Taking a break from blogging publically

I need to take a little bit of a break from blogging publically. I will be passwording posts for a short while. I dont want to get into the reasons why for now, suffice to say I need to do this for good reasons.
so if you’d like the password, as all future posts will be passworded until further notice, then email me at
If you are a regular follower or someone who has commented in the past, or someone who has a genuine interest in my journey, I will give it to you. If you’ve never interacted with me before, then Im sorry but I cant.


Post share…statue #1

Saumya wrote this wonderful post. Its really really great. I encourage all of you to check out her post.


Blog share My inner mish mash #1

My good friend emilia blogs over at my inner mish mash, go check her out you will love her blog and honesty! Here is her blurb she wrote about herself!

Thanks for the opportunity to share. 🙂
So for those of you who don’t know me, I’m Emilia, I’m blogging since a bit more than 2 months. I blog about everything that fascinates me, that I’m interested in, that frustrates me, everything I love or that matters to me. And since my interests are quite a few, you can see quite diverse things on my blog. I am also blind and struggle with several mental illnesses and through blogging I want to spread some more awareness about these issues, as well as to simply have the outlet and write about them. My blog is also like a second diary for me so you can see a lot of posts about my daily life, emotions, thoughts etc. I have a Russian blue cat who is 2,2 yeas old and his name is Misha. He’s my best friend, my support, and just my everything and he also likes to post something from time to time about his absolutely fascinating, fabulous and adventurous life. I love music and I’ve always wanted to share my favourite music with people, the more that quite a lot of music I listen to is generally considered – rightly or not – kind of niche and many people just don’t know about it, I also listen a lot to non English music, firstly because I myself aM Polish and secondly becAuse I’m learning a few languages and love many languages and love to explore music in various languages, that’s why I run song of the day series on my blog. As much as meeting new people is a significant struggle for me, I like to get to know people as individuals, I am fascinated by people’s personalities and what they arE like, I like to hear their stories and learn more about them. Hence I also started question of the day series where I answer a question everyday on my blog and invite my readers to answer it as well so we can get to know each other as for our likes, dislikes, views, tastes, whatever.
My link:


My fave…word is?

I decided to participate this week in eve’s #wyf post.

My favourite word is? mmmm well…I have a few. But one I use a lot is shitstorm! Yeah I know its a sware word, forgive me 😛 another I use is fucktard! I use that one a lot to describe people I don’t particularly like! Or stupid people! 😛 I also use dunno a lot! When I’m short on answers, its I dunno. When I don’t want to discuss something its I dunno. 🙂


What is important to you my readers on this blog? feedback wanted

evening ramble

well I feel worn out. but somehow I doubt i’ll sleep tonight. I just have this feeling I wont. did you ever get a feeling that no matter what happens your not going to sleep? of course I’ve had a couple cups of coffee too so…yeah. not good but I cant do without my coffee. volunteering went super today. the supervisor for the friendly call service said I did really well. it made me feel really proud and good about myself when she said that. tomorrow I will see dr. barry. its 2 weeks since I’ve seen her. it feels so long. i’m still getting used to bi weekly appointments. its so hard to get used to them after 5 years of weekly apts. for those of you who at new to my blog, dr. barry is our psychiatrist. she’s been our psychiatrist since November 2013. she’s wonderful. we’re very attached to her. the weather is getting really bad outside. I just came in from letting nitro out. I heard on the news that we’re supposed to get a storm tonight. storm georgina. just what we needed right? we’ve had about four storms, big ones, since last year. they said there would be a lot of heavy rain and high winds. i’ll be warm and cosy inside though so that’s good. well that’s about it for now guys. leave me a comment in the comments box to tell me what your up to this evening.
catch you laters! 🙂

carol anne