Saturdays goals

So my goals for saturday are:

take meds
eat 3 healthy and balanced meals
exercise for 20 to 30 minutes
go visit my friend
read my book
watch irelands got talent, to relax in the evening
get a nap in if I can



well I have to say, I am proud of myself. I am proud because despite my depressed mood tonight, I did the adult thing, I went in and I payed my bills for the week.
Now my bank account is almost empty, but my electricity, phone bill, bins and gas bill are all payed for yet another week.
Yay me?
Next on my adulting agenda is to make an appointment at the vet for nitro to get his yearly booster shots. I’ll do that tomorrow.

My laptop is fixed

so my laptop is fixed!
i brought it in to a tech place today and they said it was nothing major, just that the charger was broken. it literally burnt out, which really surprised me.
i didnt think chargers did that! but it seems they do.
so i spent 40 euro on a new charger. to be totally honest i was very relieved to know it was something simple that could easily be fixed, and i didnt have to lose all of my files.
so now i have a working laptop again, and i dont have to type on a tiny netbook keyboard, which was driving me crazy because when I’d type sometimes the letters wouldnt come out, I think my fingers were too big lol!

weight loss

good news this week guys at slimming world.
I’m down a pound.
I didnt make the stone, but maybe next week?
If I can get two and a half pounds down by next week I’ll be down a stone.
but i am happy with this weeks results.
i think I didnt do too bad at all.
You cant lose big amounts of weight every week.

laptop update

well guys. my laptop is officially dead. thanks to all of you for your suggestions on how i could try to fixit. i tried everything. nothing worked. i think i’ll have to take it in somewhere to try and have it repaired. more money that i dont have sigh. luckily i have a win xp netbook and that will have to tide me over for a few days until i can see if i can get the laptop sorted. i hope it can be sorted as a lot of important files are on it. please pray it can be fixed. otherwise i dont know what i’ll do.