All thanks to Leigha!

Another blogger, Leigha has posed some questions, for us all to have a go answering, if we feel like it! I do, so here goes with my answers!

What is your favorite type of writing (poetry, flash fiction, stream of consciousness)?

Stream of consciousness is my favourite type, but I also love to dabble and try my hand at poetry!

If you use prompts, what kind do you like (picture, word, phrase, set number of words, etc)?

I love word prompts, and music ones! I cant see to see pictures, but when people actually take the time to describe the photo prompts for those of us who are blind, its amazing!

What is your favorite pet you have had or want to get?

I really want a rabbit! I do have my boy Nitro, a 9 year old lab!

Since this is close to Halloween, do you like scary movies?

Nope! I’m not a big scary movie fan but I do love a movie with a good twist to it!

Have you ever seen a movie based on a book that was better than the book?

A time to kill! A great book that was but an even better movie!

Do you prefer coffee or tea?

Without question, coffee.

If you listen to it, when do you start to play Christmas music?

After December 1st! I usually start on the day we decorate the house! I enjoy christmas music!

Your turn! Come on, you know you want to!


The wolf tones

The concert we went to last night, was really good. It was an irish folk group called the wolf tones. They sing rebel songs, songs about ireland and about how ireland fought for freedom. All of their songs are good. But the one thing I will say is it brought a very young and rowdy crowd. It was packed in the theatre. There were over 2000 people in there. We got seats near the door, thankfully. I am so glad we did. During the concert I was sitting minding my own business when a guy fell backwards and he fell up against me. He actually fell on his back on the ground. He was really drunk. He didnt have a clue where he was or what was going on. I got over that, but then a little while later I was up dancing and a fight broke out between two guys. My mom was dancing with me and my two aunts were a little ways off. She pushed me towards them until things calmed and security took the guys out. I’m glad I went, it was definitely an experience, but I dont think I’d like to see them play again. Its too much for me with me being blind and unable to see what is going on. I was very scared when the crowd were going nuts and screaming and shouting. If I can later on I’ll post videos to show you how it was. Like I said, I am glad I got to see them in concert. But it really isnt my thing. It is just not my scene. After the guy fell up against me I got nervous. At the end of the show I was hurrying my mom along, telling her she needed to move quickly and get out before the crowds. We were going to go to the residents bar in the hotel after the show, but then I didnt want to, so we went back to our apartment instead. And I am so glad we did. I was still on edge from what happened, and I just wasnt up for going into another crowded bar. It was a pretty good night though all the same. I had fun and I’m wrecked this morning. We’re packing up to leave soon. We have to be out of the apartment by 10 AM and we’ll get the 1:40 train back to cork.


Pop! Pop of positivity! Week 5, affirmations and songs!

Becky of Beckys mental mess does this amazing weekly post, called, Pop, pop of positivity!
I thought I’d participate in this weeks one!
This week Becky asks us to post an affirmation that we love, and a song that makes us happy!
Easy peasy!
First, the affirmation!
Wow there were so many to choose from! But, heres what I picked!

Next the song!
Again, loads to choose from but this one reminded me of my nephew so I chose it!

Joining in with this challenge has been a lot of fun!
I loved doing it!
If you want to join in too then go check out beckys post!

“POP!” Pop of Positivity Share #5 Theme: Affirmation That Lifts You Up and A Song That Brightens and Perks Up Your Mood

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