I’m sitting here
wondering in fear
is something wrong
cant get in touch
havent spoken to you much in weeks
when this sort of thing happens
its not a good sign
tried to call
tried to text
with no success
wondering, are you ok?
or is it just another day
in the life
of someone
in a psych residential facility?

wrote this because I am thinking about my partner tonight, i cant get through to her, lately. I’ve called and texted a number of times, she’s currently in a residential psych facility in the USA.
I hope she’s ok…hoping nothings wrong…



staring blankly
she starts to think
starts to tremble
shake uncontrollably
flashes engulf her mind and body
flashes from the past
she begins to cry
silent tears
silent screams
nothing escapes her lips
quivering, shaking
trembling, she pulls her arms tightly around her body
she waits for the tornado to disapate
it does, eventually
as she lies on her bed
she wonders why
and softly cries

Let it bleed March 18th

I watch in awe
a sunset
slowly taking in the beauty
not wanting it to end
wishing it would last
of whats in store for me
when darkness falls
a nightmare
my own personal hell
oh sunset
please last


I try to write
posts but I don’t think I always succeed at it.
I try to keep my readers interested in my blog, so they will keep coming back.
who knows if I actually do a good job of it lol. I suppose I try to and that’s all that matters.
and now a little verse for you

emotions captivating
spell binding
leave me breathless
sometimes in a mess
but always very reflective


Let it bleed. Why?

why, why oh why
did I not die?
its a question
I ask myself
every day
over and over I ask
why? why?
why did I survive?
was it luck
Or because someone gave a fuck
Not sure
Always feeling so insecure
why? oh why?
am I alive
So I can thrive?
who knows
because I sure don’t
I am stumped
why? oh why?



a billowy breeze
picks up speed
tossing leaves
and other debree
right in front of me
as I try to walk
it whips at my back
knocking me sideways
then backwards
I struggle onwards
tentatively taking a few steps further
it really isn’t a great idea
to try to navigate a busy country walk way
when your blind?

March Writing Prompts