Drinks with the family

we had a really great evening. i went to our parents as planned. we had family over to celebrate moms birthday, which isnt until next week, but we celebrated it tonight. my 2 aunts and my uncle came over. they were all having drinks, but i didnt drink. we also listened to music and chatted. it was really nice. even my dad joined us and thats unusual as normally he sits and watches tv and doesnt join us. so it was nice that he did. i think my mom enjoyed it, at least i hope she did. i definitely did. its 12:30 now and they are all still here. i decided I’d had enough so went to bed, except im online, not in bed, lol. i dont know what time I’ll get to bed at or to sleep at for what matter. i dont mind though. one night without much sleep wont kill me. and its been a good night, so its not like we’re struggling or anything.
carol anne

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Music Monday blog party over at the bee writes…celebrating life and all thats good!

Its that time again, music Monday blog party time!
The bee writes has a blog party where you can participate by posting a song and celebrating your life! So come on what are you waiting for!
The rules for participating are…
•I invite you to celebrate your life and your work
•Do it in any way you like: cup of extra nice coffee, bake a cake, dance, sing or even have a party
•Write a post about it
•Add a song either with a video or a link to the song that makes you feel empowered (add the lyrics if you want to)*
•Leave your link here in the comments and I visit and post a shout-out-post on “The Bee Writes…”
•Party-End is Wednesday 30th of May 2018, 2.56 pm GMT (

Ok so, now that I’ve shared how to participate, its time for me to participate for this week…

My song for this week is…

eurovision song contest

spent th e last hour watching a show on tv about the Eurovision
they showed a lot of comical moments
it seems nowadays the Eurovision is not what it used to me

it used to be that the songs were great
however nowadays its all about block voting and gimics

Ireland had won the Eurovision 7 times

actually I think we’ve won the most times out of all the countries that have entered

here is one of our winning entries, 1992’s entry

I really like that song a log

its really good. they certainly don’t make them like this nowadays.

do you watch the Eurovision? its on next week. semi finals are this week and the competition is on Saturday.

for those who don’t know Eurovision is a European song contest where countries enter a song and try to win and then whoever wins hosts the competition the next year

Song of the day. Supermarket flowers Ed sheeran

Ok, since ed sheeran is playing in cork this weekend I decided to pick one of his songs for my song of the day.
I love this one song. Its a tribute to his mom.
Its so beautiful. Tell me what you think of it?

Friend came over

my friend norma came over to my house this afternoon and we hung out. we had a great time. we just chatted and I helped her put a new book on her phone, I let her log into my audible account, she cant afford her own account so I let her use mine. I dont mind her using it.
she was at my house for about 2 hours. then when she got her taxi home I went in the cab with her because I wanted to go to my parents house to spend the weekend, I was going to wait until tomorrow and my sister was going to pick me up and bring me to mom and dads then, but as norma was already getting a taxi home, I decided to go tonight, because we could share the taxi fare between us.
the taxi driver was lovely and he only charged us 5 euro each to get where we were going.
the city was crazy busy because ed sheeran is in town this weekend for 3 nights. I wish I was going to his concert, I’d have loved to go but the tickets are like gold dust.
Overall I’ve had a very pleasant day though. I relaxed and took things easy. And I am feeling good.
carol anne