I had to end up taking xanax at 4 PM. I was really anxious. My friend Norma came over to keep me company for a while. The anxiety wouldnt go away so at6:30 I took 5 MG of haldol.
I hope doing that is going to take the edge off of the anxiety. I’ll have to have another talk to Dr. Barry tomorrow and see what we can do. This anxiety is crippling.
I will take another xanax at bedtime! I can take it up to 3 times a day. I’m only on 0.25 MG so thats a pretty low dose. I doubt dr. barry will increase it, she’s not big on giving people benzos in the first place.
I sware though the meds arent having any effect on me. I’m not drowsy, I dont feel stoned, I dont feel groggy or nothing…which I am so happy about.
I just hope they’ll take the edge off of this for me.