Talked to my OT today

So I was meant to see my OT mark tomorrow morning. However we talked today on the phone. He had to cancel the apt tomorrow as he said he is going to be late coming in to work. He wanted us to have some time not just a couple of minutes. So we are canceling for tomorrow and we’ll have our apt next week instead. I’ll be going to the outpatients next week anyway, to see dr. barry. I also have to go up there tomorrow to get my shot. My trevicta shot. So I would have been going up there anyway, but its ok he canceled. I had texted him yesterday and asked him if he wouldn’t mind looking up info on panic alarms, you know, like a pendant I can wear when I am home alone, just in case I fell or had an accident or needed any help in an emergency. I don’t have one and I’d feel much safer at home if I did. I had talked with Eileen around this in session on Monday. Mark said he’d look into it for me and have info for me for next week. I’ll be anxiously waiting to see what he can find out for me. I don’t mind paying for the service if I have to. I have a friend and I think she has a pendant and pays a monthly fee, I’ll have to ask her about it. So now tomorrow all I need to do is go get my shot. I hope that goes smoothly. I hope I don’t have to wait around as I will have a taxi waiting for me.