#whatif prompt 22nd september

Today’s prompt:

🎁 fancy gifts 🎁
Feel free to respond in your favorite way whether it be a poem, short story, photo, video . . however you best relate to the prompt. Simply post your ideas, create a ping-back and use the hashtag #whatif.

This year
For Christmas
Just give me
Something simple
No fancy gifts
I don’t need them
All I need is
Love, comfort, joy, peace
When I will have that
I’ll feel complete


Cute moment with my nephew

Over the weekend, I promised my nephew that I’d give him a fidget spinner that I had, that someone gave me, but that I didn’t want any longer. He was delighted, and very enthusiastic about it.

On sunday when I went home to my own house from my parents, I meant to get it and give it to him. He didn’t come with us as he was out with his cousins then. I totally forgot to get it and give it to my mom to give to him. Naturally he was very upset about this. He wanted my sister to go back to my house to get it.

So I promised him that today I’d give it to him. And when he arrived with my mom I had it ready for him. He was thrilled and gave me a huge hug. A simple little fidget spinner, makes him so happy. How cute is that.

With all the tech gadgets, tablet, phone, etc, who’d have thought a fidget spinner would make his day? Its just so simple. I am very happy that I could make him happy. I will treasure his hug. It is going on my things to be thankful for list for today.

Outing today with my volunteer group!

Today we are off out with our volunteer group. There is an outing happening. An outing to a heritage centre. We’ll be touring the centre and then having some coffee and food.
Its a chance to meet the clients. I’ve never been to one of the outings they hold before. So I am delighted to be going!
I think it will be so much fun! I love that I’ll get to meet some of the clients that I call! I will be taking Nitro with me so he will get to make new friends too!
I’m being picked up at about 12 PM. I cant wit!
I actually wasnt going to go at all! But I just called my supervisor and was honest with her, I asked her if it would be too much for me to go, since I knew she had a bunch of elderly people with walkers and people who arent very mobile to look after!
She said no not at all, she wanted me to go!
How sweet of her! So I am going!
I know it will be a great day! And after last night and our little mishap we need a nice day out.
carol anne

Some gratitude!

Things I am very thankful for on this Wednesday are:

Dr. Barry, for being such an amazing psychiatrist
My mom, for helping me clean my house
My PA, for helping me get to slimming world
My slimming world consultant for all of her support
A nice sunny day
A hot shower
My blog and my online friends
Music and books
The radio
A nice dinner
A fluffy night gown
I love you’s

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Labor day!

Did all my US readers have a happy labor day? What did you do?
I hope whatever you did I hope you had a fun filled day!

What was on your agenda today?

Hoping the holiday was a good one for you!

We dont celebrate that holiday here in ireland, so I am living vocariously through you all!

Happy labor day all!

carol anne

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#whatif prompt 2nd september 2018

Today’s prompt:

hide in plain sight

this is allie. im 9. im a kid in our system. im writing for todays prompt.

im writing to say that a lot of times our toys and craft supplies are hiding in plain sight. we just cant find them! they hide out on us!

its sad when that happens! if we looked harder we’d probably find them! but we whine instead ha ha ha!

why do things have to be hidden in plain sight? its so unfair! all we wanna do is play! play play play!

the next time it happens we are going to protest! 😀
allie 9

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I won the award for woman of the year!

I cannot believe it. I did it!I won woman of the year last night!

Two of us actually won, both of us got the exact same amount of nominations, so our consultant said she couldnt just pick one of us, so she gave both of us the award.

It was so amazing! We had to wear a tiara and a sash and we got pictures taken! We’re also going to be in the slimming world magazine and on their website.

We got certificates and a bunch of flowers each and a trophy each also. I already framed my certificate and hung it on my wall in my living room.

I’m so so excited! This is just such an honour! So thrilled to have won. It means a lot to me and makes all the hard work of the last couple of months so worth it.

Thanks to everyone for all of your ongoing support of my weight loss journey each week. You’ve all been amazing. I really really appreciate all of the support and love and good vibes and wishes from all of you.

I’m just basquing in the moment right now!

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