Non functional

I’ve been out of action all day since I had my therapy session yesterday morning. I just couldnt function. All I wanted to do was sleep. I went to bed at 1 PM, with the intention of getting up again around 4 PM. Mom called me at 4:30 to tell me my niece was texting me and I said I’d answer her when I got up. I couldnt hardly even talk I was just so dissociative and the voices were so bad. I did answer my niece’s text then, because I knew I wasnt getting up for a while. Then I went right back to sleep. I woke again around 7 PM but the symptoms were still there, and were still really severe. I got up and ate something and then decided I just cant handle things so went right back to bed again. Mom was so worried about me she rang me again, she asked me why I wasnt calling her, since I normally call her a lot throughout the day each day. I snapped at her because I was irritable and we ended the call. I just fell right back to sleep again. Its so crazy. I just feel and felt awful. I woke at 2:45 AM and I am feeling a little better. The voices are quiet. I hope they stay that way.