A christmas night out

so my mom just called me. she was talking to my sister. they were looking into booking a night out for us all. myself, mom, my sister, and some other family members. for christmas. so we saw that a local bar is doing a rod stuart tribute band night. with a 2 course meal and a dj after the tribute band. so we booked it. I love having christmas party nights out. They are always so much fun. This one should be no exception. Its not until january, jan 5th, but we had to book the tickets now as they already went on sale and they’ll be sold out quickly. Last year we went to a michael buble tribute band which was amazing. Im sure this band will be too. I’m excited to go to it. They do good food too in the bar. So I know we’ll be well fed as well. Roll on the festive season, so we can party!

3 things…

Name three things –

You can dunk in tea or coffee?
Digestive biscuits, chocolate, a spoon
You can enjoy at a carnival?
candy floss, the rides, performers
You can’t enjoy when it’s windy?
fireworks, barbecuing, walking
Your body can’t do?
see, gymnastics, touch my nose with my tongue?
You don’t learn at school?
how to whine, how to drive, not sure what else?
You can put onto a pizza?
sausage, peporoni, bacon
You can eat with?
hands, dogs, your phone nearby
You don’t suggest you do at home blindfolded?
cook, light a fire, bathe
That are important to you?
friends, my dog, my blog
That you love to do at the beach?
collect shells, walk on the sand, dip my toes in the water
That you do in the morning?
check email, shower, drink coffee
That you do every time you log in to your blog
check comments, and likes, check stats, read others posts

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Friday’s Fun 3


when all else fails
have hope
when nothing is going right
have hope
hope is what keeps us going
the fuel the heart lives on
that’s right
hope, hope is what we all need
to survive
to thrive
hope is what we need to breathe
so breathe hope into your soul
and watch it grow
and flourish
watch how you start to change
life looks up
looks good
when hope is found
surround yourself with hope
hope that things will get better
and remember
there are people out there
people who care
people who love you
People who will give you the moon
and so…
always, have hope!

You wont believe it guys

You’ll never believe this. I cant believe it either. But…

I weighed in tonight. And, I am down 4 pounds! 4 pounds in a week! So, so thrilled with that result.

Its really so unbelievable. 1.5 pounds last week and 4 pounds tonight. So in total now I am down 2 and a half stone, or for my US readers its 35 pounds.

Am so, delighted. I also got slimmer of the week. So I won a nice basket of food, I got a certificate, and a fridge magnet that has a nice positive quote on it.

All my cooking payed off. I had cooked a spaghetti bolognes this week, and a pot of vegetable soup. Next week I am going to cook a soup with butternut squash and carrot in it, and a curry or a chilli I havent decided on which one yet.

To say I am happy is an understatement. I am beyond happy right now. Long may my good results continue.

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