
My lilac dreams
Tell a story
I dont want to wake from them
I want to go on pretending
That these lilac dreams
Are my every day dreams
That there are no nightmares, ever
that these lilac dreams
That filled tonight
Bright and shiny
Like a new penny
Making me feel
Happy, joyful
In a good mood!
These lilac dreams
Are just, so, brilliant!
Long may they last!


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#whatif prompt june 14th

Todays #whatif prompt is: without boundaries.

Here is my take on it.

When your without boundaries
Everything feels wrong
We all need to have boundaries
To make life more manageable
More tolerable
To live life, and get along!
When boundaries are amiss
Every part of our life will suffer
Whether its because we have no clear boundaries
Or are simply without any at all…
life will feel so surreal
and we will simply, fall.
Not be able to cope
Go through a day
feeling so much internal chaos
and inner turmoil
and like our body is being betrayed


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look around
dont make a sound
i sit
i think, do I quit?
CanI make it?
questions I ask myself
while I sit
for a happy ending
For an end to the pain
Before I go insane
hold tight
This long long night
It shall pass
and before I know it
It will be light outside
A new day will preside

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#whatif prompt june 11th 2018

Todays prompt over at what if we all cared is, talking plants!

If plants could talk
I wonder what would they say
feed me?
do I look pretty?
Tell me what you think of me?
Are my colors vibrant?
or bright, do you enjoy looking at me?
What would they say to the humans
Who buy them in the store
and lovingly water them
Lovingly care for them
If plants could talk
I’m sure they’d have a lot to say
About a lot of things


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knots in my insides
anxiety strikes
drains me of energy
stomach churns
head burns
not wanting to be around people
made myself some tea
try to calm down
count to 20 slowly
give myself
permission to feel
this anxiety is bad
right now, I dont know how
to get rid of it
feel like I just want to quit

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Noon nap

time to unwind
take a load off
welcome to my world
where noon equals
a noon nap
when you dont sleep well at night
you have to make up for it somehow
a noon nap is just the thing
cuddled up on your bed
with your guide dog at your feet
really hits the spot…
In response to the what if prompt for june 5th…


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