Visited my parents

so i just got home from my parents house. I spent the morning there.
It was nice. I debated whether I should go to the basement club or to my parents. But in the end I picked my parents.
I had breakfast with them. They were both glad to see me I think.
After breakfast they both went outside as they had to paint the wall in the front of the house. I stayed inside on my phone. I went on facebook for a while.
After they got done we all had some coffee and while we were drinking it my coordinator of my PA service rang. She has found a new PA for me, her name is Amanda. Thats all I know until I will meet her next week. Apparently my old PA had to be given 2 weeks notice before a new one can start working with me.
I have a feeling the girl that they found is young, my friend norma has an amanda working with her, if its the same girl then she is in her 20’s. It may not be, but the likelihood is that it will be, as we both get our PA hours from the same agency. I think having someone whose young will be good…we’ll have a lot of things in common I bet.
Mom and me walked to the store as I needed milk and kitchen towels and mom needed a few things as well. So I’ve gotten my exercise in for the day which I am glad about.
I plan on taking things easy this afternoon. I will just watch TV and read. I dont go to slimming world until 7:30 tonight so I have the whole afternoon free.


nitro’s ear problems

nitros ears are still full of wax, despite me putting drops in every day, twice a day. its so annoying, that no matter what i do or try his ears dont clear up. its uncomfortable for him, and I wish I could sort it out for him. He is very good, he lets me put in the drops without any issues. I think he actually enjoys having me massage his ear for him. He stands and pushes his head into my hand, its just his left ear, the right one is ok. He has to go back to the vets next week for a top up booster shot, I might ask her to deep clean his ears for me. I also have an ear cleaning solution that I also clean out his ears with. The poor pup he’s such a good dog. and he’s so uncomfortable. I hate seeing him suffering. I love my boy so much and I’d never want him to suffer in any way. I wish there was a magic cure.
carol anne


#SoCs hey!

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Hi guys
So there has been a sort of change of plan. Remember I said mom and me were going to Kinsale today? Well now we arent.
Now instead, we’re going to a garden centre with moms sister, she called mom this morning asking if her and I would like to go with her. At first mom said no, but thenI talked her into it.
So my aunt has to go get her groceries this morning, and on her way back she said she’d pick mom and me up, and we could go to her house and have lunch before we go to the garden centre.
Sounds like a plan to me!
I didnt sleep good at all last night. I didnt end up going to bed until 2:30. Then I slept fitfully slept on and off for about 5 hours.
Happy Saturday everyone…enjoy your day!