Discussing meds with Dr. Barry

I talked with Dr. Barry today about the meds I am on. Right now I am on 3 antipsychotics. I am on trevicta, which is my 3 monthly injection. I am on 15 mg of zyprexa and I am on 10 MG of haldol. Dr. Barry said she thinks I am building up a tolerance to the haldol, she said it doesnt happen to everyone but it happens to some people. She thinks we should half my dose, so that if things get desperate again and I need the extra haldol that I can increase my dose again and it will actually work for me. So starting tonight I will lower my haldol to 5 MG’s. That is fine with me. I don’t want to stay on 3 antipsychotics indefinitely. We’ll be taking me off the zyprexa soon too, but not just yet. I am glad that I am lowering my dose of the haldol. I like how Dr. Barry approaches my meds, she doesnt keep me on them indefinitely if I don’t actually need to be on them. Which is good, as the side effects from antipsychotics can be nasty.