Friday goals!

Lots of things happening today. Plenty of goals to keep me busy!

go get labs done
eat something preferably something healthy after getting labs done
go to the gym
get housework done
go volunteering
pay bills

If I can get it all donw I’ll be delighted and then I can sleep well knowing I achieved it all!

Have a great day everyone!


I cant sleep ug

Its heading for 3 AM. I am wide awake. Havent slept at all tonight. Sigh. this sucks. I wish I could sleep. I am wired. Totally and utterly wired and agitated. I am jittery and feeling kinda anci too.
Am wondering how I’ll get through the day today on no sleep. I’m sure by the time 5 PM comes I’ll crash really hard.
Is anyone up? Could use a friend and a chat.


Good Tuesday morning

Happy Tuesday everyone. How are you all?

I’m off to the gym in a few minutes, looking forward to my workout.

I actually slept good, didn’t think I would but I did when I finally fell asleep around 3 AM.

I slept until around seven, so got four hours of uninterrupted sleep which I badly needed.

Just waiting for my PA to come no, she’s going to the gym with me. We have two hours but I’ll probably only stay in the gym for an hour.

Weighed myself this morning and seem to be down a few pounds, I’m down around 4 lb I think in total, so very pleased, as I won’t be weighing in this week I decided to weigh myself at home on my own skills.

I think on my eating of healthy food and my good habits are paying off finally, I am delighted.

At my friends

Having a really nice afternoon here at my friends house. We are just hanging out and talking. It’s nice. I am having fun. Needed the break, mood has been pretty low today. Hoping it will pick up soon.


I didn’t bring nitro with me. Left him at home with my mum and dad. He is being spoiled there.


Planning on watching X factor tonight. Don’t know what else I will do probably will read for a while. Have to start a new book not sure yet what book I’m going to start.


Well catch you all later πŸ˜ƒ

#write 31 days, introducing, allie!

hi. im allie. im 9 years old. my long name is alicia. i go by allie though always.

im not really sure what to write about myself. in our system i am a light. i am looked after by carol anne. she is my inside mom.

sometimes i have meltdowns. i get angry. i break things. i get really upset. i cant help it. sometimes it sucks to be a kid in a grown up body.

i love my therapist. her name is eileen. i want her to be my mommy. she says she cant though. i also love my psychiatrist dr. barry. i want her to adopt me. i wish i can go live with her. but she says i cant. she said thats not possible. i wish it was though.

carol anne says its my passion in life to have dr. barry adopt me and to be taken care of by her or eileen. i suppose that is true.

i like watching cartoons. i also like disney movies. i like the movies tangled, frozen, and the little mermaid. those are my favourites to watch.

i have a besty in another system. her name is rash. she is cool. i love her and we always get in a lot of trouble. we’ve been besties for a while now. she says i crack her up like a pestachio. ha ha!

well thats all i know to tell you! i hope you liked reading this little intro thing about me.
bye for a while!
love, allie!